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California License Plate Look Up

When you’re thinking about buying a used car you’ll want to make sure the vehicle is going to be reliable before you hand over your hard earned cash. This is especially true if you’re looking at used cars online and considering making a used car purchase without even test driving the car or having a mechanic take a look under the hood. Buying used cars can become costly if you end up with extensive repair costs to keep the car running after you buy it. One way to get a more thorough look into the history of a vehicle before

you buy it is to use a

Vehicle History Reports with License Plate Lookup Services in California

You can learn invaluable information with a vehicle history report from our California license plate lookup service that will help you decide whether or not the used car you are thinking about buying is a good deal. The type of information you can learn about a car when doing a reverse license plate lookup includes:


The license plate is tied to the individual or business entity that owns the vehicle. If you get multiple vehicles after searching the license plate number, it’s probably because the license plate was transferred from one car to the next. Getting the owner of the license plate is important in a used car deal, because you can make sure you are buying the car from the person who owns it – and not buying a stolen vehicle from someone who slapped a license plate on the car for a quick sale!


Checking a California license plate will provide details on financial information related to the vehicle. You can find out if there is a loan or financing contract in place on the vehicle, and if the vehicle has been used as collateral to secure another loan.


You can’t register a used car you’ve purchased without the title. Enter the California license plate number into a search tool to find out a history of the used car’s title, including the name of the legal owner of the vehicle and any problems the vehicle has had.


It is against the law to change the odometer reading of a vehicle to make it appear a vehicle has been driven less, but that doesn’t stop dishonest used car sellers from trying it! If you run a license plate lookup in California and find out the odometer reading has been tampered with on a vehicle, you can report odometer fraud to the National Odometer and Title Fraud Enforcement Association.

Check Vehicle Smog Check History With California License Plate Number

In California, all vehicles are required to have a smog check. You can verify a car’s smog check history before you buy a used car with the tool on the state website.

License Plate Look Up Provides Used Car Buying Protection

Checking the license plate of a used car before you buy it offers protection from buying a lemon when what you really deserve and need is a reliable vehicle! When you review the report provided by a California license plate look up, you can prevent future hassles from excessive repair needs, or lawyer fees to pursue legal action for Lemon Law violations in California courts. .

Reverse California License Plate Look Up for Suspicious or Criminal Activity

Another potential use for looking up a California license plate may be for identifying the owner of a vehicle that is acting suspicious or seems to be involved in criminal activities. Some information recorded with the California DMV with each license plate is private, but you can access the name of the license plate owner, address, and phone number by using the license plate look up and cross referencing the information with public records databases.

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