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The perfect family friendly SUV

The Acura MDX with advance entertainment package is a great vehicle. It makes having luxury upgrades affordable. Acura's are known for their low maintenance and long drive life. The wide DVD screen with wireless headphones are perfect for entertaining kids. Those sitting in the back seats can watch a movie or play games listening with the headsets while those without the headphones can enjoy the radio simultaneously. The car has Bluetooth phone connections as well as voice call functionality, creating safe, hands free phone usage. Along with the entertainment features, the car drives smoothly. It has blind spot alerts, seat warmers/cooling features, and a rear camera.

- Christine L

Acura mdx is a luxury vehicle but tough enough to withstand 2 kids and a dog!

No problems. It is an SUV with a huge trunk but the cockpit makes you feel like you are in a luxury sedan. It performs well and is never in the shop. Just oil changes for maintenance. It rides very smoothly at high speeds on the freeway and this car has all the bells and whistles. . . Rearview camera, DVD player, premium sound system, safety features (notifies you if there is a car in your blind spot, if you are drifting out of your lane, if you are too close to the car in front of you etc. ).

- Joanna D

Best car I've ever owned!

My 2015 Acura MDX has been very reliable, and by far the best car I've ever owned. It seats 7 people comfortably with plenty of extra space. Everything is touch screen and so easy to use. The navigation is so handy, so you never have to worry about being lost. Great sound system! Airbags are all around you, which was a huge factor in buying this vehicle for the safety of my family. It drives like a dream and the seats hug you in a very comfortable way.

- Jessie J

The 2015 Acura mdx on the road assistance.

He 2015 Acura mdx is a three-row crossover with seating for up to seven passengers and is available in front- or all-wheel-drive configurations. Its only engine is a 3.5-liter v-6 rated at 290 hp and 267 lb-ft of torque paired to six-speed automatic transmission. Offers great mileage on gas. The braking system is awesome warning if you are too close to a vehicle or if one is approaching.

- Tina M

4/5 Stars: Drives well but I'm nitpicking

Vehicle drives well. Sometimes the Bluetooth does not work and I have to restart the car. The backup camera helps when trying to park in smaller spaces. I love the blind spot warnings as they really help when I'm trying to change lanes. The seat position does change every time I turn the car off and I have to keep fixing that even though it was set

- Melissa H

Accurate, performance, sleek, and fast.

I like it is performance, very good control when driving in the rain. Leather seats and keyless feature of unlocking door. If has a 3rd row seats for little kids. It features bluetooth capabilities and has shift paddles. The car is made for driving uphill and it is an all wheel drive model. The price I bought it for was fair.

- Cathy S

I am very glad I chose it. Inside and out it reflects me as a person. I would highly recommend it for sure.

I love it. The drive is smooth and not noisy. It fits me I picked the color I wanted. There is enough room for my needs and gives me freedom.I haven't had any major problems with it and I maintain it well. I do worry should there be a major problem it will cost a lot not like when I was a kid and my dad could fix anything.

- frances l

Big and spacious and comfortable cannot not buy it or recommend it.

It is drives so smoothly and comfortable love it and recommend it to anyone who is looking for spacious family car they do not give you any trouble maintained wise. Parts are not expensive. I have had an old Acura before and it lasted me forever without giving me any kind of problems just the normal wear and rare.

- Kayla F

Acura: dependable, pleasing ride, comfortable, great drive.

Love the comfort of my Acura mdx. It is easy to get in and out of the vehicle especially if you are not very mobile. The quality is superb. I test drove many high-end vehicles that could not compare to the Acura. I had no intention of getting an Acura, but as soon as I test drove it, I knew it was the car for me.

- Lisa C

Super comfortable and spacious!

The Acura MDX is very comfortable, good on gas, and rides very smooth. I like the beautiful pearl color and chrome wheels. It has a very spacious backseat, and third row is available. I have had this car for 3 years and have not had and difficulties with it. There is plenty of room for my two children also.

- Rebecca J

2nd mdx - tons of comfort continues!

I can drive from CT to NC without my back starting to hurt or anything else, the seats are incredibly comfortable. Ease of use when driving regarding the radio/nav. I haven't had any maintenance issues other than standard tune-ups. This is my second mdx and I will be buying again when the time comes.

