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Car rides well, love the GPS, bluetooth connectivity, and voice control.

I recently purchased a 2013 ILX with the Tech pkg, and I am very pleased with it. I had a 2008 Acura TL prior to purchasing this car, and I thought I would miss the V6 acceleration, but I honestly don't. A lot of the reviews say the 150 hp is underpowered, but I find the car to be adequate. In fact, it picks up quite nicely on the highway and I don't have trouble passing cars. The interior is nice, well built, and feels a lot wider than what the outside appearance would make you believe. The rear leg room is also excellent considering this is a compact car. As stated above, this is an excellent commuter car.

- Sarah C

The black and beige interior is very aesthetically appealing

I notice the car skips while driving sometimes, I'll feel small jolts. It's not the greatest on gas but it's not the worst, it has a very small tank of 10 gallons. It's pretty comfortable to sit in and it's very sleek looking. My car has had no significant issues yet so the reliability has been good! I love the steering and how it drives. I do notice a slight roaring sound from my brakes especially when it rains. My brakes were new too so it's not actual damage to the brakes. I do enjoy my car!

- Ashley L

This car is the best reliable car on the market, would recommend to anyone

I have had no problems. Runs great ! I have had my car for a couple years now. I have not had any problems other than having to replace the tires on it. Would recommend this car to anyone looking for a good reliable car that does not get any issues. I have about 60k miles on it and I got it when it has 25k. I have drove a lot on it and it is very reliable.

- Nick F

Acura ILX 2013. A luxury vehicle, fully loaded.

It is a black Acura ILX 2013, with tan leather interior. It has GPS navigation, Bluetooth, a great stereo system that can hold hours of music on multiple CDs. It has beautiful trim, it's an automatic. It has 4 tires, and is a 4 1.8 engine, it has rims, it has carpet, it runs on premium gas or regular. It really is your choice. It has windshield wipers.

- Heather M

Great car for a single or non child family

The car drives really smooth, it handles turns great. The seats are comfy for me but if you are tall the driver's seat isn't very comfortable. The passenger seat works great if you're tall. I have a 95 pound dog and he fits in the back seat but when he sits up he hits his head on the roof. If you take care of the car you will have no problems

- Chantal S

Excellent car for people who drive long distances.

We love this vehicle is spacious and good gas mileage. GPS system, Bluetooth , CD, satellite radio and regular radio. This car let you know how many miles you have left based on the level of your fuel tank and the oil percentage. Is a reliable car that I would recommend to anyone who likes to drive long distances.

- Marie E

Amazing car with amazing sound system

I love this car. Ita perfect size for my growing family and has tons of amenities that are beneficial. Sunroof/moonroof Bose sound system and the car drives amazing. It has both paddle shifting option as well as regular. The dash can be altered to your desire such as custom picture colors and more.

- Michelle T

Handles well and has awesome stereo system.

Small crack in windshield but overall an awesome car, handles well and seats are very comfortable. Gas mileage is good too. Love the stereo system, spacious trunk and no problems to date. The aircon is a bit low, might need Freon which is disappointing to date. Also love the compactness op my car.

- Richard T

Reliable and low maintenance

It is a vehicle that fits my needs. It is reliable and does not need much maintenance. It is not luxurious but I do not spend much time going to work and back. It gets about 28 MPG and has enough space for me and most shopping trips I need to make. It is recommended for premium gas however.

- Ed Z

Sleek and beautiful, perfect for young women.

It drives very easily and smoothly. It is also very reliable and has never broken down. Also, it is beautiful and very comfortable for me and my passengers. The seat warmers are amazing and it has many charging stations for phones that come in handy when there are many people in the car.

- Nicole V

Luxury car without luxury price.

I love my ILX! I have owned this car for nearly a month and I love the way it drives. I do a lot of traveling and it is comfortable to drive. This car is luxury, without paying a luxury car price. The only issue I have with this car is excessive road noise, but all in all great car.

- Tiffany D

A fair priced sedan that is a great on gas and good for a one family child.

The car is sleek and drives pretty smoothly. The biggest issue I have is the tires, they are very sensitive to low air so the light is always coming on. And potholes are the enemy in this car. The seats are pretty comfortable, I have been in more comfortable cars but this is not bad.

- Molly M

IL is another great Acura.

I have had no performance issues at all. As with most Acura's this own is extremely reliable and cute. It has all of the technical bells and whistles that I want. It is very comfortable in the front and back and it handles great. It has plenty of power and handles well on the road.

- Rosemary S

good mileage, worth the cost

i have one tire that constantly needs to be refilled. it's a very reliable car, and very comfortable. the battery dies quickly if you leave it in accessory mode. sport mode helps when getting on the interstate. it has 3 different reverse camera angles. i wish it had backup beepers

- Erica M

Manual transmission, leather interior, sunroof.

