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Mississippi License Plate Information Summary

Go to your county tax collector's office to register your vehicle and get your Mississippi license plate. The plate cannot be transferred at all. You'll keep your plate up to date by renewing your registration. In general, this can be done by phone or in person. Some counties are preparing to offer an online renewal service.

Mississippi License Plates Offered

Mississippi offers standard plates, disability plates, vanity plates, and plates for organizations. Contact your tax collector's office to find out what is available.

You'll also get a sticker stating what month and year your license plate expires. You only need a license plate on the back of your vehicle.

Your dealership can give you a temporary Mississippi license plate. It is only valid for seven days.

When You Need To Get A Mississippi License Plate

When you move to the state, you get 30 days to get a Mississippi license plate. If you buy a vehicle in your county, you get 7 days. If you buy a vehicle in a Mississippi county other than your own, you get 9 days.

Keeping Your License Plates Up To Date

You'll renew your license plate and get new stickers when you renew your registration by mail or in person.

If Your Mississippi License Plates Are Stolen

Should your Mississippi license plate be stolen or damaged first you have to go to your tax collector's office and get a form. Then you must take this form to your local police department and have them fill it out and sign it.

Then, go back to your local tax collector's office with the form, and pay $10 for the license plate and sticker, or $2.50 for just a damaged sticker.

Transferring Or Surrendering Your License Plates

There is no way at all to transfer Mississippi license plates.

You need to surrender your plate when you cancel your car insurance. When you surrender your plate, you will get a credit for the amount of time you paid for but did not use. This credit can be used when you get a new vehicle and need a new plate.

Mississippi License Plate Costs

Mississippi new license plates cost $14.

Sample Mississippi License Plate

DMV Offices In Mississippi

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