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Buying a used car can be less risky if you perform some due diligence prior to exchanging cash for the vehicle. Using a Washington license plate lookup service will take the worry out of the transaction by providing you with a full history of the vehicle. You have access to a number of records which can prove essential to preventing con jobs from the seller.

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Don’t Buy a Used Car Without a License Plate History Review

By accessing the report resulting from our license plate lookup services, you’ll gain first-hand knowledge of what the car up for sale has actually been through. The detailed information can help you make a more informed decision about whether or not you should buy a used car.

Details on the history report include:


The maintenance history of a vehicle is an important piece of information when you are considering the purchase of a used car. If a car was not taken care of properly over its lifetime, there may be excessive costs involved with repairs and upkeep in the years to come. A car which has been well-cared for stands a stronger chance of staying reliable and cost-effective on the road.


Vehicles involved in an accident may have been repaired to look like new but there may be damage which lies beneath the surface. Knowing the accident history of a used car will provide some insight about potential problems the car may have in the near future.


If a used car is being sold from an area prone to flooding, there is a chance the car has suffered flood damage at some point. Flood waters can cause damage to the engine and other systems which in turn can lead to mechanical failures. There have been several headlines about flood-damaged cars from major storms being sold in other areas of the country, especially during Hurricane Sandy and Katrina.


To ensure the seller is the legitimate owner of a vehicle, a check of the vehicle’s title history is a wise choice. The vehicle history report on a used car will confirm who the current owner is to give you peace of mind the seller has the right to sell the vehicle. You can also confirm the vehicle identification number is the same on the car as it is on the title. Stolen vehicle information will not match up.


Cars used as collateral for personal loans will have a lien placed against it until the loan is paid off in full. If a balance remains, the lien will be revealed on the report. Ideally, you want a car with a title free and clear of liens so this important details will matter at the time of purchase.


The odometer, or mileage tracker, on a vehicle cannot be tampered with in any fashion or it is considered a felony. Sellers may try to roll back the mileage to increase the sales price of the vehicle, leaving the buyer with an inaccurate account of mileage. You may spend too much money on a used car with less value than you anticipated. With a confirmation of accurate odometer reading, you can purchase a used car with more confidence.

Don’t Waste Time with a Worthless Used Car

Used car buyers typically take the search for a quality car seriously. They perform a lot of research into used cars which hold their value and become experienced at comparing prices on a variety of models. Despite their diligent research, some used car buyers are still taken for a ride after a purchase. Cars don’t live up to the expectations of the buyer solely because the seller misrepresented the goods.

Rather than spend money on a used car only to find out it’s a lemon will leave you faced with the decision to pursue legal action to get your money back. Using Washington license plate lookup services can help you avoid these risky transactions by providing you with the essential information you need to make the right decision. Skip the hassles with courts and bad buyers by checking out a full vehicle history report prior to making your next used car purchase.

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