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Vehicle Problems, Defects And Recalls

What Kind Of Information Can I Find Here?

This page is designed to give you information on known problems and defects associated with certain makes and models with vehicles. It will also tell you if there are any known (insert link when available) recalls associated with a make or model of vehicle.

People can use this page before they do a VIN check on a specific vehicle. It's all part of the process of trying to find out what kind of vehicle you want to purchase.

Where Does Your Information About Vehicle Problems, Defects And Recalls Come From?

Our information about vehicle problems, defects and recalls comes from a variety of sources. For recall information, we gather data from manufacturers and also the federal vehicle database. We use similar information services to gather data about recalls.

For known problems, we collect information from users of Vehicle History. That's because we feel like regular consumers are the best source of unbiased information about vehicles. By mixing information from government, industry and individual sources, we feel that we give you the most balanced reports about a make or model of a vehicle.

What Are Examples Of Problems You Can Tell Me About In Your Reports?

We try to identify as many types of problems as possible. These can include:

  • If repairs are particularly expensive
  • If the vehicle is recalled often
  • If for some reason the vehicle is not practical
  • If the gas mileage differs from what was expected
  • Why a recall was put out
  • What real owners of the make and model think about the vehicle
  • If the vehicle registration was particularly expensive
  • Other information when available

What Should I Do If I've Just Bought A Car And Your System Tells Me It Has Been Recalled?

If you use our system and find out that your vehicle has been subject to a recall, you should first find out if a previous owner has already addressed the recall issue. If so, they should have a record of it. If you can't contact, them you should be able to call up a dealership and provide them with the VIN number and have them check to see if it was addressed.

If it wasn't, then you should schedule an appointment as soon as possible to have the dealership fix the recall issue. They should do so free of charge, and provide you with a loaner vehicle while they are fixing the issue.

Never let a recall issue go unfixed, because they generally involve problems that can make your vehicle dangerous to drive.

Why Do People Search For Problems, Defects And Recalls On A Vehicle?

People generally use our problems, defects and recall service when they are thinking about buying a used car. Before they go looking for a used vehicle to buy, they need to know what kind they want. They want one that is practical for them and not likely to be a lemon. So they check out the reviews of various makes and models of vehicles until they find the type that seems like the best option for their situation.

Then they start looking to buy that make and model of vehicle. When they find one advertised that looks good, they they get the VIN number of the vehicle and perform a vehicle history search. This helps them identify known problems with a specific vehicle. So the process is this:

  1. Use our system to figure out what type of vehicle you want
  2. Then use our system to check out specific vehicles you have found for sale

We provide you with all the information you could possibly need to buy a used vehicle and make sure you end up with the one you want and get as much value from it as possible.

We also offer a ton of other reports related to driving and vehicles, and even provide practice driving tests and information about what you need to do when you buy a car.

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  •  All Vehicles Recalls
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  •  All Vehicles Transmission Problems
  •  All Vehicles Reliability
  •  All Vehicles Recalls
  •  All Vehicles Defects
  •  All Vehicles Complaints
  •  All Vehicles Reviews

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