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Safety, comfort and style.

My mdx is the safest, most reliable car I have ever had! It is clearance is higher than most SUVs. This and the all wheel drive provide safety in adverse conditions. For example, during a particularly rough winter storm, I shuttled essential personnel to my workplace because their vehicles couldn't make it over the icy, rutted roads. I was rear-ended while stopped by a texting driver going 35 mph and my only injury was a slightly sprained ankle. I was able to drive away, unlike the other car. Despite the accident, we still pay less for insurance on the mdx than for our Honda odyssey. The insurance company explained it was because the mdx is so safe. Upkeep is simple. I am not good at remembering to change the oil, but this vehicle tracks the oil life, tire pressure, plus other things and reminds you when regular services are needed. I love the comfort features such as the seat warmers, driver settings memory (seat, steering wheel positions, etc. ) And radio, phone & cruise control buttons on the steering wheel. The cargo area is great and has thoughtful features like well placed tie downs. I have a towing package and pulling a trailer is absolutely no problem. My one frustration is the heating system - it will blow cold air at random times. The dealer cannot figure out why. (this may be unique to my vehicle. ) The mdx is upscale enough for the fanciest of circumstances, but is subtle enough to not seem pretentious. This has been a safe, dependable vehicle and I have no intention of getting a different car for a long time!

- Nancy D

The Acura MDX: safe midsize SUV with all the bells and whistles

The Acura MDX is a great and reliable family SUV. I bought this car with the all wheel drive in mind because I live where the snow can cause difficult driving conditions. The interior is a fantastic mix for those who want a smaller option for SUV's. It has an easy interface for those of us who are lacking in the technology new cars come with. The middle bench style seating row has ample leg room, even for an almost 6 foot person, and the optional 3rd row is a great way to have extra seating when needed. The 3rd row folds down easy and flat for rear storage, and the 2nd row folds down nicely for even more storage which is very handy. The little details are great including; multiple outlets in front, middle and rear of the car, easy to access child seat anchors, rear ac/heating vents, simple folding rear seats, ample storage, memory front seat controls for 2 separate drivers, aux plug, navigation, back up camera, and information controls on the steering wheel. Some of the steering wheel controls include tire pressure which is a fantastic addition to be able to see at a glance. The size of the 2007 Acura MDX is a huge reason for my purchase. It is great size to maneuver in with a stable wide width to it. Add in the safety curtain airbags, this was a perfect fit for my family.

- Leanne S

The technologies are present: rear view camera, and tilting mirrors.

My Acura Mdx is a very reliable car. I have maintained the engine and oil changes within the timelines given in the mountains book. The interior is very nice and classy. It has the wood finish on the doors and dash panel. In addition to the wood trims, I picked the leather edition and sit warmers that comes very handing on cold nights or if you venture to the sierra. Overall my Mdx is a perfect all around family car that provides the user with comfort, power, and luxury.

- Aaron T

An Ideal Family Car for Families on the Go

It feels so safe and balanced. It's easy to maneuver and the back up camera makes it impossible to hit anything. The trunk is very spacious when the 3rd row isn't in use. The 3rd row is a tight squeeze for adults, but it works well and is appealing to young kids, which we have! I like the upholstery color and feel, the look of the dash and shifter. The seat adjustment and heating features, plus sophisticated car temperature control, makes it so comfortable for all passengers.

- Heather P

Acura is great car and fun to drive never got problems

great car for the family and good quality and fun to drive to go far places.rent car for the family and good quality and fun to drive to go far places. Great car for the family and good quality and fun to read car for the family and good quality and fun to drive to go far places. Drive to go far places. Great car for the family's and good quality and fun to drive to go far places. Great car for the family's and good quality and fun to drive to go far places.

- Maria C

I love my 2007 Acura mdx!

I have had very little problems with my vehicle. The problems are fixed easily once the error code is read. It travels well and holds a lot of gas (20 gals) making traveling very easy. Very reliable car. The care is spacious and comfortable with a third row, the legroom is a little tight back there but allows for trunk space even with the third row occupied. I like the heated seats and the ability for the rear to control their temperature.

- Hannah C

2007 Acura mdx good sound system.

I love my 2007 Acura mdx. I bought it used with over one hundred and sixty thousand miles and have had it for over a year now with no issues at all. The only problem I have had is my auxiliary jack broke so I have added a Bluetooth. The sound system in this car with the technology package is phenomenal, I get compliments on it and people think I have put money into it but the Sony speakers are actually just that good.

