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You wouldn’t go on date without looking up the stranger who will be joining you for dinner, so why not the car you plan to buy? The internet provides car buyers with a wealth of services they didn’t have access to before, and if you buy a car in Minnesota, you need to be on the lookout. License plate lookup services in Minnesota can protect you from fraud, monetary loss, and headaches in the future.

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License Plate Lookup Info

When you do a license plate lookup and VIN search you learn more about a car than the outward appearance shows. License plate lookup services and VIN searches come in handy when you buy a car, insure a car, repair a car, sell a car, and need assistance researching issues with the car you already own. Explore the slew of information you get with a vehicle history report.


When you are in the market for a used car, you have no idea what that car has been through or if it is even owned by the person with the for sale sign. VIN lookup services help you identify if the person selling the car is the real owner of the car. In 2008, Minnesota car thefts were at least 7 per day, which means the odds of you coming across one are high in the state.


Every time a car is in an accident, the value of the car diminishes a little more. If a car has been declared a total loss by an insurance company because of extensive damage, flood damage, frame issues, or deployed airbags, the car is worth nothing. Especially if someone is trying to sell it to you. If a company declared a vehicle a total loss, but the owner kept the car, it cannot be insured for full coverage, and you will have a hard time selling it to anyone else after you assume ownership. License plate and VIN lookup services are the only way to find out if the used car you are buying is legit.


If you are in a hit-and-run accident, and all you have to go on is a license plate, you can do a plate search to find out who hit you. If the plates match the car, you can file an accident report with the police and insurance company.


A vehicle history report tells you whether or not the car you plan to buy has valid sales trail. A vehicle history report tells you when the car was originally sold – depending on the age of the car – and how many times it has been sold. In many cases, you can spot questionable sales activity linked to claims, theft, and recalls.


Vehicle service records are a good indicator of a car’s performance and health. You have heard about people avoiding car service for years, driving on bald tires, ignoring recalls, and so much more. Don’t get scammed when those cars are on the market. While the outside may look great, the car could be one repair bill away from wiping you out.


The VIN is like your cars DNA. The string of numbers tells you everything you need to know about your vehicle or the vehicle you plan to buy. A VIN tells you the manufacturer, when the car was made, where the car was made, and the engine size. The VIN is also used to tell the repair shop what the paint code is for your car and what parts to use for repair.


One of the biggest benefits of using a plate and VIN lookup site is recall research. You hear so much about car recalls in the news. Have they left you wondering, “does my car have a recall, too?” What about the car you plan to buy? Don’t you want to make sure it isn’t a lemon or victim of recall neglect? A thorough vehicle history report can tell you not only if there is a recall, but how many recalls the car has had, and which ones were repaired.

There are many things to consider as a car owner and a used car buyer. Don’t get ripped off or compromise your safety. Minnesota license plate lookup services protect you and your wallet

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