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2014 Acura rdx all wheel drive is a great drive!

I especially like the quality and performance, plus dealership service. I have never had a problem with this SUV. It has enough power to climb the mountains even when the ac is on. The SUV is well made, with no rattles. Every time I go in for service, they explain what needs to be done in plain language and tell me the costs before the service is rendered. Nothing is ever unexpected.

- Ray F

Rdx is the best car to own!

The car runs very well. Maintenance is easy and not costly at all. Rdx is very nimble and quick on the turns. Even though it is a smaller than mdx it has plenty of space inside. Like all Acura, the 2014 model rdx definitely feels luxurious. Gray color is preferred for this type of car and the alloy one piece low-profile wheels definitely make a difference in the ride.

- Steve D

Roomy and acceptable gas mileage. Great car other than a somewhat bouncy ride.

I love the look of my Acura RDX. My past cars were sedans. The only thing I don't like is the bouncy feel which I've noticed a lot more lately. I don't recall it being like that when it was first purchased but my husband insists it was always like that. I would give it 5 stars if the ride was smoother. That is my only complaint, but I still really love the car.

- Suzette K

Good mileage, smooth ride and upgradable GPS.

Very comfortable, smooth ride and quiet. On highway rides the car uses one gallon of supreme gas for more than thirty miles. In the city I get about twenty miles per gallon. The fully electronic and technical controls in the car perform very well and its GPS is upgradable, even though it took four hours to update from twenty fourteen to twenty eighteen.

- Miguel E

Rdx . Love the look, great looking car even after 5 years still seems brand new.

Love the size. Not too big and sits up a little higher but not like a full size SUV. Great stereo sound, nice smooth ride and quiet. Plenty of room for 4b people and still rom in the rear for cargo. Wish it had heated steering which I believe newer models have. I own a black rdx and the finish is amazing super shiny almost a lacquered look.

- Karen B

The car has sun screen roof which can be opened and closed during the ride.

There are no big problems in my car. Even though its 2004 model, it is an awesome car. It is the best year end model. This car has a sunscreen roof on top of the car so that we can open the sunroof and get the air. The seat is plastic seat so that no dust will get settled so the washing can be done easily.

- New B

All features of the Acura 2014.

Acura is very smooth. The seats are comfortable (has heater on the seat). Has Bluetooth and charges phones. Has a back camera so it is helpful when backing up. Has good speakers. Has buttons on the wheel to control certain features such as turning the station or song. Has good air-conditioning system.

- Johanna S

Rdx review. It is a dependable and functional vehicle for growing families.

The Acura rdx performs really well. It is functional, dependable, and rides smooth. The car runs itself and will let you know when you are due for service. The only issue I have with the rdx is the amount of cargo space. It is pretty small and does not allow you to carry much cargo.

- Ryan G

Absolutely love it! Great gas mileage.

It is very comfortable and roomy. It easily carries my whole family, two rows and seats five. It has never broken down on me. All features are very easy to use and easily accessible. Very sleek looking on the outside and inside. Great gas mileage, I get 600 miles to the gallon.

- Rachel M

It is a gas guzzler and it requires a lot of money and maintenance.

Gas guzzler it consumes a lot of gas. It drives well and extra smooth after an oil change. Sometimes it can be a lot of maintenance, time and money. My window slid off of its track and it inconvenienced me for a few months because I had just paid money to get my oil changed.

- First Name W

Great family vehicle - comfortable and stylish.

I absolutely love my rdx. It is the perfect size for what we need for our family. We upgraded to it when we found out we were expecting. Everyone fits comfortably. The only complaint is that the back-up camera collects water when it rains making it difficult to use.

- Emily M

Acura rdx a gem in dependability, reliability and comfort.

The rd. is a great versatile vehicle. It comfortably fits up to 5 people. It's great in most weather conditions. The car drives well and maneuvers in tough situations well. It has good stopping capabilities and is overall a very reliable and comfortable car.

- Kevin D

Acura rdx is good overall.

Battery dies easily and had to be replaced well before warranty expired. Traction is great particularly in snow. The ride is smooth. But tires wear out sooner than expected. Cabin is a bit too loud and you do not realize it until. The music is not on.

- Jennifer P

Reliable with no repair issues.

The Acura rd. is one of the most reliable cars I have owned. Low maintenance and dependability have been the keys. Oil changes and tires are the only maintenance I have done to my rd.. I would highly recommend Acura and the Acura rd.!

- Denise A

Acura RDX is a great value for the cost. You get all the perks included.

I love my Acura RDX. The size is great. Allowing for extra storage and roomy for passengers, however, still fits in regular parking spots easily and for parallel parking. Great quality and is holding up great. No complaints.

- Ashley G

Car review for Acura: Love the car. Service can definitely be better.