I really enjoy my vehicle and bought it specifically because it came with a manual transmission. It was a luxury vehicle with all of the add-ins I wanted (sunroof, leather, Bluetooth etc.). The only downside is that the manual transmission vehicle did not come with a built-in GPS.

- Penny H

It is a bit on the smaller side, so I would not suggest using it as a family car.

Overall a great car to drive with as a young adult, however the space in the backseat is on the smaller side. Would not suggest driving with 3+ passengers. Car is also a bit on the lower side, height wise, so it is a bit difficult to get out of the car without bumping your head.

- A C

This car is a really great affordable car for when it comes to performance cars.

This vehicle is a very stylish vehicle and has a great look to it. However even though it is stylish I am not happy with some of the interior cosmetics. The vehicles operates and performs great. So if you can get over some cosmetic issues it is a great vehicle.

- Aaron A

Amazing Acura, I named Sheila.

Nice little car, very fast and reliable, power windows, locks, sunroof, mirrors, nice sound system. “leather interior. Front wheel drive, all the options. Heated side mirrors, nice suspension, strong automatic transmission, 2. 0 base engine, nice good car.

- Jeremy R

Acura ILX: the best car ever!

I love my Acura ILX. It has so many extras. I can download all my music to a hard drive and never have to use a CD again. The ride is good. It is dependable and safe. There is a lot of room, both in the back seat and trunk.. I want to keep my car forever.

- Lori C

Bluetooth makes it very easy to speak on the phone safely

Gas mileage is excellent! Technology inside the car is helpful and the repairs are affordable. The interior is classy and spacious. It rarely gives us problems and we have not had any internal issues with since we purchased the car several years ago.

- Amanda M

The Acura is a very small car but works well for a small person.

The vehicle drives very smoothly. The technology package is a bonus, but the GPS system is not that great. There are updates, but they cost $100. Also, the push to start is sometimes frustrating because the remote battery dies very frequently.

- Sylvia B

The car is not fancy but is very reliable and low maintenance. It is comfortable and well-built.

Basic vehicle with some nice touches that fits my needs and wants. Reliable and low maintenance but not a luxurious as some other vehicles. It has good gas mileage for general use but maybe not completely comfortable for a long trip.

- Ed C

Reliable and so comfortable to drive.

The only issue that I have had was a recall on the airbags. This was promptly addressed. I love this car and I will most likely purchase the exact same model when the time comes for a new car.

- Susan J

It is good on gas efficiency.

I love the push to start feature. I also like the fact that the car will alert you if you leave your keys in the trunk. I dislike the small space on the inside passengers are always squished.

- Denise R

Reliability of engine--no malfunctions that need repair.

I have been an Acura owner for many decades--this is my 3rd Acura. Positive features include reliability, comfort, compact size, attractive look, useful features such as rear view camera.

- Carole S

Sleek, bold, black, classy.

Love the look and the luxury of the vehicle. It rides a little rough and is really quite small on the I side but has greats features such as a tech package that we use quite often.

- Britt M

Compact and great gas mileage. Also can seat up to 5 people.

Very reliable car with numerous features. My model comes with the technology package, which includes GPS, bluetooth, etc. Very good gas mileage as well.

- Jessica H

The gas mileage is really good. It gets about thirty four miles per gallon.

It handles great. It's real comfortable inside. The back up camera is easy to see. It has a lot of power for a four cylinder. It gets great gas mileage

- Butch S

It is beautiful and it is fun to drive.

I love the space. I also love the color. I do not like how big the pedals are. Many of the seats are full of stains because they are so easy to stain.

- Chase K

It has good speakers and seats.

My car is very functional for me and my lifestyle. It has plenty of room for and is very stylish in my opinion. I love Acura and I will never change.

- Tiffany G

The backup camera has 3 different views: normal, zoom out and top down.

The backup camera is great because it is tucked in so you can see it during the daytime without getting glare. The seats are real leather and comfy.

- Chrissy G

Reliable, dependable, nice to drive

An issue that's common to most new cars these days: I don't want temperature number for heating and AC - when I'm cold, I want it to blow warm air.

- Maggie H

They shouldn't floor the gas pedal, as it would make weird sounds.

I like the speaker system in the car. It is very loud and clear. The only thing I don't like is the lock button in the car malfunctions sometimes.

- Meri H

My car is amazing. It is glorious and there is no better car.

I love my car. The car is amazing. I love it so much. It has had no problems. I love the reliability and I have had it for a little while now.

- Hop G

Well performing and versatile car

This car performs amazingly. Is very comfortable and versatile. I'll recommend it to anyone looking for a well-priced car with great features.

- Santiago P

It is a very comfortable ride and it handles well on the road.

