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Reliable, stylish, and comfortable for the long-term.

The car rides very smoothly and is spacious on the inside. Even though its a base trim level you still get a lot of excellent features like leather seats and other luxury features. The car is very reliable and I have only had to do minimum maintenance. Seats are incredibly comfortable for long drives. The back seat is spacious enough to fit large adults. I feel safe in the car with by infant and there is plenty of space in the back to haul all of the baby stuff that I need. If I had more than one kid I would probably prefer a larger vehicle, but this one would still work for awhile. The body of the car is attractive and I believe the car will hold its value over time, so when I am ready to sell it I will still get a good trade in value. Overall I believe this car was a good purchase and I have yet to identify any deficiencies.

- Katie C

Acura RDX: Durable, Reliable, and Worth

The vehicle is super nice in its ability to function and do various tasks such as temperature control, rearview camera, and having the various sensory abilities. The car is reliable in being able to run for a long time and also to have few repairs. The bulky size can be both advantageous and harmful to the cars capabilities. It is quite comfortable because of the size. There are multiple USB ports and storage space for smaller items like magazines or cup holders. It is also easy to clean and can take hard hits without much damage.

- Kobi L

Great young family vehicle.

This vehicle is perfect for a new family. Reliable, gets cool in Summer and warm in Winter quickly. Very fast when I need to accelerate onto a busy highway. Connects my phone almost instantly. Pretty good on gas, and the tank seems large. Very comfortable for taking long trips. My family and I have been getting Acuras for years and the dealerships are always wonderful to work with. I just wish there was a little more room in the trunk for storage.

- Jackie L

Luxury at an affordable price.

The Acura rdx is a very comfortable and reliable SUV. It has all the bells and whistles of a luxury car without the luxury price tag. They have a really good technology package with great safety features. Love the blind spot sensors as well as the alerts that sound when a car is about to pass behind you, or anything pass behind you. The gas tank is a little small for my taste but at least you can use low octane fuel if you like.

- Mike L

Perfect Size. Easy to get into and out of.

The Acura RDX is my 3rd Acura. I love it! I love Acura! I had been looking at the RDX for several years. I liked the 2017 model as it was easy to slide into and out of. I have a bad hip, and this was the answer for comfort and convenience. The RDX is fun to drive and has a number of safety features that are very helpful. No problems with this car or the other 2 Acuras that I owned previously. Great value for the money.

- Mary S

Best car I've owned to date!

I love this car! Very smooth drive. Lots of nice 'smart' features. Very attractive exterior and interior. Good amount of trunk space for a smaller SUV. The only real con is that the transmission tends to catch and jerk between 1st and 2nd gear'I've read this is a common problem for Acuras. You should also expect to pay for premium gas, as with any high-end car model.

- Kate B

Maintenance costs are higher than expected unless you buy the package at the beginning.

It looks good and Roomy, powerful SUV; but bulky, not good on parking and handling, burn tires so easy; brakes are awful, squeaking very bad but dealer service said no problem on brakes! The A1, B1 & extra maintenance light comes up so fast in every 5-6k, all from my own pocket! Compare to Mini and BMW for every 8k and 1st 3 years maintenance services are included!

- Wah C

The Ideal 21st Family Business Car

Really reliable. Great way to get around town with good gas mileage. Good space in for 5 people... one of the few newer 4 door cars that can actually fit 5 people. We have taken it in a couple of time for normal services but nothing beyond that. Great technology with the screen inside the car, which has a great map and the speakers are really good

- Will R

The most interesting detail about this vehicle is that it has built in Wi-Fi.

My vehicle has given me little to no problems. It has great gas mileage and the interior is very comfortable. The sound system before adding additional speakers to it was incredible as well. It is also very safe. It alerts me when I am about to hit something or something is about to hit me and it also has a very clear backup camera.

- Emory M

This car is super reliable and efficient, I would recommend to everyone.

