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It is comfortable and has an amazing look and the driving is really smooth.

It is still going after 4 years like it is new. I love the look of it and how comfortable it is. When other people come in the car I just know that they are amazed of how good a car it is. Anyone who has enough money to buy this car should really take a look at it. I have had it since 2015 and I do not plan on replacing it soon.

- Niki D

Great first car to own, love it.

Sometimes the USB port does not work properly and the car does not play music from my phone when it acts up like that, unless I use my Bluetooth. I notified the dealership and they told me it is a known problem. But this does not happen entirely too often. The error sign flashes on the display “not supported”.

- Kris G

I love the sporty look of my vehicle.

I love my Acura. It is comfortable and I do not like driving big vehicles so this is perfect for me. I love the black leather and the way it drives. I have room for 4 people to sit comfortably and my trunk has more room than you would think. I also love the gas mileage. I love the sporty look too.

- Theresa R

Amazing Acura ilx an awesome car!

The ilx is a dream to drive, great performance and excellent fuel mileage. The ilx has a very good, quiet ride and great handling. The Acura ilx has great accessories leather interior, satellite radio, heated seats. This is my 3rd Acura and I will definitely be buying another Acura in a few years.

- Christopher M

Lack of blind spot warning.

My Acura ilx does not have blind spot detection or warning. It does not have any sunglass holder. Performance is good but when accelerates, there is a jerk as if it hesitates a first and than move fast. It is a comfortable car to drive with roomy seats and enough legroom. Sound system is good.

- Resh M

I love how it has seat warmers.

It runs great, my brakes always go out, I have heated seats, comfortable driver, it's great on gas, huge touch screen on the radio, enough room for kids, lots of technological feature, black rims, Bluetooth, hands free calling. I love this car so much it was my dream car.

- Jenny C

Nice interior, comfortable car good on gas.

Wish the car was a little bigger on the inside like more space in the back. Comfortable car other than that. Back up camera is neat. Bluetooth radio is convenient and easy to hook up. Great on gas for the most part. Nice leather interior and sunroof.

- Kimberly L

I like the way she picks up speed. I like her design. She is very spacious.

I love my car for the most part. However it does not really give me a lot of miles to. The gallon. The oil changes are pretty pricey as well. Other then that I do not have many complaints about my vehicle.

- Sarah B

It is diesel torque capabilities.

Love the look of my sleek sports car like vehicle. Its acceleration and handling is second to none. Plus its comfortable seats are great and its Audio is fabulous.

- Terry G

It feels like a really nice luxury car without the price tag

I really like the sleek design and aerodynamic shape of the car. I like that it feels like a luxury and sports car while still being safe. I don't like the mileage

- Sophie C

The Acura is a great car great handling and performance.

My Acura is a great car personally. It runs smooth and handles the road real well. My only issue is that I am a big guy and it's not too comfy for me personally.

- John L

Acuras have poor engineering

Th engine functions poorly and breaks down every 6 months. The odometer also broke during the first 20 rides so maybe reinforce the material covering it????

- Allan A

Reliable, comfortable and trustworthy

My car is very reliable and has excellent performance. It is also great on gas mileage and I give it a tune up every couple of months

- Nadine M

It is a reliable car that isn't too noisy or clunky.

It is an overall good car that operates and doesn't feel too clunky. I dislike almost nothing important worth noting. No complaints

- Glen C

My bright white 4-door car.

There are not too many problems, and I am pleased with the performance, reliability, and comfort. I do not like the console area.

- Pamela G

Very smooth and rides well. Low on gas which is always a plus.

Runs great. The mileage is amazing and it gets me from point A to point B. I love driving around in my car. The ladies love it!

- Luke T

It is important to know that it is super efficient and fast

It is a great vehicle, and it is very reliable. I like how low maintenance it is, it could drive a little better.

- Eric M

My vehicle is not new but it looks very nice and clean.

I love it. It drives very comfortably and has good gas mileage. Definitely recommend, especially for a first car.

- Caleigh D

That it's a gas saver very economic.

I have no complaints car is good, comfortable and very smooth to drive and its gas energy saver, very economic.

- Marco S

My vehicle is okay but probably won't buy again

It burns gas way too fast and engine is quite loud. Also not enough spare parts to come by so repair is a pain

- MArcus W

It is the perfect car for a single young adult.

I love my car! Like the sunroof, body style, sound system. Could be a little bit faster/have more horsepower.

- Victoria Z

the gas mileage is AMAZING! I drive my car through traffic often and the great gas mileage helps so much in congested cities

Performance is great, I love this car because it is front wheel drive, which makes the back seats roomier.

- Maninder A

Its safe and has a lot of power.

I love everything about it. Makes me feel safe. My family knows that I am ok with all the safety it has.

- Shawn S


I love the interior of my car. its pretty good with gas. only dislike is kinda tight

- John L

I love my car. It is a mid sized sedan. It is a navy Blue color. I have only had one issue with the car and that revolved around my airbag.

Luxury is standard on this vehicle. Options on other cars are standard on this one.

- Joseph C

Most important thing someone should know about my car is that it is amazing.

I have love my car. It gets me from place to place and it's good on gas.

- Mallory M

I love how the design and style fits me. Drive comfort is there. However when you accelerate it has a hesitation before it let go

Stylish and comfortable car with few of modern technologies added

- Resh M

there isn't anything to say about my car. it takes me where

nothing to say about my car. it takes me where i need to go

- tina E

Maker has a very good reputation. Service at Dealer is Excellent.

I love the ride. Little gas consumption. Very reliable.

- Neuza O

Gas mileage is practically for someone who is always on the god and the back up camera is great

I love my car, it has great gas mileage. A sleek look

- Amanda M