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National Motor Vehicle Title Information (NMVTIS)

The National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) is designed to protect consumers from fraud and unsafe vehicles and to keep stolen vehicles from being resold. NMVTIS is also a tool that assists states and law enforcement in deterring and preventing title fraud and other crimes. Consumers can use NMVTIS to access important vehicle history information. NMVTIS data in this report has been obtained from VinAudit Inc., an Approved NMVTIS Data Provider.

Detroit Trading

Shoppers are complex. They are constantly taking in new information and changing their minds.

8% change their minds from the time they search and 50% change their minds from the time they submit a lead. They need to be actively followed-up with while shopping if your brand is going to win their business. You need to win their business before they show up at your dealership.


The vehicle identification number supplied can be decoded into the detailed data & specifications about the vehicle. These details include performance & fuel efficiency, handling & braking, exterior & aerodynamics, and the measured dimensions of the vehicle.


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is an agency of the Executive Branch of the U.S. government, part of the Department of Transportation.

It describes its mission as "Save lives, prevent injuries, reduce vehicle-related crashes.

The Car

The Car Connection is part of High Gear Media, a vertical media company publishing engaging, premium automotive content on some of the Web's fastest growing car websites targeting key buyer and vehicle segments, sites like Motor Authority, Green Car Reports and Family Car Guide.


CarBuzz is the Buzzfeed of automotive news with more than 10,000,000 monthly unique visitors to our website, we’re where motorheads come for their daily fix of car news, editorials, features and videos. is the new destination for online car shoppers, where customers will find everything they need in one place.

MOTOR Information Systems is the world’s premier supplier of automotive data. Since 1903 MOTOR’s mission has been to provide customers with accurate, thorough and timely information to help run their businesses more efficiently, effectively and profitably.

izmocars is a leading provider of Automotive Business Solutions including: Website and Online Marketing Solutions, Enterprise-level Automotive CRM, and iConsult Sales Performance Coaching. izmocars is the largest producer of interactive media and photography content for the automotive industry.

Autoweek is an American fortnightly automotive enthusiast publication based in Detroit, Michigan. It was first published in 1958 and in 1977 the publication was purchased by Crain Communications Inc, its current parent company. The magazine covers auto racing, auto shows, vehicle trends, reviews and automotive lifestyle stories. It is also available via and on the iPad.

But it wasn't always that way. Back in 2002, online reviews were not yet a part of the fabric of consumer decision-making and their influence was still unproven. Yelp! was only an expression a cartoon character made when it stubbed its toe. And Google was still focusing on just being a good search engine.

When a particularly polarizing car-buying experience at a local dealership led our founder, Chip Grueter, a car enthusiast and web developer by trade, to search for an online outlet to broadcast his story, he came up empty. So, he decided to build one himself — and DealerRater was born.