It has amazing gas mileage, super comfy seats, the air conditioning could used some work because on long drives with the sun shining in the car tends to feel warmer than it should be. Super reliable and lots of space in the trunk and backseat for storage or for traveling. Overall a great car I would highly recommend.

- Abby C

The Car That Could Use New Seats

The seats do not come to the underneath of my knee. I hate that. I like it for long road trips for the seat to reach my knees. The RDX does not have much leg room in the back seat. It is a very reliable car, although my tires haven't lasted 3 years even though I have them rotated every oil change.

- Christina R

Review of my Acura. I love the car better than many of the others we test drove.

I've had no issues with my car! I've loved it since I bought it. Its cute, has great features. It's very reliable, fuel efficient. I can't complain and it's affordable. I plan on having this car for a long time.I would definitely recommend it to my own family and friends. It's a great brand.

- Jill X

Nice car and very safe especially at night.

This car is loaded including technology package. Very comfortable and reliable. It has all basic comforts including air and cruise control, power seats, windows and door locks. It is a six cylinder automatic and pretty easy to drive. It also has XM radio along with all sound system options.

- Burton H

Rdx - great car, low on tech.

Love the rdx, but the Bluetooth phone is very inferior to others. With current tech, I shouldn't have to store numbers/names in the car. I should just use the phones phonebook. Also, when I get a call from someone in the phone book, it does not display their name, just the phone number.

- John B

Cool and smooth with black exterior with dark gray interior.

Drives well very comfortably with leather heated seats black exterior with dark gray interior very good on gas love to drive on the highway it's also custom with CD player tinted windows with moonroof very good for family or bachelor lone my vehicle cause its very roomy for my dog peanut.

- Tony A

Sharp and reliable and fun to drive.

The vehicle that I own is very sharp looking, it rides extremely well, gets good gas mileage and is very reliable. The performance is very good as it seems to have a lot of zip. The one drawback is that service is very expensive. It is a vehicle that I would highly recommend.

- David P

Great except engine light.

Engine light keeps coming on. Have had it checked. Nothing appears wrong. 30 days later it is back on. Have only had brakes and oil changes that have been needed so far. Very comfortable and stylish car. Love the no key option. The advances techni features are fantastic.

- Britta B

Luxury family car for up to 5 people.

Additional luxury features such as seat warmers, personalized settings for driver one and two, side view mirrors clarity, back view camera. It is still a new car so no problems yet. The trunk space could be bigger and the backseat is tight for two car seats.

- Vicki C

Basic review on outer view of car.

Reasonably comfortable, a little large for myself a petite woman, but useful up to date technology. Gas per mileage pretty decent, scratches easily on paint. Good amount of adjustable features and seat position for comfortable view of road while driving.

- Lillian M

Acura should be the only vehicle you drive now and it is amazing.

It is a really good vehicle and at first i wasn't sure if i would like it or not based on ratings. It drives lovely and is perfect size. It is ideal car for all situations and drives amazing. Seats are perfect. Heated seats. And best of all great on gas.

- Bob G

Love the headlights, no other vehicle has them

Nice, good miles, feel upholds value and kid friendly, my daughters favorite vehicle and easy to clean while not bad on the eyes love the color frame. Could use better brake system and stereo system could be better but love upgradeable options available

- Ashley R

Acura RDX - attractive and reliable!

Acura is an excellent car company! I have had an MDX and now own my second RDX. The RDX is extremely reliable and drives beautifully. It's great to have a car that tells you if it needs something so you don't have to worry about anything.

- Vicky B

My Acura rd. is by far 1 car I will hold onto 5 more years.

My Acura rd. is sporty and a very comfortable ride, so far no problem with my car and had to oil change maybe like 3 times out of like 1 year and 6 months, economical in gas so I would recommend this car to anybody.

- William F

It is reliable and safe, I never feel exposed.

I like the size, how it handles, and features. I dislike the seats. My back starts to hurt after longer drives (1hr). Also, if I have my hair in a ponytail I cannot rest it on the headrest and my head juts forward.

- Maggie B

The safety features- it's another reason I bought the car.

