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Reasons Why Drivers Use South Carolina Plate Lookup Services to Sell a Car

Selling a car can be a daunting task. You have to make sure all the records match, you have to determine a value, you spend your days answering countless emails and phone calls, and you have to negotiate. It’s tough, but you have more resources at your disposal than you think. Find out why drivers use South Carolina plate lookup services to sell their cars.

Benefits of South Carolina Plate Lookup Services

When you decide to sell your old car, make sure you get the right information the first time to avoid the run around and hassle that comes with selling. Check out the reasons why South Carolina drivers use VIN lookup services to improve profit and decrease headaches.


One of the most challenging aspects of selling a car is determining how much to list it for. You want to be transparent while taking into account the care you’ve provided your car and the value of it when you first drove it home. When determining the sale price for your car, don’t shoot too low, but protect your investment. To do this without searching multiple sites with varying values, order a South Carolina car history report. A comprehensive report will give you an accurate value, and it adds an extra bonus – the fuel economy rating. When you sell, not only will you provide the buyer with an accurate value report, but you can answer the fuel economy question, too.


If you didn’t save your South Carolina service records and inspection reports, a service records report can fill in the gaps. Providing buyers with extensive service records and inspection reports sets you apart from other sellers. Buyers will trust you, and you can reassure them that the sale is exactly what they hoped for. Sellers who are transparent and offer the most documentation, appeal to informed buyers. When you can back up your car’s condition with accurate records, you are likely to make more the others in the area.


Car buyers are concerned with questionable sales history. If a buyer thinks a car has traded hands too many times, they will pass it up. Frequent sales and trade-ins can suggest disapproval, claims, or frequent repairs. Buyers want to know the car they are buying has only been owned by one or two owners at most. Providing potential buyers with a South Carolina registration search provides buyers with peace of mind that your car has not been bounced around, or owned by a junkyard, rental car company, or livery service.


Would not it be great to tell a potential buyer that the car you are selling is still under warranty? You can with a vehicle warranty check. Many manufacturers extend powertrain warranties to second owners, as long as the warranty is still valid. A valid warranty on the car you sell increases the trade-in value and the private-sale value.

When sellers do a VIN search on the site, recall information comes up for that specific car. A comprehensive recall report allows sellers to identify recalls that need to be repaired before selling the car. The report also offers buyers with a list of previous and current recalls, as well as information about open recalls and repair dates.


Vehicle history reports provide sellers and buyers with a snapshot of claims filed for the car’s VIN. Whether in South Carolina or in another state, the license plate lookup report tracks all claims, the dates of the accidents, the amount paid out, and closed dates. From windshield claims to flood damage, the claims history report does not leave any detail out. When you sell the car, you can provide the buyer with accurate documentation about the car’s claims history – if there is one.

South Carolina car sellers can provide serious buyers with all the documentation that informed car buyers look for. They expect it from dealerships, so they will be impressed when you provide it too. To sell your car for what it’s worth, get a free South Carolina vehicle history report.

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