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North Dakota License Plate Information Summary

The North Dakota DMV will issue you new plates when you register your first vehicle. After that, you can transfer your older plates to your subsequent vehicles. You'll also get a sticker telling you when your plates and registration expire.

North Dakota License Plates Offered

North Dakota offers standard, vanity, disability, and plates that support various causes and charities. You can ask the DMV what is currently available.

North Dakota license plates go on the front and back of most vehicles. Motorcycles only need a plate on the back. You'll have to put your registration sticker in the upper right-hand corner of your rear plate.

You can get temporary North Dakota license plates from your dealership. They are only good for five days. You can get a longer temporary tag – good for 30 days – from law enforcement, the DMV, or your dealership.

When You Need To Get North Dakota License Plates

You need to get North Dakota license plates as soon as you move to the state. In general, you have five days after you purchase a vehicle in-state. This must be done in person at a DMV office.

Keeping Your License Plates Up To Date

When your registration expires, so do your North Dakota license plates. You'll receive a reminder in the mail, and you can also set up email alerts with the DMV. You can then renew your plates online, in person, or through the mail.

If Your North Dakota License Plates Are Stolen

If your North Dakota license plates are damaged or stolen, you don't have to file a police report. If your plates are simply damaged, you can get a plate with the same number. If they are stolen, you will be issued a new number.

  • The license plate and sticker will cost you $5.
  • If you just need a sticker, you'll pay $3.

You have to ask for new North Dakota license plates in person at a DMV office.

Transferring Or Surrendering Your License Plates

You must surrender your plates if you cancel your auto insurance or move to a new state.

You always have the option to transfer your current plates to a new vehicle you purchase.

North Dakota License Plate Costs

License plate fees vary quite a bit in North Dakota. You should call the DMV to find out how much you can expect to pay.

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