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How I view my 2010 Acura MDX

My car is great for someone looking for a first car and something reliable and safe. It has a decent acceleration, luxurious interior, and drives very smoothly. The sound system is astounding. The base model comes with a large subwoofer and puts out a lot of bass, if selected. The problems I have experienced include less than desirable gas mileage as well as a faulty torque converter. Additionally, my tires tend to wear unevenly and this requires an alignment to fix.

- Grant M

It's fast for a large and heavy SUV.

I like that my car has a quick acceleration, that it can seat up to 8 people, has a dvd player, is roomy. I don't like that my car is not bluetooth compatible so I can't listen to my music, it has a classic cd player without shuffle capability so I have to listen to the cds in order, and that the interior dashboard is two-toned. I love that my car hasn't had many issues, I've only needed corrective work once - everything else has been maintenance.

- Stefanie s

Acura Review multiple drivers which reset seat positions and steering height.

The vehicle is comfortable. A little large for me but it does have a third row seat which is convenient when we have multiple passengers. Driving in the snow is not as good as previous vehicles owned. It is a reliable vehicle and does have good indicators for when oil changes are needed and other service features. It also has a rear camera which is a nice feature considering the size of the vehicle it makes it easier to park, reverse, etc.

- Dolores J

Love my Acura with all the best features.

I love the features that my car has. The seats and size are very comfortable. The only issues I have experienced is the connection between my phone and the car system go out sometimes. The DVD player however has been very helpful when toting kids around. I love the moonroof, seat heaters and coolers, and the size of the cargo area in the back. The third row seating has really come in handy when we have a large car load of people.

- Jennifer M

The car is very spacious, has great leg room and the seats are comfortable.

It has good technology, it is great at driving, everything works perfectly fine, there is no problem with the engine, the only thing is that the gas wastes extremely fast and you have to put gas a lot which also comes out expensive. Overall this car is great, the goes system works wonders and the radio and Bluetooth is also zero problems.

- Sofia T

Comfortable and easy to drive.

The only downside is the timing belt/100,000 mile service. Very pricey! Love the comfort and options. Grandkids love watching movies. Drives and handles nicely. Has a lot of comfort options, I. E., heated front & back seats, I can get it serviced nobly my own mechanic and do not have to go to the dealer across town if I do not want to.

- Anita S

Safety features. airbag curtains that surrounds the car.

My SUV is roomy and very comfortable. I have made several cross country trips and no problems a all. I make sure and keep up the maintenance and Its have been a great choice in cars for me. I especially love the hard drive that is built in the car. The hard drive can hold up to 3000 CDs and I don't have to keep my CDs in the car.

- Diva J

Acura mdx: perfect for road tripping.

We have had one brake problem, a side mirror problem as well as the leather on the inside on the glove compartment wore down. They were all easy fixes. The car is very comfortable, perfect for road trips. Gas mileage is pretty good! We love the car, it is an easy drive, has a little get up and go to start but you get used to is.

- Leah J

8 years with an Acura MDX

Vehicle is very safe and reliable. I've had this vehicle for 8 years and has met my every need. Routine updates and maintenance are required to keep the vehicle in a good working order.The vehicle comfortably seats 5 people and has plenty of storage in the trunk. The back seats also lay down in case of additional storage.

- Lesleigh L

My mdx: the perfect first car.

This was my very first car, and I love it more every day! The compact yet spacious size is perfect for fitting a group of passengers but not so big that it is hard to drive, the seats are comfortable, and the car drives very smoothly. All in all, this is a very reliable car and I feel very safe and comfortable in it.

- Caroline L

Sporty and roomy at the same time!

Love how it has a third row of seating. It is stylish and fun to drive. I love the Bluetooth option and navigation. The gas mileage is not the greatest, but still not as bad as other SUVs. The sound system is great and you have the ability to record your CDs I to the hard drive in the car which is really nice.

- Jb B

I love the comfortableness of the vehicle, it is spacious.

