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Be sure you really want a full size SUV, it is larger then you may expect.

The 2017 Acura MDX is spacious luxury at an affordable price! It has plenty of space seating up to 7 (5 comfortably, 3rd row more suited for children or shorter people). It drives smoothly, quietly, and comfortably, however its a heavy car so don't expect fantastic mpg. One of the best feature is the ability to change driving mode from standard, to comfort or sports mode. Sports mode is very noticeable and makes the drive feel much more responsive but at the cost of more fuel. Safety features are excellent and matches the competition within it is class. Areas for improvement though would be to update the cabins facade and infomat system. Infomat system is terribly slow and confusing.

- Felix W

Every "bell & whistle" you would ever want!!

Very comfortable to drive and to ride as a passenger. USB and AUX ports in the front and both rear seats. Back seat has independent ac & heat controls. The seats have heat & cooling options. It has a heated steering wheel. The console in front seat is huge. There is a huge center console between the middle seats as well. The middle and rear seats fold completely flat for hauling large cargo. The rear seats have headrests that lower to provide clear view from the front. Nice car!!

- Fran J

The quality of this vehicle is the best.

Have owned Acura's for years and love the reliability of them. The MDX has a lot of bells and whistles that make driving comfortable. Love the heated/cooled seats, especially the cooled seats as I live in Florida. The handling and turning of this vehicle is awesome. The only thing I don't really care for is where the wiper control is located. You can't really see it and have to look around the steering wheel to see it, which is awkward when driving.

- Sandi K

The car is very reliable and great on gas. Seats are controlled by a push of a button. Very easy to work with for a technology car.

I own a black Acura MDX. I have the technology package which allows me to have access to oncall and many special features. Power driver seat. Rear Seats. Folding with storage center armrest. 4 one-touch power windows. Instrumentation. Clock. Convenience. Adaptive cruise control. Comfort. Sun sensor and sunroof. Cameras in front and in back of car. Heated seats for comfort. Very comfortable and safe vehicle.

- Melanie B

It is very comfortable to drive. Any length trip will be easy & luxurious in it.

I love the center dash and how easy it is to control it from the steering wheel. The heated seats in the front and back, along with the heated steering wheel are my favorite! I dislike the automatic braking system, if I am turning a corner in my lane and there is another car coming in their lane, the car brakes and alarms despite the lack of a hazard. The car thinks I am driving into someone.

- Ferris C

It is a large, very safe, vehicle that can hold a lot of people or stuff, but it drives like any standard automobile.

It is very comfortable and I feel very safe driving it because of the many safety features. I like that it is high tech, but still has a lot of analog (i.e. buttons and knobs) functions which makes me feel like if something does break the car will still be functional. I do wish the trunk space area was a little higher so it could accommodate more packing.

- Deb D

Love my Acura mdx. Smooth ride and comfortable.

I love my Acura mdx. There are a few things I feel Acura could improve. The transmission can be clunky during shifts at times and there is a loud wind noise when you reach highway speeds. I feel the dash and computer systems are bit confusing and not as user friendly as some other basic systems. But I think that part is more personal preference.

- Ashley M

Vehicle has a feature where it keeps you in your own lane and you cannot swerve.

I love that my SUV has lane assist feature on it and it also breaks on its on if the driver is not able to break on time and my husband has experienced this before with my sons in the SUV and mdx had to break itself to avoid a collision. So the safety features in this SUV are wonderful. Also Acura’s are dependable cars.

- Sabina K

The MDX is a very comfortable care to ride and drive in especially on long trips.

I like having a navigation system, blind spot indicator, voice control, leather seats, heated seats - pretty much all the bells and whistles on the upgraded model. I dislike that the bluetooth system is quirky and doesn't work all the time and putting in a destination for the nav system takes too long and is cumbersome.

- Renee H

It's basically the best vehicle I've ever owned. Reliable etc...

My vehicle is most reliable, comfortable, never have any problems with it neither. It has great features like the radio, power steering, leather seats, heated seats, a TV mounted on back of driver and passengers head rest of the seat for my children to enjoy their movies while or when we take any vacations anywhere.

- Ernesto R

A great SUV for a family of 5.

I love my Acura mdx SUV. It has a great comfortable ride and fabulous handling. It drives well in all types of weather including snow. It is comfortable for a family of five and still has room for packages. The technology is easy to use and there are a lot of great features including lots of safety features.

- Michelle B

The Acura MDX is fun to drive! Makes a long road trip fun!

