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Vehicle Recalls in Your Vehicle Report

If a vehicle is subject to any recalls it will be noted in the Complaints/Problems section of the vehicle report. Recall information is provided by the automaker and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and may vary in availability.

What are Vehicle Recalls?

Vehicle recalls are issued when an automaker or the NHTSA determines that a vehicle, or any part of that vehicle, fails to meet minimum safety standards or creates a hazard on the road. In most cases, the automaker will recall a vehicle voluntarily without any intervention from the NHTSA.

Why are Vehicle Recalls Important?

Because of the safety implications, anyone considering the purchase of a pre-owned vehicle is advised to review any recall information. The recall will indicate the reliability of the vehicle as well as its overall value.

How Do I Interpret Vehicle Recalls?

Recalls outline the cause of the problem and the proposed remedy. While the remedy is written very clearly, the reason for the recall can sometimes be difficult to understand because of the specific and technical language used or the references to obscure auto parts. Whether or not the cause is clear, the remedy will suggest steps needed to cure the problem. Recalls will provide a historical perspective of the major problems with the vehicle.

Should Vehicle Recalls Affect My Buying Decision?

Vehicle recalls are just one of many factors to be considered before purchasing a vehicle. In some cases, these recalls will reveal significant problems. In others, the problems may be minor. The severity and frequency of recalls can strongly determine the vehicle’s value and overall condition.

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