Everything about it is great. It is a reliable car with decent mileage. The cost is low in maintenance. Would highly recommend to anyone interested in luxury vehicles. It is already 9 years old and still runs like new. Acuras are a nice step up from Hondas who run forever which is why I purchased this brand.

- Natasha W

Great car to suggest to all friends and family.

This is the best car I ever had. Great gas mileage and it goes and goes for days before I have to fill up the gas tank again. I'd suggest this car to all friends and family. The seats are very comfortable and sometimes I can take a nap in there after work if I am too tired to drive back home at that time.

- Misty S

The interior is beautiful

The car runs okay even though it is a 2010 model it gets the job done. The comfort of the seats and the space is decent, it's not too cluttered. It is a very reliable car I have had it for a couple years and it runs well. I would most definitely upgrade to a newer model of my car if I had the chance to

- hector R

It is a heavy car so keep that in mind when breaking.

I feel safe in this car, i appreciate the blind spot warning lights inside the car. The car is well made, after eight years it still runs and looks amazing. The one thing i dislike about the car is that the backseat passengers cannot listen to a different radio station than the front passengers.

- Claire M

The Acura mdx 2010, the family sports car.

Very nice and wide car. Very good for a family or if your just trying to have fun driving it around. Also, this car sounds amazing when you go to the faster speeds for a large car. The car is also very safe because it is tall and it is also convenient because you can fit 7 people in the car.

- Timothy G

Love my Acura MDX, a true family car.

My car has been extremely reliable with minimal maintenance required. It has held up well with lots of driving kids around for school and practice plus long travel trips. It is by far the most comfortable car I have owned. It's big enough to seat 7 but not to big (doesn't feel like a tank).

- Kelley M

It has a ton of space and is incredibly versatile - you can fit so much inside the vehicle

It has a really comfortable ride but is also responsive. I don't actually use the 3rd row of seats but love all of the cargo space in the back. I wish we had bought the extra tech package though because it's really annoying that my phone connects via Bluetooth for calls but not for music.

- Lea L

My Acura is as good as it�s ever going to be

It's extremely reliable, it's meant to be taking to the dealer because of all their required services the want you to do but other than that it's definitely expensive to maintain. Wish is saved more gas than advertised. I really recommend the brand but more luxury than just a commuter car

- Joshua P

Pretty great car, tricky oil sensor.

This car handles well even in bad weather. Ample trunk space, and fold down third row seat. Heated seats a plus in the winter as is the backup camera. However, something is wrong with oil sensor system. It frequently tells us the car needs oil even when that cannot possibly be the case.

- Lauren V

Fun but used thoroughly car.

The motor keeps breaking, and every few or so months the ac will break as well. The steering wheel is also tough sometimes when we need to turn both right or left. Though it has lasted us a fairly long time (we got it almost 9 years ago), my family thinks it is time for a new one.

- Crystal I

I'll always drive Acura from now on.

My mdx handles well in snow and rain. It is comfortable, luxurious, and beautiful on the inside. The electronic features are convenient. My kids love the temperature controls in the back seat. 3rd row. Roomy. The back up camera is invaluable. Gorgeous vehicle. Runs beautifully.

- Jennifer L

Luxury SUV, good for small groups.

It is a nice car, less than 10 years old so no major issues have come up. The third row of seats is on the small side. But he front two rows are very spacious. Tech feels outdated now, but that comes with any car after a few years. Lot's of trunk space, and good 4-wheel drive.

- Rishi V

Comfy and spacious - like driving a baby tank

Extremely comfortable and reliable. The only thing I don't like is the low MPG. I end up getting gas every week and a half to two weeks which gets very expensive. Really great in the mountains, again just takes a lot of gas. Very spacious and comfy - great for road trips.

- Gabby M

Get an mdx.. You'll be glad you did 200, 000 miles later!

