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The Acura rdx (2007) is still zipping around like a newer model.

As someone who hits the road often, the 2007 Acura rdx has been a lovely travel vehicle. From the heated seats to the spacious trunk( not to mention the space you get from lowering the back seats) this vehicle has everything a road tripper could need. There have to be some down sides, though. The starter didn't live up to it is name and had to be replaced within the last year immediately followed by the ac giving up. The mileage leaves a bit to be desired. If you are looking for comfort and security this is the car. Bonus: there's a sunroof; who does not like a sunroof?

- Lydia M

The Acura rdx is extremely reliable.

I was not the first owner of my vehicle, I bought it used 4 years ago with 117, 000. I have been overjoyed with my car since I have had it. Coming from owning a Honda prior, it took time adjusting to paying more for the services/repairs on my vehicle. However, the overall performance on my vehicle is better than what I had. The vehicle is extremely reliable, only needing normal services and repairs from wear and tear. The seats are leather, even for being 11 years old, I still get compliments on how comfortable the seats are.

- Sagan C

I think that they should know that it is a good car to have

This car is very reliable. It gets me from point a to b.When it comes to flagship luxury sedans, most European and Asian automakers start with a rear-wheel-drive platform and a standard -- or at least optional -- V8. As an outlier, Acura has held fast to its belief that V6 power is more than capable. This is partly mindful of fuel economy concerns and partly due to the fact that Honda simply doesn't make a V8 for any application outside of motorsports.

- Eric B

Extremely smooth ride and minor non-driving related issues.

Have had some alternator and electrical problems, which persisted to a battery problem as well. Love the very smooth ride. Some of the brightness adjustments on some of the screens are not great and makes it difficult to read the clock and radio station in the daytime with a lot of sun. Sensor distinguishing day and light for the screen mode is finicky and does not always work correctly.

- Amanda C

Very few issues with my Acura rdx.

My 2007 Acura rdx runs like a dream. Very few service issues. Have had issues with the struts and the air conditioner. Strut was pretty expensive to replace and the a/c was frustrating as it happened intermittently. Ended up having to drive straight to the dealer on a 100 degree day just to prove it was blowing hot air. Otherwise normal maintenance and I have had very few issues.

- Linda B

Acura RDX is a reliable and safe family suv

This car has been the best I have owned. The comfort level is great, with seat warmers, plenty of leg room, and backseat space. I can depend on it to get me where I need to go, although fuel efficiency is not the best. It is a very safe and reliable vehicle. I enjoy the storage room, places for cup holders, navigation, and voice over.

- Danielle F

Depending and safe family car (not small like a compact but not big like a SUV or minivan)

I like that it is dependable. We haven't had any regular problems with it. It is comfy. We like the heated seats during the winter time. It is just enough room for our family and an extra friend or two. The trunk fits all of my husband's musical instruments (acoustic/electric/bass guitars, amps, pedalboards) when he has band practice.

- Joyce M

Thief protections, GPS, Bluetooth voice command, seat warmers, auto seat shift.

What I like about Acura rdx is that it is pretty reliable to drive daily, luxury interiors, and it comes with high technology features like GPS or voice command tech. What I do not like about the car is that it takes premium gas which is a lot expensive than normal gas, and it seems like it has frequent battery problems in winter.

- Ian A

A very accurate Acura review of 2007 rdx.

Vehicle has been trouble free for 175,000 except a couple of minor things. Acceleration and handling are top notch. Interior I would rate as not top quality - the leather has worn out and is ripping. Vehicle has all wheel drive and has proven its effectiveness in snow many times. The dual climate controls are a needed luxury.

- Ted K

Amazing car! Would definitely recommend. 2007 model, runs great.

My vehicle was once my grandmothers, who passed it onto me. She bought the 2007 model brand new, in the year 2008. It drives very well. Miles were great, and it does not cost much to fill up your tank. I would recommend this car. Lights are automatic, you'll never have to worry about turning your lights on again.

- Amber M

love that its a 2007, it looks so much like a more recent, newer model

not great on gas, I've had it for 3 years and just recently had an issue. Got it fixed and have since had my battery replaced twice, my starter replaced, and my alternator replaced. And I'm not being told that the issue is my power steering. I do however like the size of my vehicle and I do feel safe in it

- Elizabeth B

Acura rdx is very awesome.

My car is great, very good condition, it is aesthetically pleasing, I have no complaints. The car is reliable and much more so than previous cars I have driven in the past. It has seat warmers and is very well taken care of even though it is over ten years of age and has quite a few miles on it.

- Loren D

Considering it is a 2007, it has held up very well with very few repairs. When I'm ready to go somewhere, the car is always ready.

The height of the seats is perfect. Since I've had two knee replacements, this has been a real plus for me. I love that when I press on the gas pedal, it takes off like a jet. This is very helpful when entering a busy interstate. My only complaint is that I wished it got better gas mileage.

