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Why you should buy a 2010 Acura rdx.

I have had the car for 8 years already and it runs like a dream. I have experienced no problems whatsoever and it is just an overall great car. I have about 120, 000 miles on it due to the fact that my family and I went on an amazing road trip. I recommend anyone looking for a family car to purchase this car!

- Jan P

It has been very reliable. No maintenance has been needed beyond regular maintenance, and I've owned it for nearly 9 years, and driven almost 150k miles.

The ride is smooth, and comfortable. The vehicle is reliable, as I've had no maintenance needs beyond regular maintenance even after almost 150k miles driven. It's large enough to fit most things in, but not too large, and still feels a little sporty to drive.

- Katie W

Why I like my Acura rdx so much.

First of all I like the look of the vehicle. Sleep lines. Very comfortable to site in. Accelerates quickly, which is very important to me. The seats fold down allowing for a lot of storage room in the back. There is room for 5 passengers to sit comfortably.

- Lynn C

Good smooth driving and safe as well for passengers,

Pretty good ride, drives smoothly, I absolutely love the backup camera, uncomfortable seating and kind of not easily adjustable, also have had problems with the settings of how the seat and mirrors move on their own, also has malfunctioned with that. . .

- Erk B

It still runs well after 85,000 miles, but it can guzzle gas.

I purchased my Acura RDX secondhand with over 50,000 miles on it. It is quite reliable and gets me from point A to point B but it is not a very powerful or impressive vehicle.

- Paul G

Car that has little issues and runs as expected

my car has been pretty good overall as a 2010 vehicle. there was some AC issues and front axle issues, but other than regular oil changes, the car has been performing fine.

- eric s

The one most important thing about my car is that it's not very good on gas and it takes premium.

I love all of the options like heated seats etc and it drives well. Complaints are that I needed to get the entire turbo replaced and it was expensive!

- Holly N

The most important thing is that it is that my car is reliable and has never cause be problems other than the regular maintenance.

I love how it's a turbo engine and that it has good gas mileage for a SUV. I wish that it was a little bit bigger; more seats and a larger trunk.

- Kate C

Low maintenance Good looking Fun to drive

It's a base model with turbo. Very reliable and fun to drive. RDX is known to be reliable and this first generation is no exception.

- Anthony H

It's a good and reliable car

I like how spacious it is, i can get my kids in and out of the car very easily. I like the built in navigation, and the sunroof

- Katie a

It is a well made automobile that has great features.

My favorite feature is the back up camera that is hidden in the rear view mirror. The turbo is great also.

- Daniel C

Sold no issues with the car at any time

I like the power the car has I don't like the loss of features that other Acura's have

- Ken D

It is a dependable car that hasn't given me many problems since I have owned it.

It is a dependable vehicle but it is just too small for my family of 5.

- Jessica C