I have honestly had no problem with this vehicle. I keep the maintenance on schedule. It has 190, 000 miles on it and it still runs great. I have had to have regular changes like tire, brakes, filters and oil but nothing major like engine trouble. I love my mdx!

- Sarah L

Acura mdx provides a smooth ride.

I have found it a safe, reliable car. With a very comfortable ride. The gas mileage is decent but not spectacular. There have been no major mechanical issues, other than the usual wear-and-tear. The technology is easy to use. It gives a good bang for the buck.

- Adam R

One interesting detail is its very spacious although it looks small.

This car is an amazing family travel car. It includes DVDs behind the front seats for the kids and great speakers for music. This car is reliable to go into snow and other harsh weathers. I believe if you need a good small family car this is the best choice.

- Lucia B

High end trim. Comfortable car. Very safe.

Great car. 4wd good handling in rain & snow. Comfortable for long trips. Good handling in city driving. Easy to park. . Good family car. Can fit 7 people and cargo easily. Great interior space. . Height is great: good visibility when driving. Safe car.

- Kun P

The speed and the big size is what I love most about it

It's just perfect. The car drives smooth, fast literally a sports car in a Jeep. It's very spacious inside and can be considered a great family car. A lot of people love big cars so I think this car is the perfect one for them. It's gas economic too.

- Johnny J

It is the smoothest and most comfortable ride for long trips!

It is very smooth to drive-no bumps and jostling on roads. I have never had any problems with it mechanically. I don't like that it takes premium gas because it's a lot more expensive to fill up and doesn't get great gas mileage.

- Jennifer H

It has all wheel drive. When one tire goes bad, all tires will need to be replaced.

Although the vehicle is 8 years old, it only has 40,000 miles on it. It has been well taken care of. It smells like a new car. I have only had it less than 2 months and at this point I don't have any complaints.

- Michael R

It is very comfortable to ride in.

The ride is very smooth. Everything on the car appears well made. I have owned it for about 3 years and the only service issue I have had is the need for an oil change and tire rotation. Great, well made car.

- Lori G

It has a very smooth ride and cools down or heats up quickly!

The vehicle is very comfortable to ride in. It is very spacious and has adequate cargo room. It has also kept it's value well. The dealership has been great to work with when taking it in for upkeep!

- Kristi M

Ideal family vehicle, perfect for going on long drives.

Has been performing well. Never had any major issues in the past 8 years since I bought it. The entire family finds it very comfortable and we have gone on multiple cross country drives in it.

- Monica K

Third row giving great extra space.

The only con I have, is that the gas is horrible. I love the navigation system. I love the Bluetooth and choice of fm/am as well as xm radio. It has a third row seat, with plenty of space.

- Aide S

Make sure to maintain it, as with any car.

Drives nicely. I enjoy the GPS system. Good sound system. Lasts a very long time due to it being a Honda. Also means the repairs are not as expensive as European cars.

- Holly E

The 2010 Acura MDX has super performance and has handling while having all the space and comfort of a full size SUV.

I love the looks and style both inside and out. The performance is great! The overall quality of the vehicle is top notch. I wish the car got better gas mileage.

- Chris W

It is big and can be hard to park.

I love that it is an SUV and it is incredibly safe and can carry a lot of materials. My dog, my boyfriend and I can all fit and we can even fit more materials.

- Sabrina S

Reliable sporty Acura MDX

Reliable and affordable lasts a long time as long as you keep up the maintenance. Comfortable and easy accessibility. Cargo holds quite a bit of large items.

- Georgia B

My car is nice. I changed it so that the seats are leather. Love it!

This car takes me to work and back! I love my car because it is very reliable. I can always depend on my car. Even if it is an old car, I love it very much.

- Ayah H

good and super amazing. I love it so much

my vehicle is really great. I have no problem if it at all. it's been my most favorite car. I have never encounter any problems of it at all.

- anne C

Very convenient for the whole family.