- Tanner S

Acura MDX. The best car you could ever own.

Overall the care is very comfortable. The electric controls on the seats make even the smallest of adjustments and the heated seats are wonderful. The ride is very smooth and the car has a very strong/reliable engine. If I had to be picky I would say I'm not fond of the steering wheels layout. It like to rest my hands on the wheel a certain way and the layout is not conducive to that.

- Jason S

It handles all kinds of weather. I feel safe driving over Snoqualmie to Seattle.

I love my 2007 Acura mdx. I had never bought a used car before so I was pretty nervous. I went by maker, mileage and price. This is what I picked out mainly for running errands. But it also had to handle all kinds of weather and get across the pass if I needed to be in Seattle for serious medical procedures. So far so good. It also has the bells and whistles I was hoping for.

- Laurie A

A drive ahead of it is time.

We have only owned the car for a year and the only problem we've encountered was a slow leak in one of the tires. It has started up with no problem and driven well every time. Nice looking car for a bachelor to a soccer mom. The features were far more than I expected for a 2007 including; heated seats, power locks/doors/back hatch, back up camera, XM radio and more.

- Nina S

It�s attractive because it�s an SUV. I always feel comfortable

My Acura runs Good and lasts well. I Can't really complain about my car. It's reliable and never gets out of fashion. Mileage is also well. It's Low maintenance. Acura is a good car to have for everyday use. I would not buy another model car however I would like to get the newer models just because they're nice. I would still remain purchasing an Acura.

- Nanci B

I love my mdx the problems went away after a while

I love my Acura mdx so much, there have been a few problems such as, one single door not unlocking with any buttons you have to manually push it to unlock it, and the doors constantly locking while driving down the road. But all around it is an amazing car, has enough seats for my family, much trunk space if needed, I would really recommend this car.

- abby W

The safety of this vehicle.

Love my Acura, it is a safe cafe that is very family friendly. This car is very spacious and great for trips. It is reliable and very safe to drive. I like all of the features of the car. I enjoy the heated seats, separate heating and cooling for the front and back seats, the entertainment package as well as the accessibility.

- Colleen D

Acura MDX 3rd row seated family luxury car

My Acura MDX has had so far been really great except the mileage has put a strain on my car. The cats need to be replaced, oil needs to be changed constantly, the alternator needed to be replaced but other than that it's been a good family car. It does take up a lot of gas and also only takes Premium gas otherwise runs funny.

- Rose R

Great SUV that's built to look good, be comfortable, and last long

I bought this car used, but it was well taken care of. The exterior is nice and sleek. The interior is a very comfortable leather. It runs well, the technology package makes driving and caring for the car so much easier. It's a great size, it can seat 7 comfortably, and get really go gas mileage for the age and size.

- Breanna H

My car, despite being older, still has a lot of great features and comfortability

the comfort and the features I really enjoy even though it is an older car, it still has many features some cars today don't have. However, because it is old, its performance is a little below average. The wheel isn't perfectly aligned and the turning can be very stiff but the car in general is pretty reliable

- Nick G

Nice affordable luxury SUV

Has had many repairs, although a reliable car. The exterior look is fairly timeless. The interior is leather and wood, luxury feel. Drives and handles very nicely. Good in all types of weather. Feels safe and handles well in snow. Good compact SUV, roomy but drives nicely in the city. Good gas mileage.

- Em E

Problems after 300,000 miles

After about 300k miles the car is finally starting to have mechanical issues such as engine problems, transmission problems, and leaking a lot of oil. The shifting is now more off in notable instead of it being smooth like it used to be. Other than that it has overall kept up with the passage of time.

- Gustavo F

A very reliable family vehicle.

My acura is great on performance and is very roomy. I have 2 kids and they love the DVD player and the 3rd row seating. I also love how the 3rd row goes down to make extra storage when I need it, or to put our dog into. I would highly recommended this SUV, compared to the Ford edge I had before.

- Jessica C

Multiple cup holders very interesting.

The car is really comfortable, has little to no features. Only a stereo with Bluetooth, couple of cup holders. Trim is nice and neat, steering wheel feels like a rock and gets uncomfortable after awhile. 220k miles and it is still running just fine! Always have kept up the oil and transmission.

- Christopher A

The Acura mdx is a great vehicle.

I love my car! It has great pick-up speed, comfortable and has three rows of seating. In the winter, the heated seats is a very nice option. It has plenty of room and with aftermarket products, is perfect for my dogs. It also has plenty of storage space when I need to move things around.

