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2008 Acura MDX is worth it!

The comfort level and features of this car are great. Leather seats with seat heaters to use whenever make my ride comfortable and great in any season. Having the GPS on screen is a plus for when I do not have service for my phone or do not want to use data, I just wish I could turn the voice off sometimes and just read the map without it talking to me so that my music/podcasts aren't covered up by the GPS voice. I have had extraordinary no issues with this car (year 2008) besides the normal repairs and one battery draining problem. The mechanic found the biggest culprit was the hands-free function that was just disabled and I haven't had a problem since, just a bummer not to be able to use that feature anymore because it was so convenient and a safer option. The only down part is the having to use an AUX cord for music instead of Bluetooth (would be so much easier). Overall, this car was a great investment even for a 11 years old! As long as you stay on top of the oil changes and use the better grade gasoline you are set up for no problems.

- Madeline A

Minivan with the look of an SUV

What really drew me to this car was the third row seating. I love that I can put the back two seats down for extra trunk space, and that I have the ability to for more passengers in my car if needed. The leather seats are definitely a plus since I do have two children and things can get pretty messy in the back seat. This is the second MDX that I have owned so I'm obviously a huge fan. My first one had a DVD player in it which is something I don't have now, and miss. It would be great if they just continued putting on in every year. The design inside and out is very attractive. I get the feel of a mini van with the look of a trendy SUV. The GPS is always a nice feature, as well as the backup camera. It has really came in handy. A downside, I will say, for me is how much gas it takes. I believe you would get that from any SUV though.

- Felicia S

Luxury car that seats 7 for convenience.

Had the car for almost a year now it's in decent condition however I have had numerous problems with the vehicle from electrical issues, took a week before it passed emissions, had to replace the battery and still need to jump the car if I do not start it for a day or two was advised it might be the Bluetooth so I have since unplugged it have to give it a few days to see what happens. For the looks of the car on the outside there is so many mechanical issues.

- Cassandra M

Perfect amount of space for a family of five!

I love the third row of my vehicle, because I have three children. However, when the third row is in use, my trunk is very small, so a big load of groceries is going to be a struggle and double stroller is not going to happen at all. Luckily, I do not require the third row all the time, so it really is just enough space for my family. Driving is so smooth and comfortable, and everything inside is easy to use.

- Chelsea B

The interior leather seats are comfortable! Adjustable lumbar as well helps.

Very reliable, comfortable ride, classic look. Handles extremely well (the AWD) is phenomenal. Third row is handy and can be put down. Luxurious interior, no back pain in long drives, very wide and spacious inside. I have the technology package, so the rear camera is very helpful. The gas mileage could improve thought. No blind spots, and the car drives kinda like a car even though it is a SUV.

- Mary C

Powerful Engine, Smooth Drive

The Acura MDX is a very comfortable vehicle with a powerful engine. The front and middle rows are very spacious, but the third row is somewhat small and uncomfortable for an adult. Trunk space is limited when both sears are being used in the third row. The engine stayed with no problems up until last year and we needed to rebuild the engine. Overall it is a very fun and smooth car to drive.

- Dima K

Software can't be updated

My 98 explorer was totaled in a wreck and so I needed a new vehicle. I was excited to find a used 2008 Acura MDX. I love how it drives, it's comfortable, and I was excited to have bluetooth! However the software in the vehicle is not compatible with new smart phones and it cannot be updated. I was bummed since that was a feature i was looking forward to having in a newer vehicle

- Jaclyn T

Sleek, spacious and lots of extras on this 08 Acura mdx.

My Acura really is a good and safe car. My husband and I researched for a while before we decided on this make and model of car, and it has one of the highest safety ratings on the market today. It is very spacious and has a lot of perks that my husband and I enjoy as adults, as well as a lot that our children enjoy when they are riding in it.

- Jill N

It�s been around for more than 10 years and it�s still running

The wheel is too tight so it makes it hard to turn sometimes especially when trying to park the car. The air condition also blows out hot air when it's turned on. The wheel is too tight so it makes it hard to turn sometimes especially when trying to park the car. The air condition also blows out hot air when it's turned on.

- Doris A

A vehicle that runs brand new.

My vehicle has many miles on it and it still runs like brand new. The sleek leather and outside appeal is very attractive. I love the sunroof and seat warms. I have 3 rows of seats so I can fit many people. My front panel near my steering wheel is a big screen filled with information about my car. It runs very smoothly.

