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Acura mdx touring package review: amazing SUV with amazing specs.

2001 Acura MDX Touring Pkg

Well my Acura mdx touring package is amazing very reliable car I must say never gave me any problems at all. I love the way it drives very smooth, very sporty as well for a SUV also great with gas a good economy car if you do not want spend to much on gas. The features I absolutely love about my Acura mdx is that it has heated and vented seats, cup holder warmer and cooler also the interior is all leather has a luxury feel in the inside which I thought was amazing. Has some wood accents which I think complements the car, the steering control is very nice, overall I think it is a great commuter car or family car.

- Francisco V

It is one reliable car. I can count on my Acura to start no matter what.

2001 Acura MDX

The navigation display no longer wants to turn on which is super annoying. There have also been some problems with the car not locking/unlocking properly. I was having so battery issues early this year but that has all been resolved now that a new one has been installed. Other than that I really like the features in the vehicle. Looks modern and chic even though it is a teenager now.

- Tori L

Good vehicle maintain the upkeep. Good highway mileage. Roomy family vehicle.

2001 Acura MDX

It is a old model SUV. Drives good made by Honda and they make good cars that lasts a long time as long as you maintain the vehicles. I had it since 2001 but my feeling is neutral its a roomy vehicle for family traveling. Gets good highway mileage but not local. Parts are expensive. Doesn't have many features like Bluetooth, Siri or hands-free.

- Lois B

It is a beautiful silver color.

2001 Acura MDX

Ac does not work all the time but, rides great in the snow. It is very comfortable. It can fit about eight people. It is good for long travels. It is very reliable. Sometimes it does make a noise but it was cleared with the dealer. It has a good navigation system and rear mirror which is ideal. I wish it just had blind spot detector.

- Jay M

Old, gold, Betsy that needs a lot of repair with love.

2001 Acura MDX

My car makes so much noise, need new tires, new car seats, full shampoo clean, exhaust system, new ac, just need to go down car dealership and trade my Betsy in for newer model or Audi, BMW, Toyota for good price or probably buy it outright because my car need some serious repairs and love, tender care from more suitable owner.

- Nema P

Very good quality car especially for its age.

2001 Acura MDX Base

The car runs super well especially for being so old. I feel extremely safe when driving it. The only things that do not work are the screen in the car that displays gas mileage and AC control, along with the back AC unit. There is plenty of legroom and even in the third row passengers always feel like they have space.

- Sydney M

Luxury 2001 vehicle with great space and wonderful for everyday life.

2001 Acura MDX

My vehicle is a 2001 silver Acura mdx land it holds up pretty nicely for everyday lifestyle. Seat warmers and extra seats and room in the back. Great radio and navigation system not to fancy but gets the job done. Heating controls in the back work well and there is usually always enough leg room in the back seats.

- Hayley N

It has 4 wheel drive so the snow has no chance.

2001 Acura MDX

It runs really well now that I have recently done some tune ups on the rig. It is a oldie so it does not have any fancy/notable features save a GPS and seat warmers. The ac and heating system work perfectly but everything is tied to the display which is inconvenient given that mines no longer turns on.

- Victoria L

Preview of the Acura mdx touring.

2001 Acura MDX Touring Pkg

This car is amazing! Interior was nice, on the luxury side. The downfall is it does require premium gas which can be pricey. Rides smooth, repairs do not cost too much compared to other cars. Take Honda parts which is also a plus. Speakers are fantastic I love the sound and how loud they can go.

- Mo A

Car of the summer that gets you around from place to place.

2001 Acura MDX

My car is very nice and gets me around. Has a slight problem with engine temperature. Holds gas pretty well. Automatic door lock does not work. Brakes have a slight squeaky sound. The car is good for the most part, does what it needs to do which is get me from place to place.

- Anna D

My reliable 01' Acura mdx.

2001 Acura MDX

It is good on gas. It handles well. It has enough space for storage and seating. I love the look of the vehicle and Honda's brand is very reliable. This is the best car I have ever had besides my Yaris that I bought brand new. For a 17 year old car, it has done great.

- Shay B

Family car- smooth ride and great look.

2001 Acura MDX

This year still has a lot of space, good on gasoline and take care of your car on time, will last a long time and I bought mine with high mileage. I have all black with leather and wood grain trim, looked nice cleaned. It drives good on the highway. Good family care.

- Niki G

This is a tremendous SUV, for family.

2001 Acura MDX

This is a Great suv, dont have any issues at all since I bought it. The only thing I am always care about is to change the the motor oil and filter every 3 thousand miles.

- Waleska R

It is very spacious. It has room for seven passengers. The seats easily fold.

2001 Acura MDX

It has a lot of room. It is very comfortable for the family. It has a DVD player. It has third row seating. It has separate air controls for the back seats.

- Chelsea U

It has a gauge that lets you know how many miles to go before i need gas

2001 Acura MDX

It is one of the most reliable cars i have ever had,nice ride very little cosmetic flaws good on gas and excellent condition for being almost 18 years old

- Roger E

That the car is great on gas.

2001 Acura MDX

The space in the vehicle is great. It is a 3 row seater. Has heated seats and is great on gas. I dislike the limited space the 3rd row has.

- Helen V

It runs awesome for a very long time if you take care of it.

2001 Acura MDX

It still runs well after 17 years. It's comfortable and roomy. It's an ugly gold color which makes it easy to find in a parking lot.

- corinne j

The space for storage and passengers.

2001 Acura MDX

Gas mileage could be better but the smooth ride makes it all better. More airbags for safety. Good sound vehicle with plenty of space.

- Lisa G

Great starter car or great on the go mom car.

2001 Acura MDX

Wonderful gas mileage. Great trunk space. Optional third row seating. Has a sunroof. Wish it had better radio and sound system. .

- A A

Love your cars, love what you do, love your passion love.

2001 Acura MDX

Always make sure there no rust underneath the car! An also check miles and wearing and water marks. And check for stains.

- Jesus C

It is very reliable and it has over 200,000 miles on it.

2001 Acura MDX

Rear air does not work. I like the size and seat function. It gets decent fuel mileage. It has stood up well.

- Charlotte S

Way too many. Recalls many.

2001 Acura MDX

I really have no complaints about the car, except that it takes quite a bit of money to fill the gas tank.

- Jennifer E

On a full tank of gas, you can go almost 800 miles without stopping for gas.

2001 Acura MDX

I like how it drives how big it is I hate how much work needs done on it needs brakes shocks and struts.

- Cindy M

I like the seat warmer, armrest, and the console has extra storage.

2001 Acura MDX

I've had very little problems with it. Automatic lock for doors and headlights would have been good.

- Sarnethia W

it's great in snow and has lots of room. the back has plenty of room for children to have space when sitting next to each other

2001 Acura MDX

i love my car it is a little older but otherwise there's no complaints

- kayla h

It was a good inner city car. But a bad commuter car

2001 Acura MDX

The gas mileage isn't the best. Though it is a very good car

- Brandon W