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Maryland License Plate Lookup Service Prevents Used Car Fraud

When people are searching for a quality used car, they want something at a fair price, in good condition, and with low mileage. Unfortunately, there are seller who misrepresent the true condition of their cars for sale in order to take the money and run – leaving the buyer with an empty pocket and an unreliable car. There are ways buyers can protect themselves from fraudulent car sales. Using our Maryland license plate lookup services will ensure you are getting the used car you want.

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Used cars are sold fraudulently and people are often gun-shy buying a used car at all. One area of concern where fraud occurs is with the odometer reading. Sellers will ‘roll back’ the mileage on the car in order to present it as a low-mileage option. They also may tamper with the odometer to increase the purchase price of their car for their own benefit. Tampering with the odometer of any vehicle is a crime and buying a used car with inaccurate mileage is a risk.

Using license plate lookup services and accessing a vehicle history report will show you exactly what to expect out of the car. The background information on a used car is important for all buyers to review so they can make a more informed decision on their investment.

Benefits of Using License Plate Lookup Services

There is a lot of details contained in a vehicle history report which will prove critical to the process of buying a used car in addition to odometer accuracy. The buyer will get an accurate look at the used car they are interested in and can easily determine if it’s the right choice. Inside the vehicle history report is details such as:


A properly maintained vehicle will be a more reliable choice than one which has been neglected over the years. Regular oil changes, engine tune-ups, and brake services will ensure the car is safe for the road. Cars not properly cared for may suffer mechanical issues which will cost the buyer additional money in the short-term.


Used cars which have previously been damaged in an accident may not be as stable as they should. Damage done internally to the vehicle may not be properly repaired which can make the vehicle purchase a risky one. Accident histories will alert potential buyers to these hidden dangers before the purchase transaction is complete.


The title of a used car shows the legal owner’s information as well as the vehicle identification number. The VIN number on the title should match the number printed on the car. This information will give buyers the assurance the used car is being sold by the rightful owner and is the correct title for the car being sold.


the car’s title will also show any liens placed against the car by the current owner’s financial obligations. When a car is used as collateral for a personal loan, a lien will be placed against the title. Ideally, buyers should only buy used cars which have a title free and clear of these financial constraints.

Be Confident in Your Used Car Purchase

The review of a vehicle history report can give you the confidence to go forward with your used car purchase. Knowing the accurate background of a car is essential to making the right buying decision. Taking the time to review the important details can save you a lot of time, money, and potential frustrations should the car be misrepresented. You no longer have to rely on the word of a buyer eager for your money and you won’t have to worry about finding the right car for your transportation needs.

You’ll also know you are paying a fair price for the used car you want. The condition of the car matters when calculating the price of a used car. By confirming the car is in top notch condition before the purchase, you’ll know your investment is a sound one. Vehicle history reports are the simplest way to take the fear and worry out of buying a used car. Your hard-earned money should be spent on a trustworthy, ready-for-the-road used car.

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