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Flood-damaged cars are a hot topic with all of the flooding occurring around the United States. Unfortunately, many cars are totaled by insurance companies after being exposed to flood waters then resold in other parts of the country to unsuspecting buyers. With Arizona license plate lookup services, you can avoid the problems of dealing with a flood-damaged car.

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Cars sitting in flood waters even for a short period of time are unreliable vehicles. Even if repairs are made on these flooded cars to make them look shiny new, there are major mechanical issues which can arise in the near future. Engines are especially hard to fix after a flood. Hidden damage may also be a concern. Water may cause rust in areas you can’t easily see.

Benefits of Licensed Plate Lookup Services When Buying a Used Car

Our Arizona license plate lookup service can help you avoid buying a used car damaged by flood waters. The service provides you a full history report on the vehicle you want to buy so you can do your research. This history can confirm the used car you are looking at has or has not been damaged in a flood. These reports also offer additional details to help you decide on the right used car for your driving needs.


In addition to the details of flood damage, the report will also provide background information on any accidents the vehicle was involved in. Accidents can also result in hidden damage which will result in mechanical problems later on.


A used car which has been properly cared for is more likely to remain reliable on the road for a longer period of time than a vehicle which has been neglected. License plate lookup services will provide details on the maintenance history of a vehicle so you can decide if it is running in optimum condition.


The title to the car you want to buy will contain important ownership details. To prevent buying a car which has been stolen or sold by someone who is not the legal owner, you can research the ownership information listed on the title. The title will also provide the vehicle identification number for the car. Make sure the numbers match up to ensure the car has not been stolen or is being sold by someone other than the other.


Besides the vital information about the owner, the report will also fill you in on any liens listed against the car you want to buy. If the owner used the car as collateral for a loan, the title history will show this. Avoid getting tangled up in someone else’s financial mess.


Setting back the mileage on a vehicle is a crime. The vehicle history report will confirm the accurate mileage reading on the odometer so you can determine if the odometer has been tampered with. Tampering with the odometer is a federal offense.

Prevent Costly Mistakes with License Plate Lookup Services

There are some risks when buying a used car but there are also plenty of rewards. Buying used means you can save a lot of cash and still get a reliable, solid-running car for your transportation needs. The cost of a brand new vehicle is a big investment and can result in years’ worth of car payments. Buying used means you get a more affordable options without financial strain.

However, buying a used car without the proper research can mean more expenses down the road. Cars with previous damage and a poor maintenance history can suffer breakdowns and mechanical issues which can cost you more money than you intended to spend. By reviewing the important aspects of a vehicle history report, you’ll gain the insight you need to make a better buying choice.

Take the time to do your homework before buying a used car. There are a lot of great choices available and you’ll get the peace of mind you deserve when buying used rather than new. The convenience of our Arizona license plate lookup service can save you time and money. Avoid the trouble of getting a bad deal by knowing exactly what you are getting in a used car purchase.

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