- Kayla R

Great mom car or travel car for big and small families

Very reliable, affordable gas usually, great for my lifestyle and easy to pack a lot into, rides well and is good for city and country driving. Fits 8 people comfortably and the heating and air systems are great. Car charging ports and lots of space for drinks and snacks since we do use it for road trips a lot

- Kate L

Love my Acura! Best car ever!

This car has almost 100,000 miles on it and is about 11 years old and it still feels like I am driving a newer luxury car! I have no complaints and would recommend Acura to anyone I know. The service at the dealership is also fantastic! I am hoping to get several thousand more miles out of this car.

- Hilary H

MDX Life. Best of all worlds; power and comfort, luxury and usefulness.

It is reliable, durable, and comfortable. It operates as workhorse or a luxury vehicle depending on the need. Gas mileage is not great but reasonable for its size and power. My only issue is the navigation system does not stay up to date. I have owned two MDXs and plan on purchasing another.

- Charlie B

Maintenance of Acura MDX. The seats are great because they fold into the SUV.

I had to replace my transmission and radiator. There were also electrical issues as well. I also had sensor issues. The maintenance is also expensive on the MDX. The headlights are expensive to replace. The truck is very comfortable and rides nice. The gas mileage isn't great 14/17.

- Stephanie T

2008 older mdx still amazing.

Very reliable from time of purchase to now. Overall car is durable, roomy and holds its value. Ensuring you do regular maintenance is key and I have always used synthetic oil and premium gas. Rotate tires at least once a year is also beneficial. I will buy this car again, love it!!

- Perreault J

Mdx is reliable for many years and perfect for kids.

My Acura mdx is 10 years old and I have never had any major problems. My kids love the DVD player and I love the earphones that allow me to listen to the radio while they watch a movie. My car has 173,000 miles and still runs great! I hope to get another mdx when I need a new car.

- Julia S

This car is designed with you in mind

No problems just I get a lot of speeding tickets. The car goes fast quickly. I love my car and all of the features it has to offer. I do wish the third row had a bit more leg room. The only ones that can fit back there comfortably are small children. Just needs a bit more room.

- Crystal M


I got this car used. I have had a few electrical issues that impacted the battery. I had to replace my alternator, which any extensive work request removal of the whole from end to reach the parts affected, so it is more costly. Overall I like my SUV and would buy another.

- Heather S

MDX's Transmission is prone to go out at 90K miles

I have been told by Acura repair technicians that my model year (2008 MDX) is prone to having costly transmission problems. The problem is that the whole transmission needs to be replaced early (around 90K miles), and so they would recommend my trading in the car before then.

- Janice M

I love the lines and looks of this car even after ten years.

I love the way this car just always goes for us. The only complaint that I can think of is the transmission occasionally slips and the car has always made a rattling noise when idling and cold. We've had it for several years now and it has been a great vehicle for us.

- Keith H

Acura MDX is a very dependable vehicle

My vehicle is very dependable. I never had a major problem with my vehicle even though it has 180 thousand plus miles on it. Even the CD player still works. The only problems I have is the paint started to chip in several places, the headlight doesn't shine bright,

- Nathaniel M

The car that I drive is an amazing car and it brings me the most comfort.

I love the comfort when driving my Acura mdx 2008. The Acura mdx 2008 also has a built in navigation system. This system is best when I have some place to go and it may be a far away place but the navigation system helps me get there in a timely matter.

- Cindy O

It does not have the modern technology and accessories that most cars today have.

What I like about my vehicle is that it has enough room for my family. What I dislike like is that since it is so old, it requires lots of maintenance and constant repairs. It also lacks a Bluetooth speaker to connect my phone.

- Desiree R

I can say I think it has a very good safety feature with the body of the car.

My 2008 Acura mdx has bad oxygen sensor and I already replaced it. The Bluetooth is bad to overtime so I just disconnected it. Performance wise I love it, reliably I must say It's great with comfort and nice features to.

- Ronald C

Not a ton of storage space while using the third row seats.

I like the ride, features and ease of maneuverability. I don't like the storage space (practically none with the third row seats) and getting in and out of the 3rd row is nearly impossible except for small children.

- Kristin w

Acura mdx 2008 a must have.

The 2008 Acura mdx is a luxury car at an affordable price. The interior is cool and comfortable. It has different indicators that alerts you when the tire is down or you need to check the engine to mention a few.

- Anita N

You can't go wrong with purchasing this vehicle. You will love it and it will last forever.

I actually really like my vehicle. It has tons of room and is comfortable to ride in. My one complaint is I can read the gas gage because the steering wheel is in the way. Other than that - no complaints.