I love almost everything about my MDX. I hate the way the radio is set up. This was the same set up as the honda odyssey which I also hated. Love the adaptive cruise control. Hate that it doesn't have safety beeps other than cross traffic warnings. I need a 7 seater so the tech package wasn't an option

- lisa m

I love this car, I love its shape, and the features are amazing!

Good on gas mileage, tires are great, and I love the build of the car. Haven't had any problem with my Acura 2017 mdx my next care I am getting is a Honda Civic. And its had radio systems that is great also has build in heating system, and great for the winters I must say this car was very good to me.

- Ari S

The Acura mdx a class no other.

I love the safety and dashboard of the MDX it is very easy to switch and reach the radio and controls the power steering is frame at not to mention the abs braking system it is quiet and the seats are very comfortable I couldn't choose anything else it is everything I wanted in a vehicle.

- Parrish M

Retractable shades, second row seats are leather “captains chair" seats.

The 2017 Acura mdx is an incredible vehicle it is very safe handles astonishingly. I get good gas mileage (for an SUV)it is very dependable I am constantly getting compliments on how “sleek and sophisticated the vehicle appearance is handles wonderfully. I also have a 2008 Acura mdx.

- Georgian G

The best Acura. Is the 2017 mdx by far.

The Acura I have is really up to date and stylish. It has all of the top of the line features. My favorite thing about the car is the steroids. It has good bass. I have had that care a little over 7 months. I brought it slightly used and I haven't had one problem and it is good on gas.

- Jewel F

Good quality car with a lot of room.

The ride is not always smooth. I like the safety features. I wish the speed flashed on the front window. The car does warm up quickly in the winter. I like the heated seats and steering wheel. The is a good amount of space in the back of the SUV to be able to easily carry items.

- Kenneth T

The interesting fact about my car that is my first luxury car.

There is no problems I love my car and everything about it, the performance of my car is very good it handles been in the rain snow and off-road and, the car is very comfortable down to the letter c to the reclining seats and heating and air conditioning are very good as well.

- Brian P

Like it but do not love it!

I like my vehicle but I do not “love” my vehicle. I feel is has poor pick up. I also feel that my mdx paint chips very easily. I like the way it looks and it is comfortable. I do not like the navigation system and the Bluetooth system. The screen quality is also poor.

- Debra H

Pretty pearl white Acura!

Reliable but I should have got all wheel drive for the snow. The white color is pretty, newer styles are a lot nicer on the outside. Pretty good gas mileage. It is comfortable inside and the heated seats are a nice feature. Performance wise, sport mode is great and fast.

- Jess A

Brakes automatically and has spacious cabin for big families.

Amazing features, heated seats, great heat, and ac, spacious 7 passenger car, looks luxurious and elegant. Self brake and excellent cruise control. Has auto start up, excellent lights. Bright and reliable for dark nights. Has amazing radio sound and Bluetooth.

- Patricia T

Easy to drive perfect family car.

My car is really comfortable to drive. There are features that help to make driving easier such as the line guides. The rearview camera helps for parking. The steering wheel is sensitive and easy to drive. Easy maintenance and no issues with the vehicle.

- Doug J

Luxurious feel for all passengers but affordable and easy to maintain.

I like that it is a very smooth and quiet ride with great acceleration. I wish the cargo/hatchback area was a little larger or taller to haul more things. The radio reception is not good which is frustrating. I like that there is a lot of interior space.

- Colleen M

Reliable Acura. I like the way it drives and safety.

Acura is reliable, easy to drive, and comfortable, it is roomy for a family of five. Enough room in truck. Reliable especially during bad weather. I dislike the new version (buttons) of putting car into drive and reverse. Like the stick model better.

- Dolores L

If you work about an hour away or drive frequently it does great on gas!

My car is great on gas since I work 40 minutes away from my home. Has nice seats and interior. Radio and speakers are nice. Automatic windows and good air conditioner is something you can never go wrong with. All around great dependable car!

- Olivia L

Acura is the luxury vehicle marque of Japanese automaker Honda. The brand was launched in the United States and Canada in March 1986, marketing luxury, performance, and high-performance vehicles

good quality latest technology. Acura is the luxury vehicle marque of Japanese automaker Honda. The brand was launched in the United States and Canada in March 1986, marketing luxury, performance, and high-performance vehicles

- Tia S

This car is a great one to consider for people with kids. It holds on to its resale value which is always a plus.

Great SUV for a family. Incredibly safe and efficient. Great gas-mileage and comfortable ride. Love the third row seating for driving kids around but also the ease to fold down third row for large trunk space.

