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technology and luxury of a high class vehicle, but not the high class price tag.

2013 Acura MDX Tech/Entertainment Pkg

I've only had my MDX for a little over a year, but I absolutely love it! It's the most reliable and comfortable vehicle I've ever owned. I have no worries about the safety of myself or any of my passengers. One of my favorite features is how securely I can install my daughters car seat. It anchors directly into the backseat and holds it in place better than just having a seatbelt would. The entertainment package is very nice. The backseat passengers can watch a movie and listen through headphones while I listen to music up front while driving. It also has memory settings for the driver's seat and steering wheel. My only real negative with the MDX is the third row seating is very small. Basically, if you're over four feet tall, you're not going to fit. The only problem I've ever had with it was a mechanical issue that the dealer took care of very quickly. I would highly recommend the MDX for anyone looking for a good looking comfortable SUV.

- Kelly L

Md great luxury vehicle I would purchase again!

2013 Acura MDX

I absolutely love my Acura mdx. It is comfortable to drive and the middle seat and back seat also ride well. I have had no problems with this vehicle since I have owned it the last three years. The model I have had a 6 disk changer and auxiliary port. The only thing lacking is a USB but I am sure new models now have this. My vehicle also has a sunroof which I use often and love that feature. I have leather and heated seats but not cooling seats. One of the best features depending on where you live is the defrost for side mirrors. I also, have a remote start.

- Sarah M

Acura mdx, a versatile vehicle for whatever you need it for.

2013 Acura MDX Base

This SUV crossover is easy to drive. I bought it to handle winter weather and deal with a lot of snow. It is stable in bad weather and I like that it has a s drive where you can manually shift gears giving more control in bad conditions. It is also a luxury vehicle with leather heated seats and CD player as well as Sirius radio. I have been very satisfied with this vehicle and would definitely purchase another Acura.

- Grace A

I do not pass one in Acura mdx. With a sleek design, nice exterior and affordable.

2013 Acura MDX

I love this vehicle. It has good gas mileage. My vehicle also drives smoothly and as long as you keep up with the maintenance it is a great vehicle. Receipts the interior and the exterior are still in great shape my car still looks new. I also love the fact that it has built-in USB ports for me to charge my phone satellite radio included and also a mechanism where I can talk hands-free.

- Aly Y

Great handling, doesn't feel like a truck

2013 Acura MDX Tech/Entertainment Pkg

Very reliable and comfortable ride. Handles well, but guzzles gas, and requires premium, which ends up costing more. Sound is nice, Bluetooth works week. I like the gps system, easier than my phone maps. The seats are comfortable, but I am a little short for the bucket seats and I don't like where the headrest hits me, pushes my head forward.

- Joanna D

Md is amazing for family trips!

2013 Acura MDX

We bought an Acura mdx because we needed more room for family trips. There is plenty of leg space in the 2nd row and the seats can comfortably fit 3. The kids love the seat warmers in the second row too. There is a 3rd row that is very convenient when transporting the kids’ friends. There is very little trunk space when the 3rd row is being used.

- Jason W

Changes needed for a Acura MDX

2013 Acura MDX Tech/Entertainment Pkg

there is Not enough leg room in the back seats and not a smooth ride for whoever's riding in the back seat. The third row would only allow for a child to sit back in it. Would be more useful as storage space. It would be nice if the GPS updated itself automatically. Awesome third row access to exiting the car is a challenge.

- Melinda S

My Acura MDX is very reliable, efficient, spacious and comfortable.

2013 Acura MDX

My Acura is a very fuel efficient and reliable car. Cruising down the toad in my Acura is always a great experience. It is also very spacious allowing my children and family members to travel to theme parks and other outings. Overall, I love this car and would love to upgrade it to a fully loaded newer version in the future.

- Jutlande J

It is luxurious vehicle that has lots of fun and practical features

2013 Acura MDX Advance Pkg

I love my car! It drives super well, gets great gas mileage, and it is very luxurious! It has a DVD player for the kids in the back and I can control it from the from. The Cruise control works great too! It is reliable and it has controls that tell when I need an oil change so no more ugly stickers on the windshield.

- Hilary S

Acura mdx for shorties - an amazing review.

2013 Acura MDX

I find no technical problems with my vehicle other than the difficulty to adjust the seats. But some people short like me may not love this vehicle due to the higher seats and the further pedals but I have grown into it making me love my car. Hope you find this very helpful because I think it should be.

- Daniel L

A beautiful ride, drive in comfort

2013 Acura MDX Tech Pkg

I have really had no issues. I love the car, it's reliable. Besides replacing battery, it has not broken down. It drives beautifully. It is very spacious in the front and back and I love the 3rd row option. The trunk is spacious and when we need to travel or pick up big items, it is ideal

- Ann O

My interest was to purchase a luxury vehicle.

2013 Acura MDX Tech/Entertainment Pkg

I love my vehicle, no complaints. Very comfortable and rides smooth. Love the interior and it has plenty of room along with 3rd row seating. I also love the color it's like a darkish grayish blue graphite. My car is a 2013, but it still looks brand new even though it's an older model.

- Tracy J

Acura mdx is a fabulous luxury vehicle that is also practical.

2013 Acura MDX

My mdx is totally reliable. It requires minimal upkeep. It looks great and is fun to drive. It is really comfortable for my family of four. It is my second mdx, my first one I drove for 12 years and it had over 200, 000 miles on it, with no problems. I highly recommend the Acura mdx.

- Pamela B

It's the right amount of space for any family and is versatile

2013 Acura MDX

I like how much room the interior has and what I can do with it. It's big enough but not overbearing like a truck. The only things I don't like about it is that the back doors stay locked when you get out of the car. Also, the nav system always need upgraded

- Melissa M

Love the leather on the seats, dual comfort zone and the seat warmers.