It was great. I love the fact that most of the features I needed was in my car. Back up camera and navigation was satisfying. I love it.

- Grace S

Comfortable ride and great options.

Very comfortable seats and the heated seats. Love the backup camera... Dislike low mpg and very sensitive to tire pressure changed..

- Mae M

My Acura is a very reliable car and very spacious inside.

I am very satisfied with my Acura. Good performance, spacious, nice looking interior and exterior. Wish it has more horsepower.

- Nora B

durable and can last many years and trusted it will make life easy and save money

i love the vehicle i use comfortable,performance ,reliable and durable that will last for many many years so i love this

- grace c

It is easy to handle especially on curves and highways.

I like the exterior styling and the engine power. I also like the all wheel drive capability. I dislike the gas mileage.

- Melanie G

Quality car that's dependable, functional, and comfortable

Good quality car! It's lasted a long time. Maintenance is inexpensive. I wish it didn't require Premium Gas. Good value.

- James L

Ultimate Luxury and comfort Well worth the price!

The Acura Is very reliable. The ACURA is very comfortable We absolutely love it The investment was very Worth it.


It is dependable and runs well.

My MDX has been a great family vehicle. I love having the 3rd row. I wish mine had captain chairs for the middle row.

- Steph F

Only premium fuel is allowed. So the cost of fuel is quite expensive.

I like the performance and style. Also Acura MDX is reliable. Customer service is good. The quality of the car is good.

- Hae K

Does not have a backup camera or back up sensors. Which I would like to be on newer models

this car is great for a family car. It has a lot of room. Gets pretty good gas mileage. Is a safe and reliable car.

- Megan M

Very reliable good on gas always there for me.

It's Acura mdx and I love it. It's more than car its like my best friend always reliable and always there for me.

- A L

Great ride and space for everyone.

Nothing. I love it. It is the best car I have ever opened. It rises great and looks great. It has plenty of room.

- Mary S

I had great safety feature incase of a crash and will be a great car for my son.

I like how high it sits. I like the 3rd row. I like the seats and the heat feature. I wish it had cool features.

- Victoria J

Acura MDX is a very reliable family car.

This is my second MDX that I have owned back to back. This has been a very reliable car, no problems at all.

- Jan L

Great vehicle, awesome in winter.

Fits 7 passengers, spacious back area, reliable, easy to drive all of this makes me pleased with the vehicle.

- Beth Ann G

Low cost of usage i.E.. Fuel mileage. Handles well in snow and ice conditions.

The mdx has a powerful engine with good handling. It is comfortable, and reliable, but expensive to repair.

- Scott H

Efficient and easy care. Basic maintenance with oil change and inspection.

Sporty and has a good look to it. Seats seven when needed other can use for work items.. No complaints..

- Margaret L

Sunroof Bluetooth GPS 4 wheel drive.

It is very efficient. Has lots of room. Very reliable good gas mileage. Bluetooth. GPS. 4 wheel drive.

- Angelina E

It' a good dependable vehicle. It gets decent gas mileage to drive to and from work.

It gets pretty good gas mileage. It drives really good. It plenty room. I have no complains.

- Sharon P

engines, color, cds changer, navigation, autos WD,

I like it because it's nice, cozy, cool. There is nothing I don't like about the car

- Sandra S

Motor need be very nice and strong,and drink less gasoline

Is veri nice,look nice,run very good I'm no like thing as drink much gasoline

- Lino B

It is reliable and classy. The 7 passenger seating is very convenient.

Like the reliability. I only wish the armrest was made of better quality.

- Dan S

its low cost and fast. It gets me from point a to b

its sexy and cool. It's a good quality car that saves on gas

- greg b

Its awesome i love. My car i would definitely recommend it to anyone who was looking for a car

I love my car and i would definitely recommend it to others

- Leissa L

it is a cool car, drives well. but find it takes up too much gas and always requires premium, so it is bad for the wallet.

it is reliable. have not have many issues with the car.

- stub h