- Callie T

Great spacious 3rd row seating.

Very roomy and comfortable 3rd row seating. Easy to get in and out. Large storage area, especially when 3rd row is put down. Love the automatic cruise control, and how car stays in lane automatically.

- Maria K

The most important thing that you should know about my car is that it is red.

It is a good car. I like it a lot. It is very comfortable. I don't usually ever have mechanical problems with it. It is very fast, which is nice. And I like to show off what a pretty car I have.

- Ian Z

It is dependable and smooth to drive. The features that it has makes it a very safe and reliable vehicle.

I love my car! It has all of the features that I wanted and needed for a car. My only complaint is that when it gets really hot, I live in the desert, the computer has trouble sometimes.

- Angela W

Mdx rocks: this is an amazing car for the family and for me.

Runs extremely well and is very comfortable. I can smoothly cruise down the street or turn the sports mode on and get a kick that way. Extremely sleek looking car and very attractiveness.

- Jonathan S

It is a family suv that fit seven people. It has a lot of new safety features.

I like that it has 3 rows of seating, that it can fit seven passengers. I do not like it because it is not very gas efficient. Another dislike is that the third row is tight.

- Harry C

The gas is expensive and you go through it really fast!

The main selling point of my car was the way it drives. It's smooth and has great get-up-and-go. I love the exterior and interior design. I do wish it had apple connect.

- Nicole S

The Acura looks very nice for the price and it handles well too.

The Acura if very comfortable and is easy to drive, you are not too low to the ground either. Its interface is simplistic and you can easily get to all feature quickly.

- Wolfgang B

Great gas mileage for a crossover SUV. I easily get 25-27 mpg

Very comfortable and easy to drive. Get up and go when I need it. Lots of driving assistance/safety upgrades. Lots of cargo space and a 3rd row seat if we need it.

- susan p

How comfortable all the seating is.

it has a very comfortable ride and I am in the car for long periods of time so I need comfortable seating which this does. I am not crazy about the gas mileage.

- gary m

They should know that it is amazing.

I like how smooth it rides. I like how my car makes me feel safe and protected. I like how technologically equipped my vehicle is and how cool it makes me feel.

- Ash B

It's an SUV that looks like a spaceship inside

I have over 50000 miles and have never had a problem.the connectivity in this thing is awesome I absolutely love it.everyone who gets in always remarks on it

- Daniel M

it is big enough to put three child seats in a low.

It has been really nice family car for our family with three young kids. Never had any problems and drive very nicely. Lots of space ( fits three car seats)

- Sai S

A premium car that's worth the price

Great vehicle! Have owned three, and have never had any problems. Vehicle handles great in all weather. Luxurious design with very intelligent features.

- dean c

My car is mine and no one else.

My car drives like a dream. The only thing I dislike is that the phone says to hang up when you call a number and it flashes break when you do not need to.

- Di S

It drives great, looks great, and good on gas.

I love it because it looks nice and drives great but repairs are too expensive. They need to make it less expensive to buy simple things like light bulbs.

- Leo S

It has a lot of great features, but if you are looking for leg room, move on.

I love the technology package. I dislike the amount of leg room on the 2nd row seating. I also don't like the fact that it doesn't come with a spare tire.

- Angie S

It's very economical, it does not use a lot of gas.

I love the smooth drive. It has heated seats which is great when it's cold outside. The leather seats are easy to clean. It has comfortable seats.

- Danielle V

elegant and strong for family man

is the best, is elegant and perfect for a business man and big for a family y have a very great performance for a short and large travels

- dale c

What are the safety features that the car has.

Safety is v imp and the car has all features that will guarantee safety. The ride is very smooth with no noise hence the relaxed feeling.

- Sun S

The Acura MDX is versatile and has enough space and features.

I love the way it drives and the stylishness of the vehicle. I like the functionality and the add ons. Nothing I dislike about my car.

- Nguyet L

Acura is a good brand aND I would recommend it.

This vehicle rides very comfortably. It iS very easy to handle and is safe on the road. I also like the set up inside the vehicle.

- Gale J

Great vehicle purchase for any buyer.

Great car! Comfortable, solid, good features, easy maintenance. Acura is very reliable. Would buy again, cost wise very good value.

- Josephine G

I like the customer service offered at the dealership

I like the size of it. I don't like how the tech package does not work I can't play my music on the bluetooth. I like the interior

- Kelly L

It has no keys. It uses keyless entry.