- Cassandra P

Luxurious, comfortable, flexible travel.

Comfortable, luxurious, great technical amenities, safe, drives well, large enough. It does not have enough cup holders. Great climate control, flexibility for cargo and passengers. Proud of the brand. Decent gas mileage. I love the heated seats. The GPS and audio commands are hard to use.

- Caroline K

Acura mdx is a very good vehicle for a fairly large family.

It drives well in snow, has shift paddles, AWD, very reliable, great for going off track. I have not encountered any problems with the vehicle. The Audio system is touch screen and sometimes slow. It has CD player and great cabin room. The vehicle has a second row and third row seating as well.

- Cay S

The heated and cooled seats are amazing.

Love the heated and cooled seats and backup camera. There are many electronic functions that I do not use and would probably make the vehicle more enjoyable to drive if I took the time to learn about them. I have not had maintenance issues yet, but I have heard repair prices are reasonable.

- Sally P

Kid, travel, & shopping friendly car!

The MDX has been very reliable. I love the additional seating (3 in the middle, 2 in the back). We have 2 kids and we can have both kids in car seat and booster combo in the 2nd row, or one booster in the 3rd row. I love the storage in the back. The chairs are very easy to fold down.

- Jo Y

Black, SUV, super comfrey automobile.

No real problems. It's actually been very reliable. I think I am just ready for a change. I've had this car for a while now and so I am kind of ready to purchase a new one. But I always like to stay with Acura. I always suggest this car company to family and friends.

- Kristin T

Amazing family car - Acura mdx.

I love my car - great luxury for the price. It fits our family of three plus the family dog perfectly. It feels save and handle well in the snow. It is something I hope to own for years to come. I would definitely recommend this car to anyone shopping for a new car.

- Andrea R

It drives smooth and has a lot of safety features that no other SUV can promise.

No problems with this vehicle I love it I'd recommend this vehicle to anyone that is looking for a reliable SUV its great on gas miles. Better than most other mid-size SUV. I would recommend to get the fully loaded version. Not there is any issues with a base line.

- Michael S

The best in its class. Extraordinary!

It drives good. It is faithful. Great on gas mileage. Durable and tough. It has great quality. It is top of the line on its class. I would recommend my mdx to anyone who wants a quality vehicle. It will last you a lifetime. Please consider purchasing this vehicle.

- Ashley T

Acura mdx 2015 vehicle review.

Vehicle is comfortable and hardly need repairs..I've own Acura before and that's why I am staying with the brand..Fuel economy is good. Good both in the city and highway..The ride is smooth and had no problem in snow esp its front wheel drive. Really good SUV.

- ray C

Dependable, roomy car ideal for families!

Not great mileage. Smooth ride. Very roomy. Very dependable and few problems, but you must be vigilant in maintaining it. Has some nice pickup on it as well. Excellent for moving stuff as the rear seats come down to provide a lot of room. Great for families.

- Rob C

Automatic drive mode and blind spot indication.

Auto drive is the best feature. Good judgment when on auto pilot, blind spot sensors, rear view camera, entertainment system, all wheel. Drive. Drives very smoothly and super quiet when driving and good resale value. 7 seaters. Ample amount to trunk space.

- Rima B

That it is safe in any condition for better control on hills with ice and snow. And safer for all passengers for exit of car in accident

I love my vehicle because it has extra features like the VSA which puts power to either side of the tires to allow for better control and so the car does not flip over. Plus it has seatbelts release in case of accident to allow removal of car.

- Ashley G

It's stylish, peppy and reasonably good on fuel consumption. Our car is almost 4 years old and competes well in looks with newer styles.

I like everything about it except for the radio volume control which is difficult to maneuver from the passenger seat. The dash storage area is too small, but manageable. I love the backup camera. Overall very satisfied with the car.

- pamela H

It has a lot of technology that can sometimes be difficult to use especially when you are driving.

It's pretty basic in terms of how it looks. I don't like that it has a lot of technology that I fear one day will disable the entire car. Sometimes it seems like there's a jerk in the transmission. I like how roomy it is.

- Miranda B

My car is so awesome. My car is so awesome. My car is so awesome. My car is so awes.

