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Don’t put yourself in the positon of being conned the next time you buy a used car. There are many affordable used car options available from both dealerships and private sellers to help you save money on your next vehicle purchases – but only if the vehicle is truly in good shape. You can learn everything you need to know about a vehicle’s

history using a

Get A Vehicle History Report With A License Plate Lookup Service

You can learn a lot about a vehicle through an accurate vehicle history report. By inputting a car’s current Virginia license plate, a full history report can be accessed with details like accident history and flood damage reports. Additional details provided by a vehicle history report include:


There have been many used cars advertised as being in good condition when the reality is the car has been subjected to flood damage or mechanical problems after an accident. A vehicle history report will provide background information about a car including a review of any accidents, flooding, or confirmation of the car being totaled at some point. This information is invaluable to ensure you are getting a high quality car and not a lemon.


Cars which have been well maintained over their lifetime are more likely to stay safe on the road for much longer than neglected vehicles. You can confirm all systems of the vehicle have been maintained to the manufacturer’s recommendation. This will provide you the confidence you are buying a mechanically-sound vehicle at a fair price.


It is a federal felony to tamper with the odometer reading on a vehicle. Vehicle sellers have been known to try and reduce the amount of mileage showing on the odometer in order to get a higher price during the sale. A vehicle with a false odometer reading may not be as reliable as you thing. Vehicle history reports will help confirm the accurate mileage on the car.


Using a vehicle as collateral in a loan or other financial arrangement will put a lien on it. You need to make sure any used vehicle you purchase is free of liens against the title. Accessing this information through our Virginia license plate lookup services will give you the peace of mind your intended car is free and clear of financial obligations of the previous owner.


A car’s title offers insight into many important details of the car’s ownership. To prevent buying a car which is being sold by someone other than the rightful owner and to ensure the used car you are buying has not be stolen, it is important to review the title details listed on a vehicle history report. The title will identify the VIN and make of the vehicle, the license plate information, technical details about the vehicle including weight, and the name and address of the registered owner. The title will also identify liens placed against the car.

Buy Used Cars with Confidence

Buying a used car is an effective way to save money while still getting the reliable vehicle you need to get you to work. Vehicle history reports can give you the assurance you need to buy the right car for you and your family. By thoroughly investigating the history of vehicle, you can determine which used car is the best choice.

Avoid the hassles arising after you’ve invested your money into a bad used car. There will likely be legal problems to work through and money to spend if you find you’ve bought a lemon. Lemon Laws in Virginia protect buyers of new cars only so you’d have to pursue action against the seller in the court system with no guarantees of success.

Using our quality license plate lookup services will help make your buying decision easier and you will have the peace of mind the car you choose is going to be with you for the long haul. A quick check of a vehicle’s history will also arm you with the information you need when you negotiate pricing with the seller. You’ll gain the upper hand already knowing the potential faults and problem areas on the vehicle.

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