The tech and safety. The seat belt retractor function is extremely good. It makes me feel safe. I dislike how bumpy the car feels.

- Aaron S

Acura MDX vehicle are great!

I like my vehicle quite a bit. I have not had any problems since becoming the owner of the vehicle. I would purchase it again.

- steve s

It is rated top 5 safest on the road.

Zero issues, very comfortable. Smooth ride & zero road noise. The options in the rear seats make driving so much more pleasant.

- Connie O

I know it makes me a jackasses but I want people to know that I paid a lot for it.

The exterior styling is awesome everyone loves it. The interior is comfortable and spacious.i wish it got better gas mileage.

- Dan M

It is a very comfortable ride.

I really like the comfort and space for long car rides. I dislike the gas mileage due to the high gas prices at the moment.

- Amber H

It is very nice. Take care of my car.

If you are a racer, a 6 speed is better. Personally I like stick shift, and I have a 6 speed but there is also automatic.

- Robert M

is perfect for family travels

is amazing very stable and safe, is perfect for family and travel, have a very good performance in city and in the road

- maria l

It is the most comfortable and quiet car I have ever owned.

Great features for the radio including Bluetooth capabilities. Plenty of room in the back for people and groceries.

- Marissa G

A very good car highly recommended

It is amazing and it drives really smooth has a good engine and pick and interior is amazing would highly recommend

- Syed A

A hybrid version of the car is the best way to go.

Mine is a hybrid. I like that I can get over 30mpg and know that part of the miles are on battery. No complaints.

- Paul w

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it is reliable.

I don't really have any problems with this vehicle. It is reliable and runs well. I like the smooth handling.

- Cathy L

Great luxury ride for an affordable budget.

I really like my MDX and it rides really smoothly. I was doing my research on them and they last a long time.

- Ian D

I like to drive dependable cars that are not flashy and over priced.

Gas price is too high when filling up at times, white so need to wash all the time, besides that good car.

- Sandy H

It is safe and spacious for children.

I love the size of the car. I just wish it came with more features such as navigation, self driving, etc.

- Anna J

Capacity and performance, the functions are useful for day to day.

My vehicle has unique and advanced characteristics that allows me to transit with safety, with my family.

- Tatiana M

my car is super fun to drive and i would recommend it for anyone.

i love my vehicle. best vehicle i could ever have. i love the bells and whistles with the newer model.

- wawa s

highly efficient and with safe characteristics

a quality vehicle of high quality, with innovative features and high efficiency very effective and safe


It's good on gas. Gets good freeway mileage. It's very comfortable

My Acura is a great running car. I've had hardly no problems with My acura. It gets great gas mileage.

- Ernesto E

It is a very roomy car and super nice to ride in and drive around.

I like that it is very fast. I like that it has a nice interior. I wish that it was less expensive.

- jaci l

It is super safe, accommodating to car seats and the AC is so amazing!

The seats are comfortable! The interior is beautiful! It runs so well and i love how fast it goes

- Denise A

Looks rich and drives well

Like the Acura luxury. Hate the technology pkg Doesn't not work properly Like dealership

- Brenda G

the most important is the comfort that I feel that I drive in my car

I like so much the performance of my car because I feel that is so modern and luxury


It has a lot of room for passengers

It is very comfortable. It's fun to drive. It drives nice. It has a lot of space

- Andi B

The color it's black lots of room leather seats power windows and seats and much more

There is lots of room and truck room power seats and window and nice radio

- Tonya R

Good visibility, can see and excellent sensors all around entire car

Like visibility, sensors on cars, backup camera is excellent Comfortable

- Sharon W

reliable to run and economical to maintain … an excellent value

Great suv. Provides storage. hols lots of passengers. is very reliable.

- John W

The ease of driving and the ease of using the accessories.

I just love it—no complaints. This is the 6th Acura I have had.

- Tricia M

It is comfy to drive. It fit with 7 people. Ok for large family.

I like it. It's easy to drive with. Fit for the whole family.

- Sheena C

The most important is the performance, is modern, different all other vehicles.

the vehicle is very performance, safe, modern, authentic.

- Andreina E

the security and different from others brands and excellent

is innovative and reliable from others brans the quality

- Karl Z

Safety is the most important feature of my car. It's my best car so far. I love it.

it has wonderful safety package. Reliable. Elegant Fancy

- Reza G

Good value for money. checks a lot of boxes for car owners.

Reliable, sturdy, safe, spacious enough for our family

- Hareem I