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"I was able to get my needs addressed"

"The service gave me the same information as CarFax at a much lower cost to my bottom line. Happy to have such a great option for obtaining the vehicle history."... Read Full Review

"Very surprised how helpful they were"

"Enjoyed using It is a very direct and easy way to get information on a vehicle. It finds data on vehicles that CarFax cannot. Thank you for a great product."... Read Full Review

"The Best"

"I loved it. I have any poems with it it was very easy just waiting for my full email of the report and hopefully I'll have it in the next couple of days just like be able to sell my car but it's pretty awesome once again I loved it that's the first time I do a vehicle report so it was great thank you..."... Read Full Review

"Very Information Received"

"Found out a slot about my current auto and the auto I plan to purchase. I will be back very soon and recommend my associates to use it"...Read Full Review

"It Was Great!"

"It was great! I was able to make an educated decision before purchasing my vehicle. All the information I was looking for was in the Vehicle History report"... Read Full Review

" Gave Me The Information"

" gave me the information to make an informed decision. It is nice to get a peace of mind when maneuvering the used car buying maze. Thanks..."Read Full Review

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"I Love It!"

"THANKS, great information and useful as well. Will use next time before buying any car..." Read Full Review

"Excellent detailed report"

"Excellent detailed report although body color was not mentioned in the report, also took a long time to generate the report and involved a lot of mouse clicks... but then it's free so all is well. :-)..."Read Full Review

"Great site for a review..very complete"

"Great site for a review..very complete. Helped me to make a decision on the car I was interested in buying. There was more information than I realized and it was very organized." Read Full Review

"Wow - All this information for FREE!"

"Wow - All this information for FREE! It's really free, not Free* (* = charging). Good job, Vehicle History Arizona. I love you!!! Marius"Read Full Review

"Pleasant surprise!"

"A pleasant and welcome surprise! I was skeptical, as I always am with websites that advertise "Free". 99% of the time they lead you on and then try to charge you before they show you results." Read Full Review

"Really nice"

"It was all detailed. Very appreciated"Read Full Review

"Above & Beyond"

"They went above and beyond my expectations, especially for a free report. I would only expect this great and in depth of a report to come from a paid vehicle report. Awesome" Read Full Review

"Helpfull Information"

"Detailed and specific information for researching a vehicle to purchase, issues reported by consumers detail potential issues for future repair and/or cost consideration"Read Full Review

"The information I found on this website has saved me"

"The information I found on this website has saved me from making a very bad decision. Thank you." Read Full Review

"Great service to be free"

"Great service to be free. It is very detailed, more than I need. But it's easy enough to navigate and skip through some parts."Read Full Review

"I give it 5 stars"

"I give it 5 stars because i looked up my buddies vin number and found out there is a lot wrong with his truck" Read Full Review

"Can't beat free."

"Can't beat free."Read Full Review