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Questions A North Carolina License Plate Search Can Answer

Don’t you wish you had a crystal ball that would allow you to thoroughly research a car before you buy it – to ensure it will be reliable for years to come? While there are no crystal balls that can accomplish this for you, a North Carolina license plate search can answer many of the questions you have when buying a used car. Running this quick and simple search will give you honest answers to your questions, and you won’t have to rely on the seller’s honesty. You’ll be armed with the information you need to negotiate the best price on the used car of your dreams.

North Carolina License Plate Numbers Give You the Answers You Need

People have many of the same questions when it comes to buying a used car. Here’s what you can find out with a license plate number search and vehicle history report:


When you ask the seller if the used car they’re selling has been properly maintained over the years, they’re going to say “yes”. But their idea of what constitutes properly maintained and yours may be different! With a license plate number search, you can find out when the car was serviced, what kind of maintenance it received, and how often the car was in the shop. This helps you avoid buying a lemon and forking out excessive money for repairs after you buy a used car.


Along with wanting a vehicle that has been properly maintained, car buyers want to know if the vehicle they’re thinking about buying has ever been in a car accident. Not all accidents are a red flag that should prevent you from buying the car, but if there are internal damages that were not repaired after an accident, you’re taking a big risk with the vehicle. A license plate and vehicle history report can give you a list of any claims on the vehicle, and then you can ask the seller to see documentation about any repairs that were completed as a result of the accident. Be especially careful if airbags deployed in the accident, as many times this results in a total loss for the vehicle.


Using the VIN of the vehicle you’re thinking about buying, you can do a search to find out if there are any open or old recalls on the vehicle, as well as the repair dates for any recalls the vehicle was involved in. A car dealership cannot sell a vehicle if there is an open recall on it, but a private seller is not required to follow the same rules. Car buyers must do their own recall search to protect themselves against buying a vehicle that was recalled and never repaired. A vehicle history report will clearly show you all of the recall information for the vehicle in question.

If you see that there are open recalls, you can decide not to buy the vehicle or request that the seller pay for the fix before you buy the vehicle.


No one wants to pay too much for a used car. Vehicle history reports provide accurate information regarding the value of the vehicle that is calculated using a combination of the vehicle year, make, model, and engine size – along with loss history records, the mileage, and condition of the vehicle.


When you buy used cars from private sellers there is rarely a warranty, but sometimes the manufacturer warranty is still intact and transfers to a new owner. A vehicle history report can indicate whether there is still a warranty on the vehicle, and if there was only one other owner, then you will often be covered under the warranty when you register the vehicle.

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