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The Acura is a good car. I like the reliability and would purchase it again.

Gas is expensive. I love the car but wish it had a captains seat. The back seat leg room is small and also wish the gate window opened. One other is that they don't have panoramic sunroof. The Bluetooth is a little finicky but for the most part works great. I turned off the lane assist because it is strange and you would think with Acura that lane change blinkers would be on mirrors and that folding would be standard,

- Jeanne D

The upsides to Acura mdx 2018 model.

The car is spacious, durable, and reliable. There has never been any mechanical issues with the car even after multiple minor accidents (like minor rear-end collisions or side scratches from adjacent cars). Definitely great for long distance and short distance trips. The inside of the vehicle is flexible so you can either bring up a third row of seats or fold down the third row of seats for more trunk space.

- Esther P

It is very comfortable to ride in also has a very great stereo system.

It has no problems and is a very roomy and comfortable vehicle. Is great on gas and is very reliable. I have taken it in trips and haven't spent near as much on gas as I did with my old vehicle. I had to change tires but that is about it besides the basic treatment of a car like oil, antifreeze etc.. But the 2018 Acura mdx is a great car and does what is expected. Well recommended!!

- Daniel C

Love my acura-#5 in a row cannot imagine going w\different make -safe & confident.

I love my mdx! I love acura in general. . . I am on my 5 acura. It feels and drives like a luxury car and not being too flashy to others. Love the service I also get from acura in general. I honestly haven't had any issues or real concerns with any of my acura’s. . . Knock on wood! I cannot think of purchasing any other make for my next car.

- Misty C

2018 Acura mdx AWD black with tan interior leather.

2018 Acura mdx is equipped with navigation, Apple carplay, leather seats, moonroof, heated seats, lane assist, front and rear parking sensors, sunroof, everything you could ask for/need and none of the frill that you don't. Perfect family car also has third row seating and a huge trunk with the third row seat folded down.

- Christina H

The Acura is black and the car mileage spans out for a long time.

It works great and is comfortable it just is a pain to get in it and has some scratches. It is my dads car and he loves it. I have a used Honda Civic. The air conditioner in the Acura is great and it has great mirrors but it just is a bit small and cramped for 3 people trying to fit in the back and it goes very fast.

- Tatiana V

Wonderful car with amazing features.

Very reliable and super comfortable. Use very little gas. I haven't had an issues since my purchase. I have a lot of legroom and a lot of room for others in my vehicle as well. The sunroof is amazing as well as all the other wonderful features in this vehicle. The price was also very good for such a luxury car.

- Sasha C

Lovely car despite some things.

It is good, smooth, and pretty. The wheel is easy, and the break are semi sensitive. I wish the pick up was better, sometimes when I drive on the highway the shift is slow, but it is manageable. My brakes squeal, I have had the back brake lights go out. Despite these issues I still recommend the car.

- George G

Acura mdx loaded with features.

The car is great. No problems whatsoever. I only visit dealership for oil changes. Comfortable ride. Lots of features and bells and whistles. Very luxurious inside the vehicle as well as tough exterior. I feel very safe driving in this vehicle. Lots of space and fits lots of people.

- Kristin C

The speakers have an amazing sound quality.

I like my car because it has very nice features and motor is pretty silent which may not be important for a lot of people but it is for me because I have a baby and I don't want a loud car to wake him up plus the speakers have very nice sound and the driving feels extremely smooth.

- Adrian G

Comfort, stylish, reliable.

It is very quiet and comfortable. Love that it will seat 7. Nice technology package helps with blind spots. It will buzz if you cross a line. Automatically slows down if you get too close to another vehicle. Nice navigation package. The interior is stylish. I love the heated seats.

- Donna B

I am not a fan of the real.

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- Clarence S

Super fast, efficient and reliable care.

My car is super fast and efficient and looks very modern. Some cool features include, good speakers, smooth breaks, and the dashboard is very high tech. I would recommend this car to many of my friends. I have let them drive my car before and they all loved it!

- Robert N

Good sound system for music.

I like my vehicle a lot. I like the stereo system and how I can hook my phone up to it and play my music. Also, I have apple carplay, and that works quite well. We also have Sirius which is nice. The seats are very good quality as well and it is fun to drive.

- Gillian D

The way it is compact and can get the job done reliably.

The ride is more rough compared to other makes. And also it is not the most attractive car either. The reliable however is great. The other thing that makes this car not as good is how they contain cheap batteries. Another downside is how slow it is.

- Giancarlo A

It is silver and looks super sleek. There is lots of seating to accommodate others.

Acura is a nice luxury vehicle that I am comfortable driving and enjoy that various amenities that come with it. I like the brand and enjoy the different driving features that come with the car.

- Andrew Z

It is very easy to drive, and has many of the new safety features.

The Acura is a beautiful white SUV, with great style. Regretfully the ride is rough compared to my Grand Cherokee which was my previous car. I do like the rear camera very much!

- Patti C

Runs great and smooth driving beautiful car overall.

It runs beautifully and can with hold anything. However sometime it does drive a little rocky on smooth roads because of the breaks I believe but not sure 100%.

- Anderson T

It is a good car that will last a long time. Honda motors are very reliable.

