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New Hampshire License Plate Search

What Is A New Hampshire License Plate Search?

A New Hampshire license plate search is very similar to doing a VIN check, except that you are using the license plate number to find information instead.

What Can I Learn From A New Hampshire License Plate Search?

A New Hampshire license plate search will let you know information about the car that the plate is assigned to that's available from the New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles and other sources. People do these searches to learn more about a given car, particularly if they are thinking about buying it. You can find out:

  • If the person has switched the tags
  • If the vehicle has been stolen
  • If it is properly registered
  • If it has been in major accidents in New Hampshire
  • If there is a problem with the title
  • If it has ever been declared salvaged or flood damaged

Why Do A New Hampshire License Plate Search Instead Of A VIN Check?

You might not always have access to the VIN number. Imagine if you saw someone driving a vehicle with a "For Sale" sign on the back, but you didn't have time to stop and look at it. You could simply take a note of the license plate and phone number and do your search at home. If you find any major red flags, you could then avoid going and talking to the seller and getting the VIN number, which would end up being a waste of your time and their time.

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