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Acura is the best car in the world.

My vehicle is awesome I don't have many complaints. I like how fast it is, the color, the noise it makes, the leather seats, space in the back and also the front. The sound system is also really good because I like playing my music loud and it doesn't sound bad at all when it is turned up all the way. The thing I was concerned about was whether I wanted to get a red car or get a blue one and I finally decided on blue because my last car I had was red. This one is better though because it is new and fast. The last one I had was pretty slow but it had a good sound system. The last thing that I like about it is that it is not that average, I have not seen any other cars the same as mine so I feel like I stand out really well.

- Nick J

Acura 2019 ILX built for you

I just love how the vehicle drives. When you going Down the freeway it just drives so smooth and picks up speed so quick. Great car for you to haVe if you want something functional but still a little sporty. I wasn't really a car person until I got behind the wheel on this vehicle. I visit the snow frequently in the winter. Only had to put chains 4 times. I love having seat warmers and having everything high tech in the car from Bluetooth too hundred radio stations with XM radio.

- Travis K

My vehicle is the my second home. Sometimes I sleep in there

The vehicle drives very well. Its smooth and brand new I have no problems at all. Except for driving on potholes. I drive to the store at home work school. I drive in the rain and snow as well. I go to the fast food place all the time in my vehicle. It's very durable and reliable. This is the best car I've had so far

- Felicia D

Acura Review 2019 ILX great car

It is a great car. Includes great features and has the sporty feel to it. Has a sport mode with paddles if you like manual. If not you can just keep it in automatic. Love all acura's. One of the best cars I have drove. I really do highly recommend any type of Acura. They are a cheaper luxury car and they are loaded.

- Chapman R

Best Design Yet! Super sleek, stylish and affordable

I love my 2019 Acura ILX. Very smooth over bumps, good handling. The new design of the grill/ front is my favorite part of the car. Super sleek and stylish. Great tech features like lane keeping assist, break notification, and Bluetooth. Also pretty spacious for being their smaller style car.

- Sarah K

The up to date technology.

I do not have any problems with my car so far I absolutely love it so much it is got so much technology and automated windows and touch screen radio it is very nice and good on gas I think as well it is a very good car to get I would definitely recommend this beautiful vehicle.

- Elizabeth W

Nice interior & nice on gas.

Got the car from the dealership, runs fine, has no problems, does not use up gas.. I have had it for a few years I do not plan on trading it in. Passed down from my mother down to me. It is just a very good car in very good shape and I love the color and I love the interior.

- Jasmine H

Check engine great car besides that.

The check engine light is always on and that is it really cannot seem to fix but other than that it is a great running car and the wheel is loose control but I love the interior beside the check engine light it is a great car no complaints so I would say get the car.

- Chase E

Fast, Save, quiet, easy to operate.

I leased my car last year in 2018 and I love it, This is my second car with Acura .. they do have a very good cars. Acura 2018 sport car ILX --it is very reliable, easy to use, fast, save, quiet with a lull engine noise, overall it is a beautiful car.

- Alina D

It is durable and reliable.

It can be too compact at times. I desire more space. My AC tends to go out. I desire a bigger truck like vehicle.

- Kayla C

it is very economical. I also like the throttle response a lot. It gives me a piece of mind how safe the car is too.

The car is fantastic

- Mike Y