I love the design of the car. It is very sporty but it is also designed to be a family car. The interior is also very nice. I do wish it had one screen though.

- Marie M

Premium gas needed - so figure that into your yearly maintenance and usage costs

I like that it is new! So has the latest safety gadgets and is a dream to drive. I dislike having to use premium gas although I knew that when I bought it.

- Lynn M

The best car on the market.

My Acura is the most reliable car I have ever had and gets the job done and more. The car is stylish and very luxurious and I will buy more in the future.

- Tyrone B

It is very reliable in a sense that it is very rare for it to break down or have something wrong with it.

It is white and it has very delicate designs. The interior is very neat and edgy. I love the way it looks very expensive but in reality is affordable.

- Heily P

It has a lot of space and it can fit 7 people.

I like the space in my car, the way it drives, the stereo and navigation system. I like how it is a smart car and tells me what is wrong with it.

- Claire D

Performance and reliable vehicle.

The performance and reliable driving experience of the Acura is above other brands. They offers innovative products and knowledgeable technology.

- Jhon C

Acura Provides Luxury needs more space

It drives well! I like the features and that it has apple car, but unfortunately with two car seats it barely allows for enough space.

- Matt P

That it is cost effective and functional for a start up family.

Affordability and comfort. My payments are a proximity of my income. Having a versatile vehicle that I can fish with and travel with.

- Daniel T

They should know that the car is way faster than you would usually expect.

I love how fast it goes, no complaints from me, that car is absolutely amazing and I see no flaws in it in no way or shape or form.

- Zebulun A

How user friendly it is! Its dependable and low maintenance.

It runs very smooth and functions are awesome. The color is beautiful. The technology is superior. I love the touch screen ability.

- Jackie C

That you are able to sit kids with room.

The amount of room it has and safety things. The color is my favorite. It is easy to see out all windows and no blind spots.

- Sam Q

Stylish and easily clean only interior.

Very good maneuverability but only okay on gas, tends to lag when accelerating quickly, but overall stylish and like it.

- Nick G

It is a car you can depend on for years to come!.

It is acura! It is awesome! It is reliable! It is super nice! It is attractive! I can get to places! It is affordable!.

- Alicia G

Sporty, Stylish, Safe, Reliable, A Great Value and Great Customer Service

Acuras are my favorite car I have ever owned. They are reliable, stylish and hold their value. I have owned 5 acuras

- shea p

It has keyless entry so you don't have to worry about fumbling around with your keys.

It is a crossover SUV. It drives comfortably just like a car. Most things are automated and it is very easy to use.

- Tracey J

Nice, fun, fast, reliable.

The car is pretty good and reliable. I have not had any issue thus far. Gas mileage is okay but it could be better.

- Jonathan J

It is comfortable and safe.

I love my car and I cannot wait to get another one for my kids I aim really happy and I just want to say thank you.

- Joe A

Smoking in it and going fast.

Its cool. Gets from A to B fast. I need a chick in the passenger. To show me how bend the angles. Decent on gas.

- George P

I love it. There are so many cool things about it.

There are many cool things about the car. I like the seats. I also like the sound of it when I start it up.

- Jack N

It is a reliable vehicle from a well known manufacturer.

Love the room. Love the 3rd row. Love the sporty look to it, not bulky or too over the top. No complaints.

- Jade L

The vehicle with a brain in it

Technology is what I like most about my vehicle you can basically talk to the vehicle and get things done

- Steven J

It drives fine nothing is wrong with this car it is chartable as well.

It is very nice leather brand new engine everything runs fine nothing is wrong with car 4 wheel drive.

- Hunter B

It's an SUV that drives like a car. Very safe and luxurious.

It has 3 rows. I am able to get my kids in out easily and there is still room even with 2 car seats.

- Janice F

The safety features .and all the electronics that make for an easier and safe ride

Love the 1/2 electric 1/2 gas. The color and the way it rides.also you get 500 miles to a tank.

- Carol D

This is question 4, there were only supposed to be three questions

I like the ride comfort. I like the looks of the vehicle. And I like the way the car handles

- Ray L

It is very safe to drive and comfortable. Room for everyone

I like how it drives so smoothly. I has a lot of room. I like all the safety features

- Donna f

It has a possible third row. I really enjoy that feature.

I really like it. I enjoy having the possible third row. Nothing I really dislike.

- lauren J

I like the kid friendly features (easy sliding seats, heated 2nd row, etc). I think the MDX has great features for the price. I wish the acceleration didn't have a little lag from a stop.

The Acura MDX is very reliable and family friendly while having a sleek exterior.

- Jennifer B

It's a great car. It drives well and handles better than last year model. The sound system sounds crisp and loud. I don't like the soccer mom look tho.

The color is nice as it blends in. The leather seats are soft and smooth.

- Reese B

The design is sporty but refined. Thoughtful consideration.

High end luxury, fast and get up. Sleek exterior, bright interior.

- molly m

excellent safety with accurate value for money

quality and safety features coupled with best value for money

- Vijay S

the craftsmanship is rivaled by no other

my vehicle is fabulous - it is state-of-the-art in every way

- Scott v