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Secrets of Colorado License Plate Lookup

What’s in a number? If it is license plate or VIN, the number is the most important part. Think of both like fingerprints for your car. As soon as the information is submitted, an entire blueprint of a vehicle’s history unfolds. What do you want to know? If you own or are buying a used car in Colorado, you will benefit from a vehicle history report.

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Items on a Colorado Vehicle History Report

Take your pick. Whatever you want to know about your existing car or a car you plan to buy, you can find it on a license plate report.


In 2014, US drivers experienced a record number of recalls – 63.9 million vehicles per year. The recalls affected everything from air bags to parking gears, putting millions of drivers at risk for accidents and breakdowns. As the number of cars on the roads rise each year, so does the risk for recalls and mechanical failures.


A car’s claims history report can tell you how many accidents the car has been in, the extent of the damage, the date of the claim, and what type of claim it was. Some claims can diminish the cars value and affect insurance coverage when you try to add it on to your policy.


Most license plate lookup services are one-trick ponies, which means you have to pay for multiple services. Don’t waste your money or your time. Instead of spending time figuring out the value for yourself, a vehicle history report will provide you with a snapshot of your car’s current value, based on the information found.


Odometer fraud occurs when sellers manipulate the odometer reading on the car. This can have costly effects, such as high repair bills, questionable service records, and false car value projections. It’s also illegal. A Colorado vehicle history report shows when the car was sold, what the mileage was, and the mileage reading when the car was serviced or inspected.


It is not a good idea to buy a car that has traded hands more times that you can count. You will never know if the person trying to sell the car is really the first or second owner as they claim without a report. A car’s ownership history will also reveal salvage title issues, rental car use, abandoned title information, and much more.


Most people know that cars must be serviced every 3 to 5 months, but that doesn’t mean most people do it. In addition to oil changes and fluid replacements, cars need brake inspections, new tires, a new battery, tune-up, tires rotations, you name it. If the records are inconsistent or nonexistent, only a vehicle history report will reveal the truth.


Fraud is hard to detect if you don’t know what you are looking for. Used car fraud wear many hats: odometer fraud, insurance fraud, VIN swapping and cloning, lemons, title washing, and airbag fraud. A thorough vehicle history report in Colorado will help you spot any inconsistencies.


You need to know if the car you are buying actually belongs to the person who wants your cash. With the latest car theft ring in Boulder, and the number of cars stolen in 2015 reaching nearly 15,000 per year, you need to make sure you aren’t buying one of them. Colorado car thefts are up nearly 30%, and a vehicle theft report can help you stop hot wheels.


The VIN decoder tells you everything you need to know about the car to have it repaired or painted, and to ensure the description matches. The VIN tells you year, make, place of manufacturing, engine size, and so much more.


Finally, a good vehicle plate lookup and VIN report will increase your money savings by letting you know what the car’s fuel economy rating is. You can compare rates to find the best one for your budget

Before you register a car in Colorado, or take your car in for repairs, order the vehicle history report for an in-depth look at your ride.

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