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Car Sellers Describe How Oregon Plate Lookup Services Made Them Money

Selling a car can be a difficult and extensive task. You can to make sure you price the car just right, you need to find the ideal buyer, you have to fork over all the records, and you need tough skin for the negotiations that dominate every conversation. What if you could make the car selling process easier with one all-in-one tool. You can. Drivers explain how Oregon plate lookup services made them more money when selling their cars.

Ways to Make More Money with Plate Lookup Services

Think of all the work that goes into selling a home or anything else you own. You wouldn’t skip out on all the legwork, because you want to make the most money. Oregon plate lookup services can make sure you get all the research you need to make the best sale. Here are the ways VIN lookup services made car sellers more money.


Oregon plate lookup services use the VIN from the car to determine how much the car is really worth and what the best selling price is for a private party sale. The car valuation tool considers all the data collected in the vehicle history report, as well as the make, model, age, and mileage, which allows sellers to set a competitive price for the car.


Most car buyers, whether they are in the market for a new car or a used car, are concerned with fuel economy ratings. In Oregon, fuel savings and conservation is a big deal. If sellers can provide documentation about fuel economy, along with the vehicle history report and valuation report, buyers feel more comfortable doing business with the seller.


Large claims can affect a car’s resale value. Buyers are reluctant to pay what you want – if anything at all – if they discover claims after they look at your car. If you want to make your car more attractive to buyers, or you want to be transparent about claims up front, printing off a free vehicle history report will improve report with the buyer and your credibility as a seller.


Sellers are able to advertise that the car they are selling still has a warranty if the car is still covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. A quick warranty search lets you know if the warranty is still in place and for how long to expect coverage. Buyers who can get a warranty and a good deal are more likely to call you back and make a sale.


Between 2014 and 2015, approximately 100 million vehicles were recalled in the US, and that doesn’t include the number of vehicles impacted by recalls in the previous years. Recalls and defects are dangerous, and if the car you’re selling has one in the VIN search, your car won’t sell, or at least it won’t sell for what you’d hoped. Dealerships cannot sell new cars with open recalls on them, and you shouldn’t either. Before you sell a car, you can research recalls and make sure they have been addressed before you sell the vehicle.


Car sellers were able to make sales quicker with service records and Oregon emissions testing documentation in hand. Frequent maintenance, service, and inspections provide buyers with peace of mind that the car they are buying is safe and well taken care of. Frequent service also improves the value of the car overall.


Sellers who were able to provide buyers with a clear title history so drivers could avoid Oregon MVD lines has more success with their sales. Oregon title search services put drivers’ minds at ease, knowing the car’s title is clean and free of fraud or theft.

These are just a few examples of the successes car sellers have with vehicle history lookup services in Oregon. To make the sale easier and more profitable, provide buyers with the most thorough vehicle history reports available to consumers.

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