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My Acura CL is a classic and reliable beauty!

I love my Acura so much that when I buy a new vehicle, I intend to keep my Acura. It is great on the road and in the city. It does take premium gas however. It runs essentially perfect with basic maintenance upkeep. The most expensive repairs I've had we're a new radiator, which cost about $300, and headlights which were $100/ light! Other issues I've had include a faulty dude which caused my defroster to blast any time the vehicle was turned on. I experienced rusted battery posts as well, which ended up being a super cheap and easy fix. I am not the original owner of this vehicle, so I cannot speak on previous upkeep.

- Veronica J

It is all electrical whitehead is pretty good and it got sun visor.

Acura is a really good reliable car it is electrical inside. A lot of spaces and good on gas. The ac works like a champ. It hardly ever gives me problems. I guess the secret is to keep up with maintenance. And it will last u more then u think. The only problem I have is that the emergency lights do not work if the battery's dead. They need to come up with a backup for that because let's say your battery dies and u have no way of showing that your broke down due to the emergency lights not working. Or anything in side the car cause it is electric. Or the trunk do not open ether when battery dies.

- Rose M

The lasting Acura. The car can last a long time and is great in every way.

The car is useful and able to drive. The car is sensible when pushing the gas and easy to apply the brakes. The brakes are able to stop quickly. The car has a good trunk storage and openly. The car also has a lot of good lights and a good first car to start for. The car is a cheap car and makes good use. The car can last a very long time and very inexpensive car.

- Kim M

A great, accessible car with self driving

I love my Acura car. It not only helps me be a better driver, but it helps me enjoy driving. This car has self driving features, and a great GPS system. Very accessible, great speakers, great feeling, great alerts when changing lanes. No complaints about this car, would recommend this car to anyone looking to invest in a lifelong car.

- Jennifer B

It's older style I like it better than the newer ones.

It is an Acura cl it is black and has 4 doors. It's leather interior and has a slap stick gear shift located in the middle. It has a 6 disc CD changer located in the trunk. It goes 140 MPH. All wheel drive and usually takes 35 dollars to fill it up. It gets 18 to 20 miles per gallon. It has a sunroof. The interior color is tan.

- Daniel B

It�s old and has a new issue every day!

I've had to replace the fuel pump twice in the last 2 years. The air conditioning compressor doesn't work anymore, and it's not the most reliable. There's been plenty of times I've had to either jump my car or charge the battery. There's not much in the car to make it comfortable..other than the air which doesn't work.

- Hannah M

can't drive it in 5th gear or my car breaks down

Needed to replace thermostat, head gasket, coils, and a new tire all in one year. I bought the car used, and the previous owner did not take good care of it. Also, it's a gas guzzler. However, it's reliable and it gets me where I need to go. The heater is also broken, which makes it hard driving in the winter.

- Jade S

The interesting detail of my car is my sunroof! It is perfect for the car

The only problems I've had with it was the stereo shorting out. It only happened once though. It's a great car and it runs so smoothly. The speakers are amazing in it and it's just a great car to cruise around in and get you to places. I recommend this car very much for teenagers and young adults.

- Breanna W

Durable. Extended warranty and great car

Great car good durability, Acura is very dependable and works great after all these years. Love Acura so much. I recommend Acura to anyone I encounter because of its magnificent years and durability. Aside from having this car since 2001 I look forwards to owning another Acura in the near future

- Liz R

Automatic transmission problems. If you have the option of a manual transmission, get it. When buying a used CL, inspect the transmission.

I've pretty much haven't had too many problems with my CL. The comfort and performance is incredible in the CL. Only issue I had was with the automatic transmission. Honda/Acura automatic transmission are known for breaking down. Besides the transmission, I haven't had any problems with my CL

- Alice C

It�s great and it drives fast despite issues

Its old and frequently needs maintenance. I constantly have to repair it as it continues to get older, but in terms of driving it is fine. It also doesn't do well when it is partially submerged in water. Floods in the area generally harm my car, but not to the point where it is unprepared

- J G

The car is pretty strong.

It works well but after a time it started to stutter all the time. The engine seemed to be struggling sometimes. But if you maintain it which didn't then. There should be no problems. The vehicle how a lot of nice feature that I enjoy. But the Bluetooth and radio need to improve.

- Michael S

2 buttons to adjust seat automatically.

