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Blue Book Data in Your Vehicle Report

Kelley Blue Book is the premier source for vehicle re-sale value and most often relied upon in the buying/selling process. Access to the Blue Book data on any vehicle is included in our no-cost vehicle report, simply enter the make, model and year and go to the Ratings/Reviews section. The availability of Blue Book data may vary depending on the vehicle selected.

Why is Blue Book Data Important?

Determining a fair price for a pre-owned vehicle is one of the challenges in buying or selling a car. Because Kelly Blue Book is regarded as the authoritative source for new and pre-owned car values, it is relied upon most often in calculating the sale price. Buyers and sellers have trusted the Blue Book valuation since the 1960s and is the starting point in negotiating the fair market price.

How Do I Interpret Blue Book Value?

Kelley Blue Book provides an estimate of current market value based on specific vehicle information, including mileage and current condition. While it is not a perfect indicator or price, it does serve as an effective negotiating tool. In combination with the vehicle history report, the Blue Book value can provide some insight into the vehicle’s current condition that can affect the purchase price.

How is Blue Book Data Calculated?

Kelley Blue Book uses data from a multitude of sources and reported individual sales to determine the value of any particular make, model and year in current market conditions. Rather than a predictor of value, Kelly Blue Book reflects real-world, real-time transactions and valuations.

Should Blue Book Data Affect My Buying Decision?

Not only will Kelly Blue Book indicate a vehicle’s current value in the marketplace, it can also show the value of older model years to give some insight into the vehicle’s depreciation. Whether purchasing a new or pre-owned vehicle, Blue Book data can provide a more complete assessment of the vehicle’s total cost of ownership.

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