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2008 Acura with 4 wheel drive

Upon first test drive, I noticed the wheel was a bit rough to steer as though I was fighting with it. The car was bought used so of course there are some cosmetics I don't approve of but the car has really great speed with 4 wheel drive and turbo engine. The backup camera is the most convenient with adequate sound system and leather seats. Age and previous ownership play a big part in my overall review of this car but it's been positive since purchasing.

- Zeek C

The height of the vehicle is very nice making it very easy to get in and out.

Like my vehicle because of the turbo it makes it so easy to merge onto the freeway. It is a very comfortable car. The front seats are very comfortable and are able to adjust the driver's seat to a perfect spot. The back seats have very good legroom for passengers. The cargo space is very generous and has a cover so your packages are hidden. It is an older model but the technology was very advanced for its time. The technology was also very easy to use.

- Robert S

Rdx is a good size for a family of four.

I really like my rdx, I have had it for over two years now. It is a good size for a family of four. I would say that the trunk space is limited especially when you have a stroller, but overall it is a good car. We bought it used in excellent condition. We have not had any major problems with the car. I like the size for parking as it is not too big, but the backup camera can be very dark and I do not use it much.

- Erin G

2008 Acura SUV with Turbo Engine

Have only owned car for about a month. Interior is very comfortable and is very sleek and attractive. Ride can be a bit bumpy/rough but it handles great and the turbo engine is very responsive. Gas mileage is good for an SUV. Capability for Sirius XM radio and Bluetooth phone calls. Large moon roof is another added bonus. Very happy with it overall so far

- Tim D

How I feel about my 08 Acura rdx.

The a/c no longer works. Check engine light comes on intermittently. When it is really cold outside, the engine light will come on. Drives super smooth. The seats are comfortable. Interior is a little old but the car is a 2008 so that is expected. Overall, I do enjoy the midsize SUV. At this point, I plan to drive it until the thing falls apart.

- Charles P

Great in all weather terrains!

I love my vehicle it runs really well and is great in all weather terrains. Downside it has a turbo so it eats gas and it is preferred you put premium gas. Other than that I love the car and performance. It has a lot of room for our whole family and the kids can make a mess and it is easily cleaned because of the leather seats.

- Jackie K

This 2008 Acura drives like a dream.

Very reliable car. Have owned it for 5 years and have had hardly any maintenance issues. Still in great shape for how old it is and it drives well. Requires premium gas. There was an airbag recall, but Acura offered to replace them for free. This car is a great size and will be the perfect size for a growing family.

- Alison B

SUV that�s on the smaller size but is comparable to a regular sized SUV

It's a sports edition so it accelerates very fast. It's very reliable and is good in the snow. It's the perfect small SUV. Seats are very comfortable and you can adjust the driver and passenger seat easily. The only thing I wish it had was a smart car screen. But I'm sure it's because of the year of the car.

- Jasmine V

Probably one of the best cars.

Personally I do not like the size, I think it is too big. I do not need it to be this big for just myself, but it is better suitable for a family of people. However, it is big so it is good to store many items. And even after 10 years, the car is still in great condition. Durability is strong.

- Diana L

Accurate review for Acura.

I love this car! It drives great and is a great care in general. It is a 2008 and the only thing I had to replace was second gear when I received it. If you are looking for a good commuter car, this is it. I would highly recommend! It drives smooth and I have not had any issues with it!

- Sara M

Very nice and perfect car!

I love my car so nice inside. The only thing I wish it had was Bluetooth radio. The seats are so comfortable that are adjustable. Fits 5 people very comfortable with even more space in the back! The back row is still very spacious and the radio is customizable to your liking

- Harley F

It is very reliable along with a sporty look to it

I've had this car for over 7 years and have had very few mechanical issues. I've only had to replace a $20. Hose, alternator and battery (plus tires) very comfortable and rides nice. Only complaint is gas mileage averages 18 mi a gallon and poor lighting in the trunk area

- Rebecca H

I love Acura and highly recommend it.