2013 Acura MDX Tech Pkg

Love the smooth ride my car provides. Also, the power of my car is amazing in sports mode. The best thing about the car is the size and how many people can fit in the car. My car is the perfect carpool vehicle. The seats are amazing and comfortable. Love it.

- Pang K

Satisfied and good overall purchase

2013 Acura MDX Tech/Entertainment Pkg

Very reliable and safe, easy to drive, utilizes less gas more mileage, interiors comfortable and great air conditioning love the heated seats and decent third row seats, transmissions problem vibrations when driving on medium speed of 35-40 miles per hour.

- Sam W

Driving an Acura mdx: pros and cons.

2013 Acura MDX

I used to have Honda pilot and it never had problems/hesitated going up hills. The Acura mdx is sluggish getting up local hills and it is very frustrating. On the contrary, rising on highways is very smooth and you can lose track of how fast you are going.

- Carole A

Its nearly paid off and gets good gas mileage.

2013 Acura MDX

I love the sky blue color of my vehicle. My vehicle is very spacious so I can drive around my alpacas. My dislike of my vehicle it only gets 16 to the gallon. My vehicle with very crappy tires and a rack on the top for my canoe.

- Olivia C

I love the screen for the radio/phone

2013 Acura MDX

I feel like Acura is super reliable. I love that it keeps me up to date on my maintenance and the guys in Warwick are phenomenal. easy to install my car seats and comfortable, looks good, drives great. I love the features

- Samantha J

I love driving my Acura MDX

2013 Acura MDX

I love my acura mdx. It handles easily. I fell sade with the all wheel drive in snow and ice. It has heated and air conditioned seats. The back hatch can open from the key fob which is nice when you have groceries.

- Sheryl H

The perfect family vehicle.

2013 Acura MDX

I have had zero issues with this vehicle. The space is perfect for our family-I love that we can use the third row when necessary. It is big enough, but not too big. For me it is aesthetically ideal.

- Cristina D

MDX: for city and country

2013 Acura MDX

My MDX has great fuel efficiency and storage capacity. It handles rough winter weather (heavy snows) easily. However, due to Its large size, the car can be difficult to parallel park.

- Lauren B

That it is a very reliable vehicle and is dependable.

2013 Acura MDX

My vehicle is a fun vehicle to drive. It's great on gas and is very dependable. The material that it's made of is good and hasn't been a problem for me since I had it for 3 years.

- Kevin H

It is a very reliable car that looks as good as it drives.

2013 Acura MDX

I like it because it has a very smooth ride.. I love how quiet the ride is.. It is by far the easiest car to drive that I have owned.. If Acura made a pickup I would buy it too..

- Valerie B

2013 Acura mdx highway vs local roads.

2013 Acura MDX

Great driving on highway, at high speeds it rides smoothly and evenly. Driving locally - going up hills, it can be sluggish and hesitates. Big disappointment to me.

- Carole S

Perfect for a family of 4 people. Can accommodate upto 6 comfortably.

2013 Acura MDX

I love my MDX. Love how it fits all the members of my family. There is plenty of leg room and plenty of cargo room. I wish it were environmentally friendly too.

- Poornima C

The Acura has great handling and is high in safety ratings.

2013 Acura MDX

I love my Acura because it is sporty and yet I can fit 7 people in it. It moves quickly. It is a very safe vehicle. I think it looks sharp too.

- Tiffany C

Reliable and dependable with very low maintenance costs involved.

2013 Acura MDX

This is one of the most reliable Acura I have owned. My daughter had convinced me to purchase one and I am so happy with the decision.

- Sharron B

Comfortable and such a smooth riding to drive.

2013 Acura MDX

Love how smooth it drives. Comfortable seating. Has a lot of features. Nice looking body. Do not like how it eats up gas quickly.

- Rose D

It is a very comfortable car

2013 Acura MDX

I like it. I bought it about two years ago. There a few minor changes i would make. But in all i am looking to buy the 2018

- alfredo H

The motor is really good and it response good.

2013 Acura MDX

It has plenty of room for my whole family.It is good for long trips. I just don't like that it eats lots of gas

- Alejandro G

it wonderful all around. You will not regret buying this car.

2013 Acura MDX

I love this car. From the seating capacity to the tech it has. Guess the only downfall is the mileage it gets.

- Marlene p

It drives great in the snow, gives you more control.

2013 Acura MDX

it's the perfect size. not too big, not too small. its comfortable and safe, and drives great in the snow.

- Tanya P

It is very reliable. I have not had major issues with it.

2013 Acura MDX

I love the ride, I have not had major problems. It fits my family well. Love the third row.

- Lisa M

It is a perfect fit for me.

2013 Acura MDX

It is a perfect vehicle for me. Quality engineering and a fun drive. It is safe and stylish.

- Eric W

Love the versatility. Great car for families and traveling.

2013 Acura MDX

I love it! Love the style and space. It's a great car for my kids too.

- Abby W

It's reliable. It's fast. I love driving it around.

2013 Acura MDX

My mdx is reliable, clean and fast. I love it. Will keep driving it.

- Fernando M

This car is everything you need. It is sleek and practical for growing families.

2013 Acura MDX

No complaints. It's storage is great. Gas mileage could be better.

- Joseph S

It's reliable and fun to drive

2013 Acura MDX

I like everything about my car, it's reliable and roomy

- Amy H

The car has a nice aesthetic design. I enjoy the fabric of the seats, and the option to use Bluetooth.

2013 Acura MDX

I don't like the mileage, but nothing else bothers me.

- Josh E

It's good and It's good and It's good

2013 Acura MDX

ireef nice and good and i like it and It's good

- Norman C