- David S

Review of Acura mdx 2007 vehicle.

Pleased with steering and overall low maintenance. Have not have any issues that would have made me bring it to repair shop. Was excellent in a fender bender I was in when someone hit me going 25 mph. Pretty on inside with good speaker system. Comfortable seats and minimal blind spots.

- J P

My older model still going.

My vehicle is old and I can tell the electric things in the car like the DVD player do not work but overall the vehicle is good when new it is reliable great on gas features in vehicle are great performance is wonderful. If you get up repairs vehicle will last a long time.

- Michelle C

Confident luxury with a sporty look and a smooth ride.

The vehicle is strong reliable comfortable and decent in gas. It has tons of room for the whole family. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone to buy or own. It comes with many different features like power windows and seats. It has CD player and third row back seat.

- Sarah L

Reliable, innovative, third row car.

Great, reliable car with third row. Key fobs have sensors so the car automatically adjusts the driver seat and preferred radio settings. Bought it 10 years old but I do not worry about it breaking down. Provides us with messages on when maintenance needs to be done.

- Jennifer S

great ride for the year and the price

drives like new. Will last a long time with maintaining. A very pretty car. Good cheap part. I recommend this a reliable vehicle. No recalls.Good 4 wheel drive. For a 12 yr old vehicle and price it is worth the buy. Very roomy and all electric with GPS screen

- Ashley B

Very big and spacious, good for children. Safe.

Pretty reliable, but needs frequent servicing. Comfortable and new-looking even though it is 11 years old. Very updated on the interior, only thing it does not have is seat coolers and Bluetooth. The most frequent problem I have is with the power steering.

- Erin M

Dependable auto, comfortable interior, overall nice look

Acura MDX is a great car. I am very pleased with its performance and overall look and comfort. The one thing I do not like is the sport package shock system as it is extremely expensive to fix. This is my 2nd Acura MDX and I would buy a 3rd

- donna g

Front & side airbags protecting occupants.

Great looking SUV, handles and rides well. Very reliable. Excellent build quality. Sh-AWD great feature with changing weather and road conditions. Being it is older it doesn't have the newer safety systems and modern amenities.

- Adam C

Great car minus front seat wear and need for seat covers.

It has been an excellent car. We have had very few minor issues we've had to take it in and it's over 150,000 miles now. The only bad thing is the leather hasn't held up on the front seats and need seat covers.

- Lexie P

The Acura mdx is a very reliable car.

After many years of driving the car, its had few problems mainly this year. In previous years, I had one problem with the car which the dealership fixed. After that, I did not have a problem until 2018.

- Martha S

It is a really great SUV very spacious and a very comfortable.

It drives very smooth and is very spacious however the 2007 Acura mdx is had a problem with the Bluetooth it drain the battery I went through three batteries until finally they figured out the problem.

- Danielle C

Acura is good mid-size crossover that feels luxurious.

It has had electrical problems and most systems have had to be replaced or fixed. It is comfortable, drives well, and is a great size. The cargo space is large but it recommends premium fuel.

- Diane P

Great quality vehicle that will last a long time.

I like that it is a smooth ride, has leather seats, easy buttons for radio and cruise control. I also like the 3rd row seat. It's a little wide. I wish the body was narrower.

- Allison T

As much as I love my car, it doers take premium fuel. If that's a problem for you, then you may need to rethink a luxury brand.

I bought my car used with almost 100,000 miles on it. It currently has 135,000 on it, and haven't had any problems thus far. It's very comfortable. It rides very smooth.

- Dawn S

Acura MDX Maintenance Feedback

I have had too many problems with my vehicle. The performance has been good but every year something or other breaks down and it is costing us more than $2000 each year

- Kiran S

Acura mdx: good little crossover.

I am very tall, the seats do not go back far enough. However I do really like the storage capability, the seats fold down and you can fit so much stuff in the back.

- Jane R

Handling performance is tight and precise.

I love my mdx. Beautiful leather and wood grain interior. Heated seats. Sporty look. Automatic everything! Handling is tight and precise. Body lines are very nice.

- Elizabeth G

It's fairly reliable but expensive to maintain.

I like that my MDX makes it easy to see the road when driving but I don't like that it takes premium gas and it's high off the ground and difficult to get into.

- Carol w

Reliable, gas mileage is not as good as I would like for a mid size SUV.

