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Buying a used car can be a risky proposition. There are many places now available where shoppers can browse for used cars, especially over the Internet. This means cars are for sale, sight unseen where sellers are not exactly practicing truth in adverting. Hidden problems in a vehicle are a recipe for expensive repair costs and other troubles.

In order to protect yourself, auto experts recommend using our New Jersey license plate lookup service to gain insight into the history of the vehicle. This is one way a buyer can be sure the car they intend to buy is worth their hard-earned money. An accurate account of a vehicle’s history through a license plate lookup service gives the buyer peace of mind the used car they have chosen is in good running condition with no surprises for the near future.

Gain Insight with License Plate Lookup Services

The vehicle history report obtained through our New Jersey license plate lookup services can be invaluable to the decision-making process on a used car deal. There are a number of details accessible through a license plate lookup service including:


Confirm the true identity of the car’s owner to prevent risky deals involving stolen vehicles. You’ll have the security of knowing the person you are dealing with is the right person.


License plate lookup services will provide details on the history of a used car’s title, including any problems discovered over the course of ownership. This information will also prove the legal owner of the car before you agree to make the purchase.


If the vehicle you are interested in has been used as collateral for another financial transaction such as a loan or if there is still an active financing contract in place with regards to the vehicle, license plate lookup services will provide details of the liens held against the car.


It is against the law to tamper with the odometer of a vehicle in an attempt to subtract mileage from the car. The vehicle history report through license plate lookup services will verify if the accurate amount of miles is showing on the car’s odometer.


It will be important to know whether or not a previously owned vehicle has been properly maintained during its time on the road. If maintenance has not been provided, the car may be at greater risk for breakdowns and costly repairs. Use a vehicle history report to confirm proper maintenance was performed on the major systems of the vehicle including the exhaust system, engine, transmission, air conditioning/heat, brakes, and wheels.


Vehicles which have been involved in an accident may have hidden problems not visible to the naked eye. There have been many cases where a vehicle has been repaired after an accident to restore it to like-new condition but internal damage continues to make all driving risky and unsafe. With a vehicle history report, you can access valuable information about any major damage the car has undergone.


During Hurricane Katrina, one of the most devastating natural disasters to affect the United States, cars damaged by heavy rains and flood waters were moved out of the south and resold in other states without informing the buyer of the flood damage. The same thing happened when Hurricane Sandy tore across New Jersey. Damaged vehicles were sold even after being totaled by insurance companies. With a license plate lookup service, buyers get the peace of mind the car they like has not been soaked in potentially hazardous flood waters.

Save Time, Avoid Hassles When Buying a Used Car

No buyer wants to deal with the hassle of buying a lemon when what they really need is a reliable, affordable car. Before spending your time or your cash on a used vehicle, get a full report on its history using our New Jersey license plate lookup service. The valuable information contained in a vehicle history report can prevent the future hassles such as mechanical issues, costly repairs, or lawyer fees to pursue legal action for Lemon Law violations in New Jersey courts.

Even buying a used car covered by a limited warranty can be a risky endeavor unless you can confirm the history of the vehicle. Relying on the information provided by convenient license plate lookup services can take the worry out of the used car-buying process.

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