- Leigh G

It is a beautiful efficient car for everyday living!

I love our vehicle! It works well for our little family! It has plenty of space for traveling and it is easy to get my child in and out of! I love the luxurious interior and the attractive exterior!

- Sherri W

comfortable yet problematic

my vehicle is now 10 years old, and it has shown its age, with problems of the battery draining all of a sudden when not in use. otherwise, it has been always been a smooth ride, very comfortable.

- Patricia R

But it new, not used. If you do, expect to see crippling bills as your car approaches 100k miles.

Great performance, looks, and style. The drawback is that the maintenance is ridiculous and parts alone are more expensive compared to professional installs of similar items on non-Acura vehicles.

- Ben H

It is a decent riding car.

Leather interior not holding up to my standards. Catalytic convertor went out at 130k miles. When starting car the ignition "rumbles" when started from anywhere of 1 sec to 15 seconds.

- Lee R

Reliability and still has the engine power.

SUV is reliable. It require little maintenance aside from the required ones. Best model out if all the other years since it has the most torque and horsepower. It does that job.

- Sai V

It's not the. Fastest car you will see but it's a decent. Speed.

I currently have no problems with this car in. Fact it is not that bad but it was no running because it was old because its. Longer than 8 years. But still pretty. Cool car.

- Tommy J

Very reliable and low maintenance costs. Perfect family car

I love it because it is reliable, low maintenance. I wish the power mirrors worked consistently and that the bluetooth was not so problematic and expensive to fix

- Robin K

It does not feature a Bluetooth speaker, which could be a problem for drivers in Georgia.

I like the size, but it is very old and outdated and requires Los of maintenance. The car does not feature any Bluetooth or a smart screen like most cars today.

- Desiree R

Perfect for anyone or any style.

Drives really smoothly, nice interior, and has heated seats. High recommend this car. It is not too big or too small, perfect size for first time drivers.

- Nina F

Reliable and comfortable Acura MDX

I love how it drives like a car, but sits higher up. It is very comfortable and reliable. We don't use the third row often, but it is nice to have.

- Leslie J

High performance 2008 Acura MDX

I wanted this car for its reliability and it's third row option. It has many upgraded features like DVD player, seat warmers, GPS, and Bluetooth.

- Rhian N

Acura MDX is Super Reliable

My Acura MDX has been very reliable. It handles excellent in all climates and has no mechanical issues the entire time I've owned it.

- Amanda W

It takes premium fuel or it will not run right.

I like the trunk space. I like the 3 rows. I like the space behind the front seats for my kids' car seats. I like the heated seats.

- Brady F

The MDX is a good family car and the main reason we bought the car for our baby.

I like the fact that it is a luxury car and can carry a lot of cargo if needed. I don't like that it's not as fast as other cars.

- Phil F

The car is very heavy, so safety could be a concern for drivers.

The car is very comfortable, both for passengers and me as a driver. It is also very reliable. My only complaint is gas mileage.

- Natalie R

the car has a very user friendly navigation system and is reliable for long rides.

I have a black acura MDX. I like how smoothly the car drives and its size. It has held up well for a lot of years and miles.

- Kim R

The one most important thing about this car is how much horsepower it has.

I have a black Acura MDX. It drives very well and I like the sleek interior design. Exterior design looks sporty and flashy.

- Jessica M

Maintain and retain your Acura.

Very durable vehicle, recommend keeping up on regular maintenance and tire rotations and it will treat you well in return.

- Jodi P

It is a gas guzzler however very reliable and I haven't had any electrical issues.

Very reliable and fast unlike other vehicles in the same class plus it is sleek however it is expensive to maintain.

- Enrique M

Premium gas only, has a clunk in the front when bearings go out.

It is large enough for family and friends. I do not like that it only take premium gas which is the most expensive.

- Holly C

That it is a real dependable car.

None no major problems with my vehicle from the date of purchase. Would recommend this car to anyone.

- Lillard T

My car is in a good maintenance condition, comfortable, low mileage.

I don't have much of complaint with my car, it's just a little be old

- ling l

It is very reliable. Handles well in all weather. One negative is it does not drive as smooth as some other suvs.

It is stylish sleek but is completely dependable and reliable

- Nicole G

I feel like it's falling apart and it's not even that old. I do like the size of it. It drives like a truck.

It's good for a small family and has pretty good gas mileage.

- Jamie M

es uno de los autos más eficientes que he tenido y

por su eficiencia, comodidad y lo no muy lujoso que

- bladimir b