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Very fast and performance is great!!

My vehicle is a reliable vehicle. I use it for all my daily task. Such as work, all my shopping, vacation trips. It has been very good on gas and has never given me any problems. All my friends and coworkers love my vehicle. They want to know where I got my vehicle from. Because they are very interested in getting the same one. They really like the design and the color of my car. I get lots of compliments from my car everywhere I go. I am very proud of my vehicle and I am so glad that I purchased this one. And when I am done with this one. I will get the same one again. It is very comfortable to drive. Very smooth. It feels like your riding on air. I have GPS and Sirius radio. This is all included with my package. I would highly recommend this car to car buyers. The performance is great. The best car I have ever owned.

- Lisa S

The Acura I Recommend For You

My Acura ILX overall is a very good option to go with, since Acura is owned and made by Honda, reliability is 10/10. Driving the car is very smooth, put holes are a problem where I live and the suspension does a good job keeping me from feeling them severely, the interior looks great and is comfortable, all with excellent gas mileage! Only thing I would add is some more power but I understand they go for luxury instead. An excellent feature that has become a must, is the keyless entry and push to start, I can be at ease with my key in pocket knowing the car will unlock automatically and start with a push of a button, makes life easy! Overall I'd recommend the car to anyone that's looking for a good daily driver that's has a great look.

- Chris M

Blind spot system that lets you know if you are about to get it hit.

The ilx is little more than a fancier Honda Civic, but updated styling for 2019 at least has its exterior looking sporty and fresh. The sole powertrain is a 201-hp 2. 4-liter four-cylinder with front-wheel drive mated to a smooth dual-clutch eight-speed automatic transmission. Apple carplay and android auto are newly optional, and active-safety features are now standard, but the interior still looks and feels dated. An a-spec package adds sharper visuals but does not back those up with any mechanical changes.

- Travis L

Acura ilx: luxury brand features for economy car price.

The Acura ilx is a good option for those who want a economic, entry-level luxury car. The car has a decent engine with average acceleration and great mpg. So far the car has been reliable and deal cost is minimal. The seats are comfortable though the backseat is very cramped for large adults. The only problem I have had is the sketchy Bluetooth integration and the annoying start stop function that you have to turn off every time.

- Joao M

The 2018 Acura ilx, all-purpose, all the time.

My vehicle is a 2018 Acura ilx. It is got a bright-red candy paint job, and is very energy-efficient. I use it for all my driving needs, from going to work, to running errands and driving and picking up my kids from school. It does not have any significant problems since it is brand new, though I do hate how hot the leather seats get when the car sits in the sweltering sun too long.

- John G

The back reverse camera is perfect. Wider view shows innovation.

It is innovative. All the news features are great. Acura has always been a luxurious first pick for me. I can only imagine how much better the future of this company is going to be with all the great technology that has been put into these vehicles. My parents own the same car too and they just love it is very ride. It is so comfortable. Feels like an aircraft in my opinion.

- Odette G

2018 Acura vehicle worth buying.

This is the most comfortable car I have owned. I like the added security features that were implemented this year. This car has a feature that when you come close to going out of your lane the steering wheel begins to shimmy and when getting to close to car in front a bell goes off and lighted word brake shows up to let you know. I also like not needing a key to start.

- Paula B

We purchased the basic model car.

I truly love my car with the exception of the driver's seat sit way too low for me and does not have the ability to go up and I am five foot two so not that short. Also the seat are not that comfortable. The reliability is spot on. I have not had any problems it is going on 2 years now. As far as performance it is a very comfortable drive, smooth and has good pick up.

- Susan M

The seats are very comfy and the radio is bomb!

The only problem I have with the ixl is nothing. It is great I am finally able to just relax in a seat that is actually comfy and drive to work everyday with the radio on and the heat on! I also love that I can really see out of the windshield. Overall I think this car is absolutely stunning and I would definitely recommend it to a family who’s just starting out.

