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Things You Can Find Out With A Florida License Plate Lookup

The license plate or VIN of a vehicle is a lot like your fingerprints. You can enter the number into a Florida license plate lookup service to view a report of the entire vehicle’s history. What do you need to learn? If you are buying a used car in Florida, here are the 9 things you can find out with a Florida license plate lookup report.

9 things you can find out

Things You Can Discover With A Florida Vehicle History Report

Anything you want or need to know about a car you are planning to buy you can find it on a license plate report.


Before you buy a used car it’s important to make sure you’re buying the car from the person who actually owns it. Tens of thousands of cars are stolen every year, and the last thing you want to do is buy a stolen car!


When you’re considering a used car purchase it is very difficult to detect fraud. If you don’t check it out, you could end up the victim of one of the many used car fraud problems: odometer fraud, VIN swapping and cloning, insurance fraud, airbag fraud, a lemon, or title washing fraud.


The risks for recalls and mechanical failures of vehicles increases as the number of vehicles on the roads increase. Almost 64 million vehicles were recalled in 2014 for various safety and mechanical problems. Before buying a used car you should know whether or not the vehicle has been recalled for any reason, and if the previous owner(s) addressed the issues or not.


Some car accidents can decrease the value of a vehicle and affect the amount of car insurance coverage you can obtain when you try to insure the vehicle. Using a Florida license plate look up to get a vehicle history report will help you view any claims the vehicle was associated with due to car accidents so you can decide if the car is worth buying.


Some used car sellers lower the odometer reading on a vehicle to sell it for a higher price. This is odometer fraud and can result in the new owner paying more for repairs than expected. A vehicle history report will show you when the vehicle was sold, what the actual mileage was, and the odometer readings for each car service appointment or inspection.


Buying a used car with a ton of previous owners isn’t a great idea, as the more drivers a car has the greater the potential the vehicle was not cared for properly. The ownership history can tell you about any salvage title issues and if the car was ever used as a rental car, too.


A good Florida license plate look up service can also help you save money by letting you know what the fuel economy rating is for the used car you might buy.


Our VIN decoder tool will tell you everything about the used car- if you want to have it painted, you can use the decoder to find out what paint color to use, as well as other information such as the year, place of manufacturing, size of the engine, and more. The VIN decoder is better than any detective you could put on the case!

Before you buy a used car, register a used car in Florida, or take your vehicle in for maintenance and repairs – get a vehicle history report to get all of the details you need.

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