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Hi-Tech, comfortable, eye catching vehicle with endless uses

My Acura MDX has a third row of seating, adding up to seven seats in total. It has a navigation system, Bluetooth, and a DVD player for the rear five seats. It has what's called by Acura, Superior Handling-All Wheel Drive (SH-AWD). This feature is perfect for any outdoor activities including snow, dirt, mud, sand and absolutely perfect for rain. The over-all ride and comfort of this vehicle, for its time, is definitely a 10/10. Along with having plenty of power and torque from the transverse mounted 3.7 VTEC V6 naturally aspirated engine. The infotainment system is unbelievable easy to use and understand, despite all the overwhelming buttons and controls on the center control unit. The dash is lines with wood trim and followed by leather throughout the entire car. All five rear seats fold down leaving room the size of a twin-sized mattress.

- Kyle A

All in one SUV with great looks that hold up over time.

The reliability is fantastic no major issues and SUV has over 120000 miles. It has great performance with a 290 horsepower engine it can pick up speed quick. There is an issue with going over speed bumps quickly the SUV thinks your towing something so it activates then deactivated something with the suspension or super handling. The interior has plenty of room for your legs and feet. All leather seats that are heated (driver / front passenger seats only ). There's alternate ac / heating control unit for passengers to raise or lower ac as well as activate heater. There is plenty of cargo room for storage with the third row seating folded down. This SUV also has great bright headlights for driving at night and comes with reverse camera for backing up.

- Ruben P

2009 Acura is Still a Keeper

My 2009 Acura MDX was purchased used and has been a safe, reliable, comfortable versatile car. The back seats fold down perfectly flat to make a lot of cargo space. The front seats recline back and are even heated. It is quiet and handles very well. The AC works great. My only complaints are (1) in 2017, the GPS and Radio screen stopped working and cost a fortune to repair which is just not sensible for me to pay and (2) the far left driver side AC vent blows are very weakly and cannot be adjusted (3) the rear view mirror switch is weak and the mirrors no longer stay in place.

- Judy G

Comfortable, safe, feels like luxury.

On a comfort level the mdx is amazing. The seats are perfect and it truly feels like a luxury vehicle. It feels incredibly solid when it drives and cuts through water like butter. I have never felt so safe in a car in the rain. It delivers power to different tires as needed to keep you stable on curves and in the water. I have been disappointed in the sound system. As someone who loves to listen to loud music in their car, it is pretty distracting when the panels in the doors vibrate with the base. All in all, it is a great car.

- Caroline T

Awesome car, easy to drive, not vet tech.

Easy to drive. Not much technology. No touch screen for an acura not very upscale. I like the space it can fit seven people and still has a small trunk space. I am a small person and for the size it is easy to drive. I bought it second hand. The windows have a wired function when rolling it down I still do not understand how it works. But the cool thing is you can roll the windows down when you unlock the car with the remote key.

- Shea K

Very dependable. I have had this vehicle going on four years. Very dependable.

This mdx is Honda's version of their luxury car. Handles great. Takes curves easily without leaning to one side. The steering is solid (rack and pinion). Powerful engine. Well built so you have very little outside oil. It does not have any oil leaks anywhere on this vehicle. Plenty of space for cargo. It has five doors. Stereo system is exquisite. Air conditioning and heating system are second to none.

- Robert W

This car is so fun to drive!

The seats are very comfortable. It is easy and fun to drive. Lots of cargo space and the back seats lay down easily. Good quality sound system. I do not care for the navigation system because it is not very user friendly. The only problem what is my battery was being drained by the Bluetooth module so I had to disconnect it. Gas mileage is good. Love this car.

- Lori Z

Our car leaves us not wanting anything more. It meets all our needs.

Our mdx is always maintained properly by my husband, whether it be tires, oil changes etc. So the car is very reliable. We take a lot of road trips with no worries. Radio and CDs are great with the sound system. We love the car and it's smooth ride. Our passengers always comment on the comfort of the ride. It is definitely a luxury vehicle.

- Mary-margaret S

Perfect car - spacious - smooth ride

I absolutely love my car! It's very roomy and comfortable for me my husband and my two children. I love that it has a third row that I can pull up or lay down if I don't need it. It has tons of space to haul things and it is a very reliable car! I would definitely consider buying another one in the future!

- Michele W

The 2009 mdx is a winner!

I have had few problems with my mdx, overall. Most of the repair items have been simply because things wear out on the vehicle due to it is age. The vehicle is a great size for carrying our two dogs in the back. It also has many amenities such as navigation, 6 CD changer, heated seats, backup camera, etc.

- Marse G

Acura for accuracy & Performance.

Extremely reliable. Maintenance Free!! Good gas mileage. Good resale value. Overall a great car!! Comfortable, good performance. Always purchase Acura or BMW . Never disappointed Handles all terrain. Will purchase again. Reliability, no major issues. Resale value very good. Buy Acura.

- Paula K

There is no remote start which would make it much more friendly in the cold

I enjoy the ride, suspension and the way the vehicle has a lack of repairs, other than normal warranty work applying the gas and the car has a lot of get up and go. The handling and the ride is wonderful, comfortable and easy to handle on the one. Maintenance has been minimal.

- Kim J

It's safe, handles well and is extremely comfortable. Added perk is that there isn't any visual barriers which can be a problem for tall people.