- Anna A

Heated seats! Love it so fun and great for cold winter moths yes!

Great car! Very fun and had no problems! Nice features like leather and heated seats. I love the look of the car too. Love the styling like the led lights and the great trunk space and great function. People love my car! My family does too. I will keep buying this car after my car gets to be too old. Love it so much! Best purchase ever.

- Cam G

My car is really nice color.

It is not a Mercedes and I really like fancy cars. I obviously can not afford to get a Mercedes car so I will just stick to the cheaper cost of a low end brand for as long as it saves me money. But maybe I can get a Mercedes when I have more money to afford one. The Acura is still not that bad though it is ok for the price you pay.

- Anthony H

It gets me everywhere I need.

The problems I would say is that it can be hard to drive since it's kind of big and I mint for something smaller. It can make a weird noise at times as well but it can drive me to places so I can handle it, I feel comfortable being in it so it's no problem and the features are pretty standard so nothing really to add to that fact.

- Christopher A

The car is luxurious and spacious.

The Acura is a luxurious and spacious vehicle. I have not had any mechanical problems and the maintenance on the car is going smoothly. The features are impeccable with heated seats and in installed navigation system and rear end camera and Bluetooth. The performance is amazing it's stabilized during any type of weather condition.

- Ana H

Hyundai and the Accent positives.

Loved the bumper to bumper 10 years or 100, 000 mile guarantee! The experience with the dealership was great. We had been to several others, but we weren't treated like a person. Love the backup camera and the Bluetooth to be able to hear the apps on my phone through the car speakers. I love the hands free phone capability.

- Jennifer W

The color is a neon red and the interior is a charcoal grey goes perfectly

We take really good care of it and there's nothing wrong with it... it drives amazing. Heated seats. Hauls butt. Good gas mileage. Stereo is stock but you could never tell. The color is cherry red and black rims. Touch screen and automatic everything. It has touch screen all up front as you can talk to siri

- Michelle C

It is a high end vehicle even for a base sedan.

I leased a 2018 Acura ilx sedan this summer. I love this car! It is a base sedan, but it is sporty and has great zip! It has a sunroof, leather interior, 8 speed automatic/sport tonic transmission. Gas mileage is coming around, it needs to be driven more and on the highway to break it in. I love this car!!

- Melissa P

Just go get one you will love it.

My Acura is incredible I love it drives so smooth has all the amenities you would want I have no issues with it. The sound system is great the hands free phone Wifi Bluetooth are all great the heated seats and moonroof a bonus the trunk is spacious and when there is a issue the service is fast and fair.

- Susan R

Great, comfortable, reliable car.

It is a great car with a lot of safety features and is good for a family or a single person. It is dependable and gets good mileage and has a comfortable interior that also looks sleek. Acura makes great cars and I would recommend this to anyone looking for a nice sedan in the medium price range.

- Jamie F

It comes standard with all of the bells and whistles you could ever want!

I haven't had any problems with my 2018 Acura ilx special edition. It drives so smooth, with a tight steering wheel for precise turns. It comes standard with push to start, automatic lights, leather seats and backup camera. It is cute, sporty and sleek. It's a luxury car with a reasonable price!

- Casey B

Awesome car that's very dependable.

Nothing, it's a great car to have and drive, very much dependable for any great family with kids, and also great for older people that is looking for a great car to drive and take great safe road trips, and to take the young grandkids with them, it's an all around great car for a awesome ride.

- Kim W

The beauty of an Acura sedan.

My car is 100% reliable and I love how secure I feel in my car. It drives well and is also a good looking car. The interior is leather and is the most comfortable I've had in years. It's also very spacious and makes me feel like I have enough room for myself and my passengers. I love my Acura.

- Amanda S

Acura ILX- Worth your money!

Love that I can have the ILX for 3 years with NO maintenance! This is my second time leasing this same make and model. The only downside is it is a little noisy on the highway. The back seat folds down for extra long items for transport which we have used more than I would have thought.