Best vehicle I have ever had. Reliable, worry-free transportation. Very comfortable, great sound system. Performance is fantastic, just wish I didn't kick that turbocharge as often as I do. I love the pearl white color, the heated leather seats and the cargo space.

- Monica W

The car is both elegant and versatile.

This has been a very reliable vehicle. Handling is a dream and I love the engine and transmission package. The ability to choose the gear I'm in is very handy for driving in the snowy mountains of Colorado. The on-board GPS is wonderful for our road trips.

- Jerry B

2008 Acura automobile review.

I like the car. Very few problems and maintenance issues. Only complaint is it requires premium gasoline which can be costly. I like the leather interior and the horsepower and pickup. Have owned the car for 7 years and have had no big projects required.

- A R

Acura rdx is very reliable & safe.

My vehicle is very reliable. As is gets older it has a few problems just as expected. Only problem I've had is a short when it rains. The back end is pretty bumpy other than that no major problems. Good engine & transmission.

- Vicki W

Acura handle and comfortability

The car handles and drives well. It's very comfortable to be in and is reliable to get me from point A to be B. I haven't gone on any long distance drives in it yet so I can't comment on how it would handle then.

- Daniel G

Acura RDX will not disappoint

It's a compact luxury SUV, that runs well and includes all the bells and whistles for its age. Being a Honda motor, you know it will run forever, then Acura kicks it up a notch with the premium features inside.

- Amy S

The model and interior appearance.

I absolutely love my car in fact I will never buy a different model after owning this one. It drives smoothly, looks amazing, and has a lot to offer from an interior standpoint as well.

- Dawn O

Acura RDX is just right, not too big and not too small.

The Acura RDX is smaller than the full size SUV. I like the size, the height that I sit when driving, the color and the all wheel drive. I dislike the repair cost at the dealer.

- E R

It is a quick crossover vehicle style. It has a turbo with a 4-cylinder engine. It has a back seat and space in the back for a "trunk area".

I love the turbo in my vehicle. I also enjoy the sound system. I dislike that sometimes my dome lights do not work within the cab. This is a common problem for the Acura RDX.

- Megan S

It's easy to drive because of the size, and easy to parallel park

Like the nav system and size, don't like: bad lighting in trunk, hard to see nav system when headlights are on, radio doesn't show me names of songs/artists.

- Ginny C

It has a turbo engine. This gives the car some real kick.

The car rides very well. I really like the handling and the turbo engine. The leather is nice as well. Bluetooth in a 2008 seems rare and I like that too.

- Horace S

Great performance and safety

Cheap to buy, great performance, stability, safety, and roomy. Not really great gas mileage though. But high tech cabin too, so it's pretty good overall.

- Ashleigh G

It is smooth on the road, good on gas and very durable.

The car has been great in all categories. I have yet to have any problems with the car for the past 6 years, besides having to replace the car battery.

- Tony K

It's reliable and will last for a long time

It's pretty and I never worry about driving it even though it's 10 years old. The navigation system does need upgraded, but I use my phone instead

- Kerren b

It is AWD so it is good (safe) for winter (snow).

Spacious (very comfortable), pretty durable (I have been driving it for 10 years now and still in good shape), gas pedal makes for smooth ride.

- Diana L

I only use it when I need to.

I like the low maintenance costs. Also great resale value. The only dislike I have with the vehicle is I wish I had a newer model.

- Monica G

my car is clean and easy to use

I love my car I have not had any problems with it so far. the only thing I don't like is the phone system is hard to use

- Jamie R

It's a very solid good car. Great for individuals and families.

It has high maintenance costs. It was reliable in the beginning but has gotten less and less so in its old age.

- Greg K

I have 3 children that have very busy lives. I need a car that I can rely on & I feel Acura makes that kind of car.

It's been a very reliable car. The only complaint I have is that Acura costs too much for me to get a new one.

- Amy T

The car is reliable, not a lot of costly repairs, and can have repairs done at any garage.

I like the acceleration. I love driving an SUV. Seats fold down easily. Not a smooth ride.

- Judith S