I love the amenities- leather seats that are heated and air conditioned. The car also has good visibility and gas mileage. I wish the navigation system and voice commands worked better and were more intuitive.

- Erin T

It's a great ride and a manageable size. The price is worth it.

I like the size of my vehicle. It's high enough up that I can see and yet I do not have to climb into it. I like the way it handles on the road. I feel safe. There are really no complaints about it.

- wendy c

The Acura RDX is an amazing luxury SUV. I would absolutely buy another one.

I love my vehicle! It has a nice amount of power, drives smoothly, and has amazing features. It's big enough to haul all of the stuff that I need but not so big that I feel uncomfortable driving it.

- Nicole S

Great car for a mom on the go!

Love the features and the silver color. Great size to fit two car seats in the back. Easy to load and unload. Love the automatic trunk feature to help close when my hands are full of groceries.

- Sara w

It rides so smoothly and handles well in the snow and bad weather. It is just the right height and has good easy hand,I guess.

I love the ride in my Acura. I love the heated seats in front. I wish it had more storage in front. Wish the Bluetooth was not as co placated as it is to set up. Handles very well in snow.

- Lourdes E

That it rides really nice and it and it very comfortable inside.

This is my first "luxury" vehicle that I have owned. It rides really nice and feels really good inside. For the price I paid for it I do wish it had more bells and whistles though.


Dependable and Comfortable, Luxury at an Affordable Price

2017 Acura RDX Advance Front Wheel Drive has heated and ventilated leather driver and passenger seats; great sound system, sport mode, dual climate control, navigation, fast, safe

- Nicholas M

Safe sensors galore. Back up cameras. Blind spot sensors. Front collision. Feel safe in it

Love all the features esp the safety one. Cameras and sensors galore. Love all the extras. However feel like it's not powerful enough and drives more like a car and not a suv

- Kara L

No people carplay access. Disappointed.

Likes; smooth ride. Like features such as side alert of other vehicles. Dislikes. Thought I was getting people carplay package with the car. I hate the nav system in the car.

- Carol S

The car rides smooth and is very comfortable to be in.

The seats are very comfortable and the fans are a nice touch. I wish the back seats were more adjustable (seat height). The joystick controls for the screen could be better.

- Matthew G

It's very reliable and a great car. I would highly recommend to anyone.

I really love that even the base model included everything I wanted. I love the tan leather interior and heated seats. My only dislike is it doesn't get great gas mileage

- Meg J

It is extremely reliable, i have not had any mechanical issues with it ever

I think my car looks very nice and I am proud to be driving it but I think that the interior lacks anything special. I think other vehicles in its class have more features.

- Diane s

This car is most importantly reliable and comfortable.

The Acura RDX drives great, has wonderful technology features, and looks good. I love how easy it is to use all the features compared to other cars I've previously owned.

- Angelyn F

Love the heated seats and separate thermostat controls.

The color of the car is a wine color, I think it's really to small for vacations. We have the roof rack and that is a great option. Over all the car is very comfortable.

- Danielle R

It's a very safe vehicle.

I like the cars styling and color. It's a smooth ride and comfortable seating. I don't dislike anything other than having to refuel, but that's typical of any car.

- Stephanie R

The cooling seats are amazing

This car is awesome and has wonderful additions. In the heat of the summer having an auto start option is so nice. I love the heated and cooling seats as well

- Jenna S

It is very dependable with great mileage. I wouldn't trade it for anything. Next time I am in the market for a newer car, this will be my first choice.

I love my car. It has the right amount of inner space for me and my family. My care helps me to get to my appointments on time. It is very smooth on the roads.

- betty m

I think it's reliable and gets great gas mileage. It's perfect for a single person or small family.

I have always owned Acura's, and I have always been satisfied. I like the smoothness of driving, the gas mileage, the reliability and the high resale value.

- Madison W

Very comfortable and safe ride.

The Acura is a very comfortable vehicle. The technology as far as safety goes is incredibly helpful. I wish it got better mileage or had a