- Christi B

9/10 would recommend the Acura ilx 2018.

This car is amazing and for a cheap price too. It has a good Audio system and great reliability. Along with this it is a very customizable car that can be changed to fit one's needs. The car looks great in a variety of colors and has an aggressive styling that makes a bold statement.

- Alex C

Speakers are nice and dark

The gas often leaks and have to get it repaired. The seats are very comfortable and durable. My kids always are able to fit in and have enough leg room. The glove compartment is hard to open. The sensors work very well and have stopped my family and I from getting injured repeatedly.

- Isabella C

Loving my new car and getting a new one.

I love my car its the best car I ever had it's cheap and afford about the insurance on it is cheap and affordable it's easy to use my family loves the plan that we have I will be buying a new 2019 car next year in January god is willing i'll be able to get for me and my whole family.

- Courtney M

A car that does not let you or your wallet down.

Great car overall. Mileage is average, something that wasn't too crazy. It is a great car overall! Has not been one to let me down, especially when it comes to traveling! Features are dependent on which model you get, however, it has great features. I also love the look of the car!

- Julia S

It has a sporty look, and has very nice rims.

The tire traction is not as good as the regular ILX model, the reverse cam guide does not move with the steering while reversing like the regular ILX doe. I miss that from my other car. The handle of the car on the wet road is not very good. Also car shake a bit while at 70 mph.

- Sarah G

Its purple and black and it's all tinted looks very cool.

It drives so smoothly, it's comfortable and roomy, its great on gas and kids love it. I feel very safe driving this automobile. Its classy, affordable, durable, smooth driving on highway. No complaints about it at all. It's one of the safest cars I know and would not change it.

- Renee F

This Acura is a comfortable ride.

My car is new so I have had no problems so far. It has been reliable on the road in both “normal” and rainy conditions. The drive and ride are both comfortable. The interior is spacious. The features inside are modern and easy to control. It is an all around great vehicle.

- Tig M

Very fast and comfy car perfect for anyone!

The Acura is a very comfortable car. The seats are very nice as they have many adjustments and the leather texture is awesome. The performance is like a sports car. I have many features on the car such as seat warmers, and etc. I have no problems and the car is very reliable.

- Luigi D

What a great car! I love it so much.

It is very nice and comfortable very new and up to date. It is spacious and very fast! The radio sounds great and I love all the features it has. Acura is my new favorite I will stick with them forever. It is great on gas and all together a simple great car for new drivers.

- Day J

My car helps me get from place to place. I love the interior.

My car is great because it gets me where I need to go. I am able to shuffle things back and forth easily. When I am driving I feel safe and comfortable. I am able to see the road clearly. Without this car I would feel less safe and like I wouldn't be able to travel as easy.

- Alyssa M

Sporty looking car at a good price.

I love the reliability and comfort of this vehicle. It has seat warmers, push start engine, Bluetooth sound system, among other perks. It is not an overly expensive new car, but it also looks very sporty. It is also nice that it is 4 doors but not a gigantic car. I love it!

- Kayla S

don't buy Acura please do not do it.

Horrible transmission, does not drive very fast, and gas is super expensive, 60 dollars for a full tank, seatbelts get too tight, I am 340 pounds, 5’10, probably does not help, but I like the paint job, really helps, now I am looking into a range rover with two gold rims.

- Rob G

My super white car from the main street.

I love it a lot so excited to be enjoying this. There are no problems at all with my car. It's awesome and new and drives very good. It's a super white. I bought it at a car mart in my neighborhood and since then it's been great fast reliable. I have no form of complains.

- Lak K

Needs more space for family.

I like my car a lot. I would like a bit more room as I have quite a few people in my household so it would be helpful. The gas and the mileage is good. My family enjoys the car except for the space situation. I do not think that I am going to get a new car anytime soon.

- Rachel H

Stylish and reliable transportation with enough room for shopping.

