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Our Goal

We want to help people make the right decisions when it comes to buying used vehicle. We strive to provide consumers free, accurate information about any car legally sold in North America. This helps them spot red flags, avoid buying a lemon and ensure they don't end up driving a stolen car. You have a right to this information – but it can be very difficult for people to access on their own. We have created a perfect search system to get you the information you need to know.

Our System

We know that trying to buy a used car can be very intimidating. Searching for a used car alone is a challenge! Then talking to the potential sellers and trying to figure out if that car is right for you – and how much to pay for it – can be very stressful.

That's why we've designed our system to be as simple and possible. Simply enter the VIN into our vehicle search system.

That's all you need to do.

This simple system puts you on the road to buying the right vehicle for you and your family.

Ongoing Education About The Used Vehicle Marketplace

Over time, we have created a vehicle history blog that works to inform you about what's going on in the used car marketplace. We believe that knowledge is power – and will work hard to help you become the most informed consumer possible.