- Sandy C

Acura rdx is an amazing family vehicle!

Very reliable, have never had any problems with this vehicle and is an amazing family car for families of 5 and under! The gas prices are a little high with premium, we pay $40 for a full tank of gas, but overall, definitely suggest this vehicle!! Great vehicle to travel in as well!

- Alicia L

Great on road performance

This vehicle has high performance good on gas mileage and is very efficient with handling small cargo. I love taking small road trips with car. It seats a family of four perfectly. I always want to drive this car is heavy rain due to the great traction in severe weather

- Ester N

Great car, I highly recommend it.

It is spacious and comfortable. It is reliable and fun to drive. I have not had any mechanical problem with it. Only drawback is gas mileage, it could be improved. The cabin is well appointed and even at the age, there are no rattles. I would buy another one.

- Tom F

Luxury vehicle NOT an SUV

The SUV is small inside. There is not much room to haul furniture or other items. It is good for day to day and carrying passengers. I dislike how low the vehicle is to the ground. This is definitely not a off road vehicle by any means. It is a luxury vehicle.

- Farley M

I've had it for 13 years and it�s still going.

The RDX is incredibly reliable. I've had it for... probably 13 years now and it's still going. I'm constantly impressed by its performance over the years, because it still feels like I just bought it. Comfort levels have degraded over time, but that's a given.

- Maxwell M

My car is cute and sporty. Perfect car for anyone with kids

The only issue I have is the mileage. It drives smoothly and sits comfortably. It's a very reliable car. I take it to work everyday. It's got a nice turbo that helps with the mileage but I do a lot of driving. Overall I really love my car. It's pearl white

- Happy X

Love the leather interior and the amount of space inside the car.

The interior leather is amazing. Love the exterior look and also love the amount of space within the car. My only thing with the car is the it does eat up quite a bit of gas. But it does run well overall. It slab has a sunroof which I absolutely love.

- Sam Z

I love that my car is leather seats.

Well since my car is getting older, my breaks are not as good as they were before. Also when I press my gas sometimes I have to really press on it so that it moves faster. Also when I reverse and then go forward my car kind of pushes back a little.

- Lisa H

Definitely that the parts are expensive and it needs frequent maintenance compared to other comparable vehicles. The insurance is also very expensive.

I like the luxury aspects of my vehicle but dislike how frequently I have to maintain the engine and various other mechanical issues. Additionally, the parts and labor for this vehicle is extremely expensive.

- Rebecca P

It is very reliable. I have never had a significant problem with it and I have had it for almost 7 years.

I like that I have never had a significant problem with my vehicle. I don't like that the technology is outdated, but it is from 2007 so that's expected. I like the turbo engine and the sporty feel.

- Hannah F

It has held up beautifully over the years.

Love the size, it is easy to park. Love the power, love the GPS screen. I wish it had memory function for the position of the driver’s seat. I wish the satellite radio tuning were simpler.

- Wendy D

The Acura RDX is a great family car. It comfortably fits our entire family as well as our luggage when we travel for the weekend.

It is a great compact SUV. It feels very luxurious at the base level. Additionally, it has the "turbo" on the engine so it has a bit more pick-me-up than other SUVs I have driven.

- Mandy W

The car only operates in all wheel drive. When we purchased we thought it would shift between 2 wheel and all wheel, but it does not

I love this vehicle. It is very nice for being 11 years old already. We purchased it used and have only had a small issue with the AC compressor so far. It meets most of our needs

- Hannah t

The engine is reliable. It has never broken down.

I like the acceleration. I like that the engine has not broken down ever. I do not like I have to put in premium gas. I do not like I need to do premium oil changes.

- Brian T

The car alerts you when someone is not buckled and it has a backing camera.

His car is very reliable. I feel safe going on a road trips and it is a great car overall. As far as gas mileage, the car only needs to be filled twice a month.

- Tali B

It is pretty fast and has good acceleration. Also it has a spacious interior.

I really like the size. It is perfect for the city size wise and it has 4 wheel drive for Chicago's winters. I also like the audio system that it comes with.

- Alexander K

It's my favorite car ever.

It has a very comfortable ride. It doesn't have the newest technology but it was absolutely state of the art in 2007. It is just getting old. Still love it.

- Ross M

Great small family car. But still has the get up and go.

It is great for small families very comfortable. Love the Turbo it has a great get up and go! Easy for the kid to get in by themself.

- Candice T

Great gas mileage. Comfortable seating. Fully equipped

My vehicle is the best 1 I purchased so far. The service at the dealership is top notch and keeps my car in tip top shape

- Marcus W

Reliable but costs more to upkeep.

Very reliable car that has lasted 11 years and over 135, 000 miles. Requires premium gasoline and synthetic oil.

- Leigh H

highly rated safety features

stylish and reliable car. Very well built and safe car

- yulia C

It is very fuel efficient and comfortable. It's easy to drive

No complaints. It's runs great and fuel efficient.

- Elaine G