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Vermont License Plate Search

Can You Explain What A Vermont License Plate Search Is?

Sure! With a Vermont license plate search, we use data from the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles and other sources to create a report for you about the history of the vehicle the license plate belongs to. This can help you when you are thinking about buying a used car, because the more information you have about the vehicle, the better. It is similar to a VIN check, except you are using the license plate number for your search instead.

Is It Legal To Perform A Vermont License Plate Search?

It totally is! This data is available to the public, so that people can protect themselves against shady used car sellers. Much of it was compiled by government officials with your tax dollars, so it is covered under the Freedom of Information Act and similar laws. You have the absolute right to perform a free, confidential Vermont license plate search with us.

What Information Is Typically Contained In A Vermont License Plate Search?

We'll provide you with a ton of information related to the vehicle the license plate has been assigned to. This can include:

  • The status of the vehicle registration
  • The name of the vehicle owner
  • The last odometer reading
  • What the vehicle was worth the last time it was sold
  • If there are any major accidents associated with the vehicle
  • Additional information about the vehicle when it is available

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