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Avoid Used Car Fraud With Michigan License Plate Lookup Services

If everyone in the world was honest we wouldn’t have to take extra steps to protect ourselves when buying a used car. Unfortunately, not everyone is as honest as we’d like them to be and the only way to ensure you are not going to be the victim of used car fraud when buying from a private seller is to do your research before you hand them the cash. You can find out a lot about a car and avoid used car fraud with Michigan license plate lookup services and a vehicle history report.

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Common Michigan Used Car Fraud

Michigan car buyers can save some money while protecting themselves from a number of used car fraud activities by doing a little research. It’s quick and easy to enter a license plate number into a Michigan search tool, or to run a VIN search.


VIN cloning, sometimes called car cloning, is the process car thieves use to steal about 700,000 cars each year. Thieves steal a car. Then they take a VIN from another car that is a similar make and model as the stolen car, and make fake VIN plates for the stolen vehicle. Unsuspecting car buyers run a VIN report and see the history of the other car – not the stolen car – and think they’re getting a good deal. You can protect yourself from VIN cloning by ensuring the VIN on the windshield matches the VIN in the Michigan vehicle history report before you buy the car.


You can maybe make lemonade from lemons, but not if the lemon in question is a used car with a whole lot of maintenance needs. When a dealer or individual buys a car that has a lot of repair needs but doesn’t tell the potential buyer of the fact – the car is a lemon. Lemon vehicles are sometimes taken to a new state where they can get a new title – which doesn’t include the bad vehicle’s history.


When a seller wants to get more money for a vehicle they may be tempted to rollback the car’s odometer reading to make it seem as though it has fewer miles. Odometer tampering is illegal. Sometimes sellers try to salvage a vehicle that has already been claimed a total loss. Either way – you can run a vehicle history report to get the real odometer reading and make sure you aren’t becoming victim to odometer tampering when you buy a used car.


In addition to helping you avoid common Michigan used car fraud, a license plate look up report and vehicle history can give you the information you need to buy a reliable car at the right price.


You can see how many times a vehicle has changed owners. If a car changes hands a lot, there’s probably a reason. Maybe it needs a lot of repair work! Whatever the reason, seeing many owners for the same vehicle should be a red flag for a used car buyer.


You can get a report of all service and maintenance a vehicle has received over the years to determine if it was properly maintained. Cars that have regular oil changes and tune ups are more reliable than cars that are driven until they won’t go any further.


if the vehicle was involved in a car accident, you can find out with a license plate look up and vehicle history report. Depending on the type of accident, you may not want to buy a used car that was repaired after an accident.


if a vehicle has open recalls, it may not be safe to drive. A report will show you whether or not the car in question is currently being recalled or if the car has already been in for various recall repairs. This will help you decide how reliable the vehicle is before you buy it.

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