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Questions A New York License Plate Lookup Service Can Answer When You’re Buying a Used Car

When you are thinking about buying a used car you need to ask a lot of questions to verify the reliability of the car. Making sure your money is well-spent is important as-is making sure the vehicle will deliver you and your passengers safely from point A to point B. While you can ask the seller of a car as many questions as you want, there is no way of knowing if the answers he or she provides are accurate. With a New York license plate lookup service, you can get answers to everything you need to know about buying a used car.

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Questions NY Plate Lookup Services Answer

Here is a list of the most commonly asked questions people using a NY plate lookup service can have answered before buying a used car: .


Are all car accidents bad? No. But if the vehicle you are thinking about buying has been in a car accident, you should know about it. If the car wasn’t properly repaired after a car accident, the value of the vehicle and your safety are both at risk. You could end up paying too much in repairs as a result of buying a used car that has been in an accident previously. When you look at the vehicle history report for the car in question, ask for documentation from the seller for repairs completed after any accident that shows up on the report.

If the vehicle’s airbags were deployed during the car accident, you will want to use extra caution if deciding to buy the car. Deployed airbags don’t always result in a totaled vehicle, but you want to make sure the car was repaired by a reputable mechanic to ensure the repaired airbag system will work should you need it in a future accident.


If you ask the seller if they have kept up with the oil changes, brakes, and other car maintenance tasks – they will say yes, of course. They’re looking to sell the vehicle and are likely to tell you exactly what you want to hear in hopes of closing the sale. Using a license plate look up service to view a vehicle history report helps you avoid buying a lemon – or a used car that hasn’t received regular service and maintenance.


Using the VIN number of the used car you want to buy, you can find out if there are any recalls on the car with a VIN search. This will help you find out if there have been any safety recalls on the car since private parties and used car dealers won’t always tell you that the vehicle has an open recall. Doing your own research will protect you from buying a car without knowing if there is a recall that needs to be fixed. If you run a VIN report and discover there is a recall, negotiate a lower price so you can take the vehicle to get repaired as soon as you buy it; or demand that the vehicle is returned to a professional for a recall fix before you buy it.

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