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Beautiful car, fun to drive!

It is a beautiful car. It is fun to drive and is especially great as a one person vehicle. We have found that long-distance driving in it for two is a little small. The 5-speed is great for travel, especially in the mountains. Wish it had a turbo. We recovered the leather seats and it is in mint condition.

- Sher L

, Acura is the stylish midsize SUV with space for everyone and everything.

Striking design, powerful performance and efficiency, and ingenious safety technology come together to make Acura the perfect vehicle for the modern family. With a blend of contemporary design, versatility and powerful performance, Acura offers a premium driving experience no matter where life takes you.

- Susanne C

White Acura with leather seats.

The air conditioning does not work most of the time, and it makes the car sticky and humid. My dad is the one who drives it the most but, he wants to give it to me and I do not want to pay the money to fix it. I hate the leather seats and I do not know if you can get an Acura without the leather seats.

- Callie Y

The color is interesting.

There is no problems with the vehicle. It is reliable and the performance is great. It is comfortable. Love the ac, radio, seats, everything. Must get for the family or if you are single. Highly recommend. Very fast. Easy to get through traffic. Dependable vehicle that meets economical needs.

- John D

Nissan the most reliable there is.

I love this car and will only buy Nissan cars because I find them to be very reliable and good on gas and overall would rate them five stars. I have had this care for 5 years and have only needed to do mild work on it such as brakes and oil changes. I have never had any real issues.

- Kayla R

Great car with long lasting interior and exterior.

Takes too much gas and always needs repairs. Besides that it runs smooth and has a comfortable interior. It also has good a design and detailing. The vent system is good and keeps me hot in the winter and cold in the summer. The seats are sturdy and have lasted many years.

- Shelly C

It used to go really fast

Too many miles bad computer system Transmission is slipping and leaking or are you dash lights are always on Needs a new motor emergency brakes doesn't work very well also makes a ticking noise The brakes and rotors go out fast this during wheel is hard to turn at times

- Taylor L

I love the gas mileage, and the safety and efficiency of the car.

Very reliable car, good on gas, safe and efficient. No problems, besides regular maintenance such as oil changes, and tire rotations. The seats are very comfortable and don't hurt your back after driving for multiple hours. Radio is very good and gets great signal.

- Ellie A

It's very dependable and gets great gas mileage, worth every penny

The Acura Integra has been a great car. The car is dependable and will last me for a long time. There are some fault in some of the design like a low steering wheel. Overall the car has been great for me.

- David M

Fun little car, is drive it anywhere.

Review. I got this car as an intended project car and it is coming along great! Like stated, after 100k miles the car starts to show its wear. I've bought an intake system, a full header back system.

- Larry J

The stick is sort of weird in it but once you get used to it is fine.

The only complaint is the radio is difficult to use. It drives well and is comfortable otherwise. Everything works well in the car, all the electronic things, and it is overall enjoyable.

- Naomi B

It can comfortably seat 4 guests with extra room for bags.

Over all It's a reliable car. It does need premium gas and is a bit of a guzzler. Also, I don't feel it handles well in the snow. Other than that it is a comfortable car that I enjoy.

- Kasey A

The car is an old model but has longevity and is confinement in space

I have had this car for a long while and it still works great for me. This car can hold gas really well and has a lot of miles on it. The interior is also very comfortable

- Sade C

It is good with gas for the mileage and driving if u have to go far.

I think the inside is nice the build is good. The outside is clean and build good, I like the mileage for the gas not to bad. The tires are good but could be better.

- Dawn P

The blind spots are actually kind of dangerous.

It is a little hard to see clearly even with the mirrors - blind spots - brakes are terrible as well. However, it has lasted and been reliable for quite awhile.

- Denise R

this car I am not joking is built to last I have had it several years w almost no issues

I really like this car it has been completely reliable all the years I have owned it. It did have an issue with transmission but it was a quick and easy fix

- Connor v

Not best choice for two children in convertible car seats.

The 5-speed provides great performance. It is comfortable to drive. It has a streamlined look. I wish they still made this model with more modern features.

- Sherry S

Rides smooth and whips around turns.

Very reliable and comfortable for a daily driver. Some parts do break, like the light fixtures and brake accelerator pad but it's a 15 year old car.

- Cheyenne N

It has glitter on it for a reason don't hate

I love the color of my car. I dislike the mileage of how many gallons it can take and my car is a huge gas guzzler but besides that I love my car

- Krista Z

Carbon fiber hood, fast turning and low mileage, yes

It's a decently reliable vehicle. I haven't had to do many repairs on it. It fits my family, gets me where I need to go. It is also red.

- Greg D

Can not teach an old dog new tricks.

It is not bad on gas. Engine seems to overheat and always had to add water and change oil. All in all it is a good car for beginners.

- Michael J

Acura Integra Love if very safe family vehicle

It's a great ride. Handles well and is very smooth when braking. It is a good size for traveling and family car around town

- John T

The car runs fairly fast despite its size. It has a nice comfortable seats.

The gas per mileage was is very good and it runs very smoothly. The A/C is very powerful and the heating is even better.

- Courtney S

It is very clean and smells really good.

Drives nice and is comfortable. Helps me get to where I am going. Beat car I have ever driven. Best decision of my life.

- Jenna L

It has been in working order for a very long time, but the seats have kind of gone to s*it, and I have been thinking of getting a new car for a long time. Might just get the same model though since it is very reliable.

It is a classic. Honestly when it comes to being an efficient car, there is not a single one that passes it in my mind.

- John M

High class car and really realities.

Very good car and has a lot of miles really comfortable to sit in performance is really high value rally comfortable.

- Nicole F

The color is different and beautiful. It catches everyone’s eyes.

It is great. Fast. Pretty. It fits a lot of people. My mom loves it and she got once just like it because of that.

- Stefani P

It was built to last as long as you don't tear it up racing.

I like the fuel efficiency. I like how durable the car is. I do not like the radio that was originally in the car.

- Jennifer P

Tire issues, overall smooth and comfortable

It was a relatively smooth ride, but had issues with the tires deflating quickly than normal. Very comfortable

- Josh M

Nothing but the best. No problems.

It's great, I really have no problems with it. Good mileage, great interior. Not costly on gas or maintenance.

- Ron P

It smell horrid and leaks on your neck.

Smells heavenly and drives like a dream. Open up quick when you throw the throttle. Bombing down the highway.

- Bruce K

that it is very dependable on a consistent basis that is all

It is a great car it does everything I require of it has a great sound system and is very fuel efficient

- Clifford L

It is relatively old. Some performance issues, but it will get you from A to B.

Comfortable though a bit long ended for me. decent gas mileage. Brakes have to be changed constantly.

- James G

Its old and is on the brink of collapsing but can at least get you from A to B.

It is old and is falling apart, it is costing more to repair than to get a new car.

- Mike L

It is sporty and it does not cost a lot of money to maintain.

It is sporty and it is gas economic. I like it because it fits my style.

- Dian J

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- Thomas S




I like it because it drives. The radio works great. It gets the job done and it's cheap

It's cheap, it gets the job done, and the radio works great

- John D

It drives.....................................................................

It has four wheels. It drives well. It needs too much gas.

- Chris J

that i love it and that is all that matters to me.

it gets where i want to go and gets good gas mileage.

- josh s