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Performance Specs in Your Vehicle Report

Vehicle reports provided at no cost for each make, model and year generally contain the following performance specifications:

  • 0-60 Times
  • Quarter Mile Times
  • Top Speed
  • Horsepower
  • Engine Specs

These specifications have been evaluated and verified by independent automotive ratings agencies and are shown in several different areas throughout your free vehicle report. Objective reviews of performance and in-depth descriptions of the driving experience are also included. The level of detail of the performance specs may vary depending on your vehicle search. Road conditions and vehicle condition also affect accuracy.

Why is Fuel Economy Data Important?

Fuel economy data is very often a priority consideration in purchasing a vehicle. Whether the concern is cost efficiency or environmental sustainability, having accurate data is key to making an informed decision.

Why Are Performance Specs Important?

Whether an auto enthusiast, a commuter or weekend driver, performance specs reveal needed information to make a buying decision. These specs, depending on how, when and how often you drive, can give you the peace of mind to rely on your car in situations where performance matters – merging onto a busy highway or carrying a heavy load. They will also reveal how much fun it is to drive.

What Do Performance Specs Mean?

  • – The number of seconds it takes a vehicle to travel from 0 miles per hour to 60 miles per hour signifies how well the vehicle performs when the engine is pushed to its limits.
  • – The measure of how many seconds it takes a vehicle to travel one-quarter of a mile and the speed it's traveling when it reaches that mark can determine how well it can sustain peak performance over a longer distance.
  • – The top speed indicates the highest number of miles per hour the vehicle is able to reach.
  • – A horsepower is a unit of measure of power and in certain calculations is equal to 550 foot-pounds per second. The horsepower estimates the strength of the engine and its ability to exert energy.
  • – Various engine details, such as size and engineering are indicated in the Engine Specs.

How Do I Research Performance Specs?

Performance specifications can vary widely between similar makes and models. At minimum, they can serve as a baseline for measured performance during specific testing situations. Driving styles, road and vehicle conditions, among other variables, should be considered when reviewing performance specs so that the various results can better relate to the driver’s specific needs.

Should Performance Specs Affect My Buying Decision?

Performance is important to every driver, but in varying degrees. The intended use of the vehicle, whether functional or fun, will determine the effect of performance in the car buying process. Again, performance specs are determined during a very specific testing environment. Actual performance may differ in real-world situations.

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