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Expert Vehicle Reviews in Your Free Vehicle Report

Both the VIN and Make, Model and Year vehicle reports provide detailed reviews from reputable automotive sources and individual owners. These reviews can be found in the Overview and Ratings/Reviews sections of the report. The detail and availability may vary between make, model and years.

Why Are Vehicle Reviews Important?

In most instances, automotive experts and owners can provide a non-biased review of a vehicle that goes beyond the information provided by the automakers and dealerships. These reviews can reveal areas of strengths and weaknesses that may be critical in your buying decision. They can also inform which areas to be mindful of during test drives.

How Do I Interpret Vehicle Reviews?

Reviews can provide candid and detailed analysis of vehicles in real-world situations. These reviews are often organized by the vehicle’s various features: performance, comfort, safety and interior and exterior design, as well as provide a general overview.

How are Vehicle Reviews Conducted?

Independent automotive experts will painstakingly test each aspect of a vehicle on the road and under controlled conditions. They will also test in different parts of the country to assess performance in varying climates. Often using sophisticated technology, they will measure the performance of each feature of the vehicle. As much as possible, these tests are conducted in the same fashion for each vehicle to assure a fair and consistent outcome. In some cases, these evaluations will last several days. The results of these tests are then analyzed and presented to consumers in a pre-determined format to allow for straightforward vehicle comparisons.

Should Vehicle Reviews Affect My Buying Decision?

Understanding how a vehicle performs is yet another important factor in deciding to purchase a car. Relying on trusted and proven expert reviews can assist greatly in assessing the value and performance of any vehicle.

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