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Buying a used car is a great way to get behind the wheel of a vehicle that meets your needs while sticking to your budget, but you need to do a little extra research before forking over the money. Used cars don’t come with the same level of protection that a new car purchase offers, but with a little leg work on your part, you can find out everything you need to do to safely buy a used car. Before agreeing to buy a used car, use an Illinois license plate lookup service and VIN look up to look at the car title information, car maintenance and service records, and check for any open recalls.

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can save you money on your next used car purchase.

Used Car Research With an Illinois License Plate Lookup

Car buyers in Illinois can save a dollar and protect themselves from a variety of fraudulent activities with vehicle history reports obtained from either looking up a license plate number or a VIN search. A complete vehicle history can be reviewed with just a few clicks of your mouse and you can know instantly whether it’s safe to buy a used car or if you should keep looking.

Avoid Becoming the Victim of VIN Cloning

Car thieves use a process called VIN cloning to steal almost 700,000 cars annually. They steal the car, take a VIN from another car of similar make and model, and create fake VIN plates that are installed on the stolen vehicle. The thieves turn around and sell the car to unsuspecting used car buyers. To protect yourself from VIN cloning, check that the VIN displayed in the vehicle’s windshield will match the number on the Illinois vehicle history report.

Avoid Buying a Used Car That Changes Owners Frequently

If a vehicle has been traded-in or sold frequently, there is probably a good reason for it. You should avoid buying used cars that change hands too often. A vehicle history report can let you know how many previous owners the car had and whether it was used as a rental car.

Avoid Buying a Used Car That Has Not Received Regular Service

When a vehicle is properly maintained it tends to be more reliable for a longer period of time. It also helps to preserve the value of the vehicle. Using the license plate number of a car or a VIN number you can view service records and maintenance history, including inspections, oil changes, major repairs and more - for any car you hope to buy. If you buy a used car that hasn’t been maintained properly, you will likely end up spending more money in repairs soon after you buy the car.

Avoid Buying a Used Car That Was in a Major Accident or Under Recall

You can’t always tell if a vehicle has been in a car accident, especially if the seller has had all visual damages repaired in preparation of the sale. Internal damages can be costly to correct later on. Looking at a car claims history will identify claims made after car accidents and any inconsistencies you might want to know about before deciding to buy the car.

You also want to consider carefully buying any car that is under a recall or that had an open recall that the previous owner never took care of. Recalls are generally for safety issues so it is risky to ignore a recall request. You can look up car recalls with a vehicle history report, as well.

Choose a Used Car With Good Fuel Economy

For most buyers, staying within your budget is necessary. Not only do you need to consider the purchase price of a used vehicle, but you need to keep in mind the ongoing costs of maintaining and driving your vehicle – which includes fuel. An Illinois vehicle history report can help you compare the fuel economy of the potential car you want to buy with others to see if you’re getting a car that makes good use of fuel.

Before you withdraw cash from your ATM or write a check to buy a used car in Illinois, make sure you do your research to get a good deal on a reliable used car.

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