I can see out all the windows without restrictions. It's very comfortable, even for long trips. It handles well, it feels like driving a car but has the versatility of an SUV. My only complaints is the Bluetooth and display options are a bit difficult to connect/switch between.

- Georgia H

Small compact car 5 seater

It's too small for me. I need a bigger car for my family. It also doesn't accelerate fast as other cars. Doesn't drive as smooth. Also I need more seating. And newer cars have a lot of features. My car doesn't have many features no satellite radio just basic radio.

- Emily K

I love the style of the car and how convenient it is.

I love my car’s performance. It is top notch and would want to get a newer model sometime very soon. I feel as if the car is very spacious and can fulfill everything that I do in my life, whether that is carrying other people or just carrying all of my personal items!

- Alex M

Great quality vehicle on a budget

Love my Acura MDX very reliable speed and comfort are always there. GPS system monitor needs updating but still-works fine. Wish it had better gas mileage. A great quality vehicle at a budget price. Roomy enough for a growing family or for long road trips

- Julie C

Nothing very interesting.

The vehicle is not all that bad. Given that it is an older model car, it is bound to not run as smoothly. The biggest problem with the vehicle is that it is no longer as gas efficient. A minor issue with the car is that its braking is no longer as smooth.

- Peter C

Very comfortable, safe and sturdy, yet very smooth ride! Love it!

My mdx is very reliable, great performance, having almost 170k and runs very smooth, almost like new, very sturdy and safe, very comfortable. Audio system great sound quality. Bought as new, almost 10 years later still very pleased with its performance.

- Lidia T

My car is black and the interior is tan. It is on the smaller side.

My car is pretty decent on gas but not that aesthetically pleasing compared to some of the new fancy cars out there. I wish that I got a different color for the interior of I could buy it all over again.

- Tess B

The most important thing to know about my car is that it is reliable and will last for so long.

My Acura MDX is the perfect vehicle for me because it meets all my needs. It is classy and reliable. I love that it is not too big or too small, has luxury feel, and even has awd and 4wd option!

- Sarah S

It's got both style and functionality

I like the space that it offers. It has a very comfortable ride and I haven't had to do many repairs beyond regular maintenance. I also like the interior and exterior design of the suv.

- Mary G

This car is a tank and can drive well anywhere.

I enjoy driving the Acura MDX. I like the power that it has and the great steering in ANY environment. I don't like the tiny third row or just the single access to the third row.

- Josh C

It is a very reliable vehicle.

I have had a number of Acura MDX's and thet last, with one having almost 294,000 miles and another with 167,000. They are reliable, smooth driving, and very nice vehicles.

- Kim F

It is very reliable, it is great for a long term car. If you take care of it.

I like the visibility. I like the way it drives. It is great on gas mileage. It has cool features such as rear view backup camera, leather seats, power locks and windows.

- Phil D

Acura MDX- 6 passenger with extra row. Great when you have additional passengers.

It has been a good car but we have recently experienced problems. It has 130k miles and we replaced a catalytic converter and are having additional problems.

- Erin D

Acura MDX nice suv in its class

Comfortable, excellent features, classy, feel safe n it, clean looking, nice music system that records cds so you don't have to leave them in your car.

- Chris B

It has the best AWD of any vehicle on the road. Whether you are driving in rain, snow or ice.

I drive a silver Acura MDX. I like the power and luxury of the car. I do not like the small third row or the countless button on the console.

- Josh C

It does what I need it to.

I really enjoy my vehicle. It fits all of my friends and is a great size. It has a lot of miles on it though and I would prefer a newer model.

- Olivia A

My vehicle is red and has a lot of scratches

My car has a blown head gasket, it constantly allows coolant to leak into the combustion. This has caused part of my pistons to start rusting

- Benajah P

No recalls since I have owned the car.I love how well made the car is.

I love Acuras they are dependable. well made vehicles.They last a long time. Their cars are modern, well made, cars that are enjoyable.

- gail s

I would purchase again if I needed to.

It's very comfortable. I love the seat heaters. It's rather hard to see out of it. I enjoy the sunroof. The air works great.


Safety features are number one to keep my family and myself safe.

I have only owned it for a couple of months. I love all the technology that it has. Safety features are a must!

- Alice b

My car could use an update!

It has door dings and needs a repair to the left bumper. The seats are faded and some stitching coming out.

- Mara M

It has a small third row that folds down completely.

I like the optional third row. I like the size. I do wish it had an auxiliary port or Bluetooth for music.

- Julie K

It is a reliable car that requires regular maintenance.

I love that it is a 7 seater, gets decent gas mileage. I like the built in god and reverse video option.

- Michele G

good thing overall. again, couldn't think of a better place to drive.

good drive for fun and work. this is the best thing happened to us that it has worked very reliably.

- sam s

I love that it's a 7 passenger SUV but it's not enormous in size and doesn't look bulky.

SWEET STREAMLINED LARGE SUV that is sleek looking. Runs well and maintains for a long time.

- Lauren S

When I bought it 9 years ago, it had understated elegance.

Getting older. Wish trunk was larger. Runs well. I keep up on regular maintenance.


My Acura MDX is safe and very comfortable to ride in.

It is very comfortable. My Vehicle is dependable. I love the cargo space.

- Kendall S