My car is spacious and reliable. Fits a small family of 4. Nice leather seats. Love the sunroof and fills up with very little money. Has a small button on the driver door to open gas tank. The trunk opens with a touch of a button on your keys or a small lever by the driver seat.

- Jasmin H

Very small but just right for me. Very compact.

The air conditioning works really well. I love all the features and details inside of the care as well. The seats are extremely comfortable considering I have back problems. I have never complained about my back from just simply sitting in my car. I love everything about it!

- Peyton U

2001 Acura, black car with all black interior

The car gets very hot with all black leather. It is rather old so sometimes it stalls when I start the car. The AC isn't the best either. The also squeak. For being as old as it is the car runs really well and the stereo can get very loud. The car was very worth its price.

- Elizabeth J

Best service, best quality, best ideology.

Great comfort best seating amazing service from point one to point two. Has great reliability to move smoothly from one spot to another. Perfect as a household and as another type of car. Great buy for anyone. The user usability is also perfect for any quick movement.

- Anna K

Acura: worst car possibly in the world. 1. ) Breaks faster than an iPhone.

Runs too slow, breaks easily like an iPhone. Cannot really do much with this car but probably sell it or give it away to a close buddy of mine. And that's really it. Besides the air conditioning from the car which is still broken since I got it. Acura what a joke. .

- James T

Semi fast running love to use as a family daily use vehicle

Truly love this vehicle. I have barely had that many problems with this car from the very first moment I bought it at the moment the only problem is mine needs a little work to be done I would most definitely recommended this is a carport family or for yourself

- Tricia R

Affordable, reliable and it looks good.

This vehicle is reliable, comfortable and affordable and it looks great. It gets good gas mileage and there is plenty of space for my family. I have had no issues with car and I have owned the same brand for many years. I'll never own anything but Honda/Acura.

- Nicole L

Great would love to buy it again

The be car lasted a good long while but is starting to fall apart. The car itself is great but can't keep up with the times. The car is starting to have many problems from the engine to the electrical parts of the car. Overall it's a great car would buy again

- Mikey S

Very fast and light but too small on the inside.

I live this car but I have bad issues with the electric seats. They worked fine the first few months I had the car but now my driver and passenger seat are both stuck at awkward angles and it is very annoying to drive what your stuck sitting straight up.

- Chelsea R

Title classic electrical power. Heated seats.

The Acura is a compact is how I like my cars to be it has good gas mileage the performance is quite excellent I have had no serious problems with my Acura since I have had it. It is a older model but I would love to have a brand new one.

- Joanne S

It is the longest lasting car I have ever owned in my lifetime.

My car is very efficient. It is grey. Also, it has a ton of miles on it. I like that the car has lasted me a long time, but I dislike it for the reason that it is starting to have engine problems.

- Bob B

Ford Thunderbird Roadster. w/Auxiliary Hardtop!! Flawless Raven Black, White/Black Bucket Seat Interior, White Top. CA Rust-Free T-Bird, 292 ci V8/Automatic. Power Windows, Steering & Seats. 12-Volt. Drive anywhere in complete confidence. Investment Quality! Don't Snooze! Priced to Sell

I actually stopped driving about a year ago and started cycling. It's really great exercise, and I've found that I'm able to get the office much more quickly than my co-workers.

- ness u

Performance and handling are the two things that make this vehicle worth the money

Like the style of the car and performance of the engine. I like how it handles on windy roads. Fun to drive. The transmission is the only problem I have with the car so far.

- Jerry C

Awesome vehicle for everyone!

I have a 2001 acura cp it's a great car and have had it for many years. It is very old but it has never failed me and all I have done is routine maintenance. Nothing fancy.

- Dallas W

It has a low mileage and it is in a good conditions for few more years.

I love the fact that I can use my car for traveling from home to school. However, my vehicle is an old fashion, make noises when accelerating and used up a lot of gas.

- Lucy S

It was good with maintenance but not good on gas.

I like the easy maintenance do not like the quality. I do not like how parts are hard to find, my steering rack had a leak. The quality of the leather was horrible.

- Amaya G

If it is drivable or not because their could be something wrong with your car.

I like that my car can be taken to any shop to be worked on. There’s a lot of cars that have to go to their maker I order to get their car evaluated.

- Brandon M

Acura is a very reliable vehicle. I would highly recommend it.

I like that it is comfortable and reliable. Unfortunately it is getting old and electronic glitches are happening but overall it has had a great run.