This is a nice car that works for us for travel, shopping, and work needs. We love it. We highly recommend this car for your family needs. This is not only stylish but very reliable. Take a look and drive one for yourself and you'll see just how much we enjoy this car.

- Teresa T

My vehicle is named beauty. Smooth ride fast quick pick up.

I am really enjoying my new vehicle haven't had any problems with that time ride smooth I love all of the upgraded premium features. I feel like I am driving a chat when I am behind the wheel. Great on gas mileage, love the large moonroof. I would definitely recommend.

- Danielle D

My car is a maintenance nightmare.

The comfort of the car and the drive is great maintenance is expensive. The reliability of the car is good. The performance overall of the car is exceptional. Would not recommend overall due to the maintenance cost of servicing of the car. The car has basic features.

- Sandy J

Great drive in the snowing.

I like the way it handles, the pictures do not even do it justice stall. Driving in the snow is going to be fun with this weather and then we can go out and drive back and then I'll go back. The seat is so nice and visibility is great for us and we love owning it.

- Love T

Luxury forever is the key component of this car.

The car is very comfortable every time I sit in it. The luxury in this car is worth it for the price. I have zero problems with it ever since I bought it and it's been over a year. The seats are nice and so is the steering and engine you should definitely buy it.

- bob R

Just okay for an Acura honestly.

Good look, performance reliability, comfort, price, value, engine great, sleek, interior, leather, sunroof, features technology is very advanced, luxury without being obnoxious or obvious, all good but not the greatest car I have ever driven could be better.

- Bobbi C

The 2018 Acura ilx is a great car for anyone!

The 2018 Acura ilx is a very nice, reliable car. It is also very spacious and comfortable! Its perfect if you are looking for a luxury car for a great price. I would consider this car to my friends and family, everyone I know loves it. All around great car!!

- Joan C

Great car great value at the price.

Love every single aspect of it from design to comfort to reliability. Great vehicle for a decent price. Seems like a car that will hold its value for years to come. Other vehicles just don't feel the same as this brand make and model. This was a great buy.

- Jill O

My Acura ilx is great and nice.

It has preformed great I take good care of it and I have never had any problems with it. It is brand new so it still has so many miles on it and I am proud that I own my vehicle. It drives smooth and fast. It is better than any other car that I have owned.

- Makayla G

My vehicle is awesome is after all.

My vehicle is great. It is comfortable in all ways. I can drive as far as I want and it has great light when I drive at night, which makes me feel safe. The features are a great headlight, luxury seats and a great design which makes it look very cool.

- Jennie J

This car does pretty well on gas it takes a lot of gas so that is really nice.

This car has great technology. I really like that they have USB connectors. The only big problem is that it is not great for storage like road trips with many of people because the trunk is really small especially when the third row is up.

- Andrea H

Small, compact, efficient car

My 2018 Acura ILX is very efficient. It has a great engine that adjusts to suit your driving conditions and gets great mileage with gas. Small and compact as I like small cars, but spacious enough to fit everything you could need.

- Kim G

The ILX is a nice affordable entry to a luxury car. It's a high end Honda so well made and reliable.

This is my 2nd ILX and I really like it. It drives well & is very comfortable, gets good gas mileage and is kind of sporty. I like the look of the car exterior. It has a roomy trunk and great pick up.

- Melissa C

Best choice I've ever made!!

I am absolutely in love with my car! It is the perfect size, it is very comfortable, very nice and spacious and the interior is beautiful. I am very glad with the decision I made on buying this car.

- Rezan S

Acura ILX: A Modern Car for the Modern Driver

My acura ILX comes with a silver paint job, and polyester seat fabric. It's got a drive-by-wire system, 8-speed-dual-clutch transmission and direct gas injection.

- Jabri G

Good on gas mileage the seats are very comfortable.

I love my car the speakers it ride good oh the color my payments are reasonable and just love the sunroof love that I have to open my gas tank from the inside.

- Veronica P

The car is a nice small car at a reasonable price.

