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Fuel Economy Data in Your Vehicle Report

Fuel economy is often near or at the top of the list when deciding which vehicle to purchase. To assist in this decision, the city/highway MPG and estimated annual fuel cost is provided in the Overview and Key Factor sections of the vehicle report. This data is provided by independent ratings agencies that conduct scientific tests for fuel efficiency. As with other information provided in the vehicle report, the fuel economy data may vary depending on the availability of data for the specific make, model and year.

Why is Fuel Economy Data Important?

Fuel economy data is very often a priority consideration in purchasing a vehicle. Whether the concern is cost efficiency or environmental sustainability, having accurate data is key to making an informed decision.

How Do I Interpret Fuel Economy Data?

The vehicle report will indicate the vehicle’s MPG – the number of miles will travel per gallon of gas – for both city and highway driving. It will also provide an estimated annual fuel cost based on average number of miles and current average cost of gas. For more accuracy, adjustments to both should be applied based on actual driving habits and actual cost of gas.

How Do I Get Better Fuel Economy?

There is a number of ways to achieve better fuel economy, starting with the choice of vehicle. A hybrid vehicle is often a good choice for drivers with fuel economy as their top priority. Driving habits and vehicle performance also affect fuel economy. Power and efficiency are inversely proportional – the more power a vehicle supplies the less efficient it will be. Be sure to consider these factors, included in your vehicle report, when deciding on your purchase.

Should Fuel Economy Affect My Buying Decision?

Very few car buyers will disregard fuel economy when deciding on a purchase. However, where it falls on the priority list differs from buyer to buyer. There is a balance of features, cost, comfort and durability to consider. While fuel economy may not always be the first consideration, it most often included in the decision process.

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