Durable and sleek. The only issue I have is service kinda sucks at dealer. Went to several acura's. They all start off professionally it the they just do anything to get more money out of their services.

- Lilia O

The little details mean a lot

My rdx has plenty of room for a trip. I feel safe in storms if I have to drive. The heated leather seats are great if my lower back hurts and help heat the car in the winter.

- Anya W

It is easy to use. It is also affordable. You can pretty much do anything with it

It is great. It is really easy to use and run errands in. It also fit a good amount of people. The car that I have is a little broken but that is because I got it second hand

- John F

It has great traction and all wheel drive.

I like it is a SUV and higher off the ground compared to my previous sedans. I like the rear view camera. I dislike my side mirrors. They are too big for city/ alley driving.

- Jennifer P

It is responsive while driving so you will always be able to avoid or prevent bad situations

It is compact to feel comfortable driving in any space but spacious enough to load up. Also I can slide in and out easily so low impact on my legs as I have a Disability.

- Cynthia P

Acura problems. Just be aware before purchasing this vehicle.

My vehicle have dealt with a number of problems such as brake problems, battery and check engine. I would recommend checking everything before buying this car.

- Breanna H

Why I like my Acura RDX car

I really enjoy my car because I like the size. It is big enough to hold furniture. I also love that it has Bluetooth. My car has not had many big issues.

- Alyssa H

My Acura is reliable. Period. That's what you need to know. Luxury reliability.

I love my vehicle because it looks good, it drives well, it's comfortable, and I love the features (bluetooth, sat radio and navigation, seat warmers).

- Tina T

It is reliable and comfortable but don't expect high performance or true off-road capability.

Excellent fit & finish and it has been reliable up to this point. Great sound system. Don't like that the sunglass compartment does not stay closed.

- Adrian A

My car is red and it is pretty fast.

I like all the features. And the color is amazing. I don't like how the horn doesn't always work. And how it sometimes is hard to clean.

- Kyra M

My Dream Car and the Features

My car rides very smooth, but the gas for it is a bit pricey. The speakers work very well, and all of its features have been helpful.

- Izzy C

It is reliable in extreme hot weather situations.

Easy to access cargo area. Very comfortable seats. Good sound system. I like the ability to record CDs. I love the navigation system.

- Lori H

RDX Awesome vehicle to own

Very comfortable and reliable Economic Attractive Great acceleration Roomy Great features love the hard drive to store all my music

- Joyce C

Safer than some other options.

It is very easy to drive. It has save reviews which is important. It is relatively fuel efficient considering it's a successful.

- She F

Enjoyable car to operate and maintain.

Have had this vehicle for five years and have had NO problems or issues. Drives well and dependable. Would buy it again.

- Milton W

It drives great, but carefully think about space requirements before purchasing.

The vehicle does not have rear air vents. I wish it had a 3rd row of seating. It is too small to bring friends along.

- Erika B

Have a Acura rdx, would buy one again.

No issues with the vehicle. Have never had it in for servicing other than oil and filter changes. Would buy one again.

- Michael D

The car is good on gas mileage

It is sturdy and dependable. Gas mileage is good. New technology and functions make working with vehicle fun and easy

- Devon E

It is has a lot of room and it is really comfortable.

It is a great car. Safe and built to last. Nothing to dislike. I have no complaints about my car. It is a great car.

- Lisa G

I would highly recommend Acura to others.

I like the luxury and quality craftsmanship. I wish I had purchased the technology model. Otherwise, no complaints.

- Jeffery S

Never have problems with it. Is always dependable.

Would like a newer model as the style has changed significantly. Reliable and is very good good on gas mileage.

- Marilee C

Our Acura is a luxury crossover that rides smoothly

Very happy with the vehicle ... her her height, the technology and the affordability of the pre-owned version.

- Stephanie M

It has technology which is a self-made for driving on the cruise control.

Acura RDX is a really good car. I really enjoyed the performance. It is very smooth comfortable and reliable.

- sim w

Great dependable car that makes me feel very safe. I love Acuras.

The acura is a great vehicle for comfort. It is also great for space. This is my 2nd acura. I love them

- debbie b

Comfortable great driving car that's safe to drive

Pros are smooth ride, low maintenance and modern style. Cons navigation system is not very user friendly

- Anthony M

It is reliable and comfortable to drive.

Smooth riding with good gas mileage. Low maintenance and with good tech. Sporty design, quick and safe.

- Anthony M

Rdx rides great and super amazing

Love it no problems!! It's reliable comfortable and gas efficient has great features specially the gps

- Emily J

control the car easily, It's the main fact.

good service of my car, it is very unique car. i love the controlling.

- shaikh Z

Acura rdx, comfort and reliability for the whole family.

- Rebecca L