I bought this car used the front bumper is cracked. I love the leather seats and all the options in my car. I wish that I had lumbar support.

- April L

That I am very happy with brand Acura. Would buy it again.

Love everything about vehicle. I bought it after lease over. It is the upgraded model of ilx and is comfortable, stylish and fuel efficient.

- Kris M

It's a quality build and a reliable car. It's nimble in terms of handling and fun to drive.

Reliable, economical car. Very maneuverable. Acceleration is limited by four cylinder engine, but it's comfortable and fun to drive.

- Randy S

Acura ilx models are very reliable vehicles.

My Acura drives very well, great handling. It is also very efficient on gas. The best part is the interior and exterior design.

- Michael P

My awesome car my awesome ilx

It's great . It's interior is so comfortable and amazing. The ride is very smooth and I feel very safe. I love this model.

- Chris W

It is a nice compact car but has plenty of space in the trunk and back seat.

The car has a great tire pressure alert system. What would make it better is if the alert said which tire exactly was low.

- David L

It is my baby. It is red and gets me to where I need to go.

No. Problem yet it is a used car but it is. My first car. The only thing I do not really like is the air condition system.

- Krystal S

The ride and suspension could be better.

I have not had any major issues with my vehicle. I have only had minor regular repairs. It is been a reliable vehicle.

- Tiffany H

The best Sedan acura ilx 2013

My acura ilx 2013 perfect Sedan working perfect navegación system stability fast comfort silent the filtración

- Gretmarie M

Quality construction and a well known brand. Outstanding fuel economy.

Quality construction at an affordable price. Attractive styling. Outstanding fuel economy. Great racing heritage.

- Ed B

It's a hybrid saves gas. Can get you from a to b without damaging the wallet.

It's white 4 doors hybrid. Very gas efficient. It's quiet and fast. The only thing is the trunk space is small.

- Linda D

Has a lot of space and It's a very good car good for the kids and family.

Very good car should buy one high quality good miles and has lots of space good for the family and road trips.

- Jones G

The comfortable level of the car and the reliability.

The seats are extremely comfortable. I really like the interior of the car. The sound of the engine is great.

- John S

I feel safe in it. I have never broken down on the side of the road.

It drives nice and smooth. It has many blind spots though. It is comfy. My husband complains about the price.

- Alyssa W

Black on black ILX with sunroof

It's a great car. Luxury features, drives well and gets good gas mileage. I would buy this car again.

- Andrew B

It is an efficient car that saves gas.

I love the style of the car. I also love the car’s features which include a full technology package.

- Gilda R

I think the balance of the stylish look and mpg is the most important

I like the following: Look, MPG, front seat comfort, tech package. I dislike the acceleration

- Ryan H

the one most important thing others should know about the car is that it is very reliable

i like how easy the vehicle runs. the drive isn't bumpy at all. i also like the size of it.

- Carolyn B

it's affordable but not too common, well made, on the same chassis as a honda civic

it's feels premium inside, it's zippy, it's a decent price. love the backup camera.

- Alex H

Sporty while giving some luxury that Acura is known for.

I like that it is compact but has several luxury amenities. Good gas mileage.

- Diana N

It is a reliable car, I've never had any real issues with it, however it has had a couple of recalls on it for the headlights and the airbags. The seats are comfortable. I do wish the roof was a little bit taller so that taller people would fit better.

It gets good gas mileage and drives smoothly. It's a very comfortable ride.

- Claudia G

It's a luxury hybrid vehicle. It's a sports car but yet environmentally responsible

I like how it looks. I like how it drives. I like that it's a hybrid

- Diana S

The inside is very small. NOt a family car. The car is not 4wd.

it is very small. and it is not 4wd. That is why i dislike the car.

- Jewel H

Cleaned and better quality more room better delays.

No complaints at all times and there are no dislikes whatsoever.

- Tiger W

It's a hybrid and gets great gas mileage. The heated seats are wonderful in the winter.

It's easy to drive. Great gas mileage and it has heated seats.

- Rafel K

It is very Dependable and easy to drive. Good styling.

It's easy for drive. I like the size. It has been dependable.

- Bill T

HYBRID!! Gets great gas mileage. Fun to drive and easy to park.

Great gas mileage. Easy to drive. Good for the environment.

- rafel c

the safety aspects like collision warning, lights airbags

best buy looking for newer model in one to two years

- lop l

Technology. and it drives smooth

I love it. I used to have a bmw. I like this better.

- Olivia B

It runs roooooom roooooom

Like it a lot cause it runs It's runs all the time

- Kat L

fast and good to drive on the freeway

very small. easy to drive. good gas mileage

- loo l

It's luxurious and beautiful.

I love my vehicle. It's amazing. I love it.

- Carl B