I like most things about my car. I miss having a few features my previous car had, like a rear window wiper. The new technology features are nice.

- Genevieve M

Sleek, fun, fast sporty comfortable.

The Acura is a lovely, sleek, spacious vehicle. It definitely turns heads no matter where you go. It accelerates quickly and stops on a dime!

- Britney M

It is a very fast vehicle with great safety features.

Very expensive, hard to steer, not enough room for the average family. Great gas mileage. Great first vehicle for a responsible young adult.

- Chanel T

I love it is great reliability.

I love my car. It is very a very reliable car. I always feel safe when driving it. I haven't had any problems with it since I got it.

- Kirby A

The poor man's luxury car when u can afford a Mercedes.

Very reliable looks ok. Gets average gas mileage for size. Cheap to service being a Honda product. Would like higher end options.

- Jay A

The car is very great and has lasted me a very long time so it is very reliable.

The engine runs great but I have had some problems with the breaks and ac. I love the car and would buy another one if I could.

- Carson S

I like it and most likely they will too.

It looks good and rises nice but it is not anything flashy and it was very cheap for being an Acura. I always get compliments.

- Dave S

It's a fun vehicle to have and drive on the weekends.

I love it because it is what it is and it is actually really good for me and all of my individual uses right now in my life.

- Pilar L

Is very fast and I believe is a good purchase and a I really recommend to people.

I love the car very clean. Comfortable big space as always. Fast very clean I love everything is very loud some time I like.

- Noel E

I love my vehicle and would not trade it for the world.

Perfect vehicle for starters. It gets great gas mileage and drives very good. No problems with it. I love all the features.

- Dylan W

It doesn't drive smoothly. I do not like the color and it is cramped.

It doesn't drive smoothly. I do not like the color and it is cramped. The radio also broken. I just think the car sucks.

- William B

Bluetooth connection. Built in usb plug in

Works good. Comfortable. Good on gas. Heated seats. Reliable. Smooth driving. Bluetooth connection. Build in usb plug in

- Tiffani J

The price for it was nice very affordable.

My vehicle drives very smooth. It has super comfortable seating. Love the horsepower on it. This car suits my lifestyle.

- Tina A

Acura 2018 and all about my life in cars with or without.

They are some very good cars recommend and would ask volunteers other to buy the car because it is a wonderful vehicle.

- Celia T

Love the smooth ride. Love the car

Very reliable, Has the get up and go that I want love my car and dealership has been awesome when I go in for service

- Bill B

They should know that my car is great for traveling Long distances

My vehicle is great. It has good gas mileage and it is very fast. The color on it is red and I like the inside of it

- Milton W

Be conscious of your blind spots.

My car is nice, gets me from A to B without many problems. It runs well and I have had minimal issues while driving.

- Angela C

Safety is so important. This care is safe I feel good driving this safe care.

I love how easy it is to drive, it is super comfortable. Nice seats, I love everything about this care. Thank you.

- Teresa K

Acura a dream come true!!

I had not had any type of problems concerning my newer car that I had just recently purchased a few months ago.

- Ryan B

It gets great gas mileage!

I love how clean and new it is. I love the sound system it has. I love how smooth it drives. I love the rims.

- Alexis D

More environmental protection

The fuel consumption is low, and the engine is quiet when driving. Although it is mixed, it has good power

- Sam M

It works very well for the most part.

Cool basic great often terrific joyful fun sad. Rare playful true wrong goofy lame lust. Player plush.

- Larry F

It is all about the drive and gas mileage. I would love to buy an electric car.

I just love the very way the sunroof opens and the gas mileage. This is a good car to get out and go.

- Store M

Very affordable and dependable.

I like the comfort. I like the smooth ride. I also like the moon roof. But I do not like the brakes.

- Telemachus T

The technology in it is great. It has lane assist.

It has a great technology package. It's comfortable. It has a nice style to it. No complaints.

- Ron D