Being an older car, things need repair. Paint chips, seats wear out. Would like navigation to update automatically, now has to be updated every several years.

- Beth S

Good car overall. Paint on roof is starting to deteriorate but for being over 10 years old. It's still runs great

Reliable car. But I had problems with electrical. Blue tooth had to be disconnected because it was draining battery. Also had to replace the alternator

- Marquis G

Highly reliable Acura MDX in very good condition, 100,000 miles

The vehicle is very reliable. Other than basic oil changes and changing headlights it has not needed serious maintenance. The gas mileage is not ideal.

- Erima F

That it is a extremely reliable car, would totally recommend

I love my car, I have never had any issues with it besides one small issue with the touchscreen. very reliable car, comfortable and seats a lot.

- Cole S

It is the parent company of Honda and is perfect for a family car.

I love the size, GPS and sunroof. I love the leather seats and the all wheel drive. And the gas mileage is great and so are the safety features.

- App Q

You cannot use premium gas, and that sucks. It gets really costly to fill the tank with the constant rising costs of fuel.

Now that it's over ten years old, it's getting costly to maintain. I like that it still runs pretty good. I'll never purchase from Acura again.

- Melanie M

Acuras are great comfortable vehicles that last forever.

I love the space, heated seats, navigation, tv, backup camera, the handle, durability, the smooth ride, the longevity, and low maintenance.

- Cam K

Good handling, good family car, seats 7 comfortably.

I like the way the car drives and handles. I do not like that they steering wheel leather is falling apart. Gas mileage is also an issue.

- Mark B

2007 Car is More Advanced Than a 2014

The gas mileage isn't the best, and all the features can end up a bit confusing; however it's very spacious, and comfortable to ride in.

- Emily L

It drives beautifully. I feel so safe in it.

I love that is my vehicle is an SUV. It is so comfortable. I wish it had more compartment space. I wish it wasn't so expensive to fix.

- Jill R

The car is very reliable.

The car needs a couple repairs. Brakes are squirmy. The leather interior is not all my favorite. Some of the seat belts get stuck.

- Diana D

It is a very nice car but it eats gas like crazy. Unfortunately it costs me about $80 to fill

Extremely reliable and comfortable. Smooth driving capabilities and nice interior. I love the feel of the wheel and how it drives.

- Rodney M

The 2007 Acura mdx is a very reliable car.

Love this car. For five years and I have had no issues a all. I have kept on my oil changes as needs. Has not broke down one time.

- Tana H

It is has a good life of how long I have had it and I have not had too many issues with it in terms of maintenance

I like the seating of the car and the height of the car is not too high for my elderly family members to struggle to get inside.

- rachel n

I love know that I'm driving a luxury car with good crash test ratings.

I love how easy it is to drive. I love the sunroof. I love the heaters in the front seats. I don't like how much gas it uses.

- Mica G

The GPS is out of date so it needs to be updated before relying on it to find new places.

I like that I can fit my whole family in it. It rides really smooth with backup cameras. We put in back up sensors ourselves.

- Jennifer S

I love that the Acura mdx has great crash test ratings.

I love how my car drives smoothly. I love that it has a navigation system. I do not like how much gas that it uses up.

- Mica G

That it seats five and has a roomy trunk.

Works really well. Gets me to where I need to go. I have had it for almost a year and have had no issues whatsoever.

- Audrey D

I like the heated seats and awd. I never worry when I drive in rain or snow. I'm not a fan that the tailgate isn't automatic, or that it's lower to the ground than what I was previously used to.

It's good and reliable. Even with 190k miles, I never worry about it being able to get me from point a to point b.

- Jessica B

It is very reliable and will never fail you!

Honestly the best car I've ever owned, no problems yet. Drives very smooth & has high quality interior options.

- Christina M

It is very reliable and roomier than other suvs in its class.

I like the space of the Acura's back seat. I do not like the radio set up or that it does not have an aux cord.

- Suzanne T

It's easy to drive and is a comfortable ride. Being and SUV that drives like a luxury car.

It's dependable, looks nice, gets fair gas mileage and has all the bells and whistles I enjoy. No complaints.

- Barbara D

I love my car because it is a great car.

I like my car because it is reliable and it has rear entertainment system for the kids and it has sunroof.

- Maria L

The suv is a good car to drive

The SUV is Reliable, comfortable, sturdy, nice, comfortable, super safe, good to drive, and strong.

- Carol M

4 heated seats, 3 climate AC

It is white. It is fast. It drives well. It is AWD

- Connor M