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Car Buyers Protect Their Cash with Louisiana Plate Lookup Services

If you are buying a used car, you have to be on the lookout for the best deal, the best car, and the scammers who want to get away with your cash. Buying a used car doesn’t come with many of the assurances that buying a new car does, so you have to be your own investigator. Find out what car buyers do to protect their investments with Louisiana plate lookup services.

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Benefits of Louisiana Plate Lookup

You wouldn’t buy products you didn’t know anything about, and you would go on a date without doing a little internet research first, so why not do the same thing when you are looking for a quality used car in Louisiana. Explore the many benefits of using VIN lookup services when buying a used car.


When you look at a used car online or in person, somethings just can’t be seen with the naked eye. In many cases, previous damage or extensive claims hide from sight. Claims can influence a car’s trade-in value and sale value, but if the seller doesn’t disclose the claims history, you could end up paying more than you should for a car that has been fixed too many times.

An extensive claims history report provides you with claim dates, the type of claim filed, the cause – in some cases, the amount paid out, and the date the claim was closed. Don’t buy a used car with an outstanding comprehensive or collision claim in the records.


VIN search resources allow you to determine if the car you are buying is worth what the seller wants. A VIN search provides you with a value based on the VIN information and the data collected in the report. Instead of searching multiple sites for an accurate value for the used car, a thorough vehicle history report will find all the resources and provide an accurate value.


Are you a quick commuter or a long-road traveler? Whatever your travel demands are, you need to know that the used car you buy has the fuel economy rating that best accommodates your daily travel needs and budget. When you order a comprehensive plate lookup report, you will learn more than the car’s history, but you will get a snapshot of the car’s fuel economy rating as well to help you make the best decision.


Tens of millions of cars are recalled every year. One of the largest recalls in US history – the Takata airbag recall – has the potential to affect nearly 100 million cars by the end of the recall process. But that isn’t the only recall. Chances are the car you are looking to buy has been or is affected by a recall. A VIN search will tell you what the recall is for, when it was issued, and the recall was repaired – if it was. Protect yourself from dangerous open recalls on the next car you buy.


You don’t have to go to a dealership to benefit from manufacturer’s warranty coverage. Louisiana plate lookup services allow you to dig for open warranty coverage. In many cases, the manufacturer will extend powertrain warranty coverage to second owners, and a vehicle history report will let you know if the coverage may extend to you when you buy the car.


Questionable ownership and frequent trade-ins come to light when you order a detailed vehicle history report. The report tells you if the car has had multiple owners, if it has been traded in often, and if the car has been owned by companies, such as junkyards, car rental companies, livery services, and contactors. A thorough vehicle history reports also helps fill in or expose any ownership gaps and concerns.


Many used car buyers don’t realize how hard it is to find parts until they sign the papers and drive the car home. VIN decoding assists in finding parts and paint codes for the used car. VIN decoding provides you with year, make, model, factory information, date or production, and more.

Be a better buyer next time you shop for a used car. Seek the help of Louisiana plate lookup services before the title goes in your name.

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