- Barbara R

The car drives and handles well, if you're looking for a little bit of luxury this is the car for you

The care is a smooth drive for sure. However it is not very economical or green. The transmission has been known to have issues and not just mine

- Brenden K

Great used car to buy or use

My favorite thing about my car is that it's comfortable but that is mainly cause the seats are so worn in but I also love how long it has lasted

- Mat F

Vehicle is equipped with proper safety features.

Low to the ground. Not enough leg room in the back. Needs more comfort when driving on long trips. Would like more storage space.

- Whitney B

It doesn't take much gas and It's a good family car.

My car is better than most, don't have to many problems with it, don't take a lot of gas. Perfect for a road trip amd vacations.

- Missy C

I can see clearly through the windshield

It's great! I love basically everything about it. It has 4 wheels and ac and a really cool window that I can see through

- John S

It is easy on gas and is great for commuting.

It runs like the day I was purchased. It is great for making short shopping trips and fits easily in most parking areas.

- Denise G

I love that it has heated seats and heated mirrors

My car is dependable and very fast! Its a 2001 but I trust it to drive long distances and it gets me around town great!

- Amanda M

Nothing; very fast, safe and reliable.

Nothing. I love it, couldn't ask for anything better. I cannot wait to get another one. I would recommend it to anyone.

- Tiffany B

No issues, In very good shape.

no issues at all. i bought it used and I actually still use this car to go to work everyday and do my daily activities

- shira e

I love the speed on the vehicle

None to be honest car runs smooth and haven't had any issues since I purchased it. Regular oil changes done to the car

- Nelo A

I think others should know that this car is a lot of fun to own.

I really like this car. I think that overall this car is a lot of fun to drive and I think that people will love it.

- James W

Its reliable and easy to maintain. Great gas mileage.

It is a reliable car and easy to maintain. The only problems have been minor. It is comfortable and easy to drive

- Justin C



- Budd R

gas mileage and low maintenance is the top most character for this car

ok car take me from point a to point b has be good in gas and mileage low maintenance economical and good quality

- mich m

My vehicle is ok looking. It's got a good color car

The vehicle can barely drive and barely have air condition. However it can further well even tho I got a permit.

- Jamal S

Other car buyers should know that this is the most reliable car

I love my car. I haven't had any major problems. I love the comfort and design features like the leather seats.

- Ashley A

This will be the greatest car you've owned.

Overall a great car. I haven't had any issues with the car beyond normal wear and tear over time. Fantastic car

- William R

My Audi car is really a reliable car, I like it because it is low maintenance and it doesn't cost to much for gas to keep it running.

I like that I have had it a long time with minor breakdowns. it is a very good car and I feel it is reliable.

- sonia h

Acura cl 2001 v6 sedan makes a good car

It's a ok vehicle, it has a dependable system. It has great mpg comfortable seating. Acura makes a great car

- Jav P

My vehicle is very very fast!

I like to tell people about my vehicle for a number of reasons. It hardly has any problems and it runs well.

- hunter t

My car is very reliable, I had it for a long time.

The car is great on gas. I love how smooth the car is when driving it. The only dislike is its 2 door car.

- Joe K

It wastes a lot of gas. Do not get unless your willing.

I like how it is really fast. I hate the mileage. I spend about $50 on gas/week and I do not drive a lot.

- Mary M

Acura is awesome. And dependable.

It is comfy and awesome. Small problems. But easy to fix. Gas saver. Something I love. Easily drivable.

- Jan M

Great car, gets me places

Best car ever, runs great, great on gas, fun to travel in especially with family and friends and pets

- Michael S

es totalmente excelente se los recomiendo

es muy bueno es lo mejor que hay se los recomiendo a todos mis familiares y amigos porque es lo mejor

- david d

That is is a very dependable brand.

It's very fast and It's also very sporty. It is still very stylish even if It's a older model.


Car has 269,000 miles & is still super reliable on long trips.

great gas mileage. great stereo sits too low great handling

- Teresa S

That for the life of my car, it has served me very well.

It drives well. It is long lasting. It has a good engine.

- Bobby B

The vehicle has had no problems so far, it has been working just fine for the past few years that i have owned it.

Nothing really. It is very reliable and has good comfort.

- Ben S

i like it it's pretty good car it has good interior and it handles very nicely it also gets pretty good gas

it is a car perfect for a family or travelling to a beach

- jasd y

Gas mileage is good. Looks nice. Thanks. Cool color and sporty.

Gas mileage is good. Thanks. Looks nice. Cool color.

- Kel W