My car is so awesome. My car is so awesome. My car is so awesome. My car is so awesome. My car is so awesome. My car is so awesome. My car is so awesome. My car is so awesome. My car is so awesome. My car is so awesome.

- Jason T

Acura is amazing. Their quality is above all others.

Squeak sound is annoying but mechanics claim no issues. Love the comfort and features that the car offers. Gas mileage approximately 20 which is fine the premium is pricey for that but overall love the car.

- Robert J

I got the tech package and I love having the TVs in the back headrests for kids.

I never considered an Acura before but once I test drove one, I was sold. They're incredibly reliable cars and drive so smoothly. I will say that I am not the biggest fan of the service costs.

- Hannah R

The navigation system is outstanding. The stereo system is amazing.

I love my mdx. I owned a 2006 mdx and when it came time for a newer car I went with another mdx. They are well built and driver friendly. This car is reliable and very easy to drive.

- Cynthia M

Excellent vehicle with excellent engine performance.

I really like the sleek and attractive exterior design of the vehicle. I also like the engine performance and it handling. The interior design is nicely designed with a modern look.

- Holly Y

There are not nearly enough cup holders, especially in the back seat.

I like the luxury feel of my vehicle. I wish that the seats we more comfortable and that the engine had a bit more power. My keyless entry works intermittently.

- Kelley C

It eats a lot of gas local driving but on the highway it is great.

Gas guzzler but very nice drive and comfortable inside. Very smooth on the open highway. It has a lot of features in the inside that makes it very entertaining.

- Charles M

The Acura takes expensive gas and seats 7 people. It has special jewel lights that make driving at night easier.

I like how smooth the ride is and the jewel lights on the car. It is comfortable and roomy but smaller than a minivan. I do not like that it needs premium gas.

- Heather F

It's a very smart vehicle it rides very smoothly it is a very comfortable ride and I would highly recommend it

I love this suv it tells you when your coming out of your lane it tells you when to break it tells you when cars are behind you I love this car it's amazing.

- Keri C

Awesome mom car that is NOT a minivan. Decent cargo room even with 3rd row in use

I like the extra features such as the traffic information. I like the third row that allows room for 3 kids in car seats and that it is not a minivan

- Robin O

It was the top-rated SUV for safety at the time that we purchased it.

It is 3.5 years old, and still performing really well without any issues. Comfort and electronic features are great. 3rd row is easy to access.

- lin r

It's a great deal! The value is awesome.

I love the size of an all wheel drive 7 seater. The gas mileage is what I would expect on something this size and the features are great.

- Dave W

beautiful on the inside and out

Excellent interior space and cargo, luxurious, smooth handling, smooth ride, decent power. Only dislike is perhaps improved gas mileage.

- John S

Very comfortable and stylish ride, Handles awesome!

Controls not user friendly. Radio turns off when you turn your car off . Very comfortable ride and has 2rd row seating . Drives great

- Sue R

It is important to keep up the maintenance on the car.

No complaints. Just the right size for me. It handles well and good on gas. I wish the console was a little wider but it will do.

- Lillian L

Does not get great gas mileage and takes premium fuel.

Car handles well and has a smooth ride. Seats 7 when I need it and can haul all my stuff. Acceleration and luxury in one package.

- Mark J

Reliable car with comfortable interior.

Car has been reliable with no problems/ hope to continue with this car for many years. Very comfortable and a good sound system.

- Colleen F

it is good value. decent mileage. not expensive to maintain.

it is a very comfortable car. it makes me feel safe when i drive it and makes me happy. very reliable. no big problem.

- thuan c

The quality is the best. It will last for years, with low maintenance.

Love the space and quality. I love how it drives, low maintenance. Gas mileage is amazing, especially for a commuter car.

- Kris M

Good for family good for travel bad for gas good protection

I love my car great for my family had it for a long time I got into a bad crash and although my car was totaled I was ok

- Keyanna H

It is reliable and fast and it has good mileage.

What I like is it is fast. I also like the gas mileage. I dislike the year it was made. I also dislike the model type.

- Milton W

I like the details and technical features

It is a very comfortable car for me. It does good on gas mileage for my long commute. I liked the technical features.

- Patty S

I got it for its function. And it's fun to drive.

I love the blind spot indicator and how stylish it is. I don't like that it takes premium gas or that it's all black

- Ann S

The quality is truly amazing. For the money I believe that is the best quality car on the road.

The car is very comfortable. It handles very well in snow and other slippery conditions. It is also very stylish.

- jasmine m

Its quality made and reliable.

Love the third row seating. The gas mileage could be better but I wouldn't expect better with the size of vehicle.

- Colette D

Everyone should know that this car is a good car for driving a lot.

It is a reliable car, even through multiple accidents it works perfectly. It feels great to drive, really smooth.

- John P

Dependability. Safety rating is outstanding. Music system is amazing.

Interior, navigation, music. Color, handling, lack of road noise. Speaker system. Leather seats. Heated seats.

- Melinda F

The Acura MDX is a dependable and luxurious vehicle.

I like that it is a luxury brand. I like the bells & whistles. I really liked that 2nd row has 2 positions.

- Gaby a

Very good price if you ask me.

It is a normal car and whoever wants to buy it buy it. It's a great buy if you tell me. The price is good.

- Hart N

Seats 7 passengers, has gps.

I love everything about my car, the exterior, the interior, the power, the style, the details and gadgets.

- Samantha T

I love my Pearl Cherry Acura!

I love my Acura. The 4wd really helps with peace of mind. Good gas mileage and I've never had any issues.

- Becca C

Nothing? So far it's been a good car for us. Very comfortable.

Has enough room for our needs and is easy to install car seats. I dislike that it take expensive gas.

- Emily M

it is reliable and can be counted on to do what it does to get me where i want to go

my life is good. my children are successful and healthy. i cannot ask for more. i am a lucky man

- larry c

The most important thing my car offers is great safety and 7 seAts.

I love the 7 seAts. The luxury that Acura offers is amazing. I also love how easily it cleans up

- Corissa H

I drive my car often and enjoy driving. It is good.

I like this car. Would recommend it to everyone. May answer questions related to it if needed.

- Ig A

It has all wheel drive that keeps me safe.

I like the car. It has a good quality surround system. It also gets good gas mileage.

- Matthew W

Back up camera and the overall technology in the car.

It's really clean and the car is new. Not only that but it's super fast and smooth.

- Hason C

My SUV is pretty reliable and is very fun to drive. It has a lot of features that are now just being added to regular cars like lane avoidance, backup camera, and some other advanced features. The only thing I don't like is the towing for boat where the body is not long or heavy enough that it could be tricky when stopping suddenly. Otherwise no complaints.

It's a luxury Honda that cost just a little more than regular a regular honda.

- Robert C

it's comfortable to drive, not that great on gas. it's a smooth drive

it drives smoothly and with ease, it's comfortable, dislike the trunk space

- Lyn M

It's very safe and reliable

One of the fuses keeps blowing and they can't figure out what's shorting it

- Mara H

The car has great power and comfort but the navigation system is not good enough

The car is comfy with great assist tools. The size is fit my family needs.

- Katy C

This is my 2nd MDX, I had the first one for 10 years. I find it to be very comfortable and easy to drive. I don't care for the navigation system or the size of the cup holders...I wish it had one big, one small or very adjustable. I also wish it had apple AirPlay. I guess my one other complaint is that the air cooled seats don't work as well as the seats in my friend's car. Really though, i love pretty much everything about my car and I'm not really into cars, just my MDX.

That it's a reliable and very comfortable car that is also a great size.

- Cari W

It is a good car and it's very good for the people that need it.

It is a pretty good car. It is mostly positive and works perfectly.

- Juan S

It's a safe SUV to drive It's a family car. I love take road trips in it.

I like: the navigation system the three row seats the smooth drive

- Kimberly B

nothing specific; nothing specific; performance and safety

performance and safety, drivability and comfortable ride

- e k

It gets me a lot of compliments.

I love my car. It is very stylish, and helps my image.

- Jeff E

I like my SUV and I like that it fits my style because it's the perfect size for me.

It is a hybrid vehicle and it is a great gas saver.

- Tamia C

that it drives place to place

not much i see that i know. Ok i see this ok

- jason s

best vehicles and cars on the roads

better vehicles than most. i love this cars

- jeff t