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Oklahoma License Plate Information Summary

Registering a new car will trigger a new license plate from the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD). You'll renew your plate when you renew your registration. You'll also get a sticker indicating the month you have to do this. You can generally transfer your plate from an older vehicle to a new one you buy, but there may be exceptions.

Oklahoma License Plates Offered

Oklahoma offers standard license plates, vanity license plates, disability license plates, military license plates, and organization license plates. Contact the MVD to find out what is are currently offered.

You only need Oklahoma one license plate attached to the rear of your vehicle. You can place the registration sticker anywhere on your license plate that does not obstruct the numbers.

A dealership will issue you a temporary license plate while they sort out your official Oklahoma license plate.

When You Need To Get Oklahoma License Plates

You must get an Oklahoma license plate within 30 days of moving into the state or buying a new vehicle.

Keeping Your License Plates Up To Date

You'll have to renew your Oklahoma license plate when you re-register your vehicle. You can sign up for email reminders. Once you have re-registered, you'll get a new month sticker to apply to your plate.

If Your Oklahoma License Plate Is Stolen

You can replace a lost or damaged plate in person, at a MVD office, or by mail. You do not need to file a police report.

  • You will be charged a $1.50 insurance verification fee, and $9 for a plate and a sticker.
  • If you apply by mail, you will also be charged $3 for a plate plus sticker, and $1.50 for a sticker alone.

Transferring Or Surrendering Your License Plates

The only time you need to surrender your Oklahoma license plate is if you purchase a vehicle that has a plate on it already. You must bring the plate to the MVD office.

You can transfer your current plate to any new car you happen to purchase.

Oklahoma License Plate Costs

The cost of Oklahoma license plates depends on how long you have been registering vehicles in the state.

  • For the first four years, the fee is $96.
  • Up until the 8th year it is $86.
  • Through the 12th year it will be $66
  • Up to the 16th year, $46.
  • After that it will cost $26.

Sample Oklahoma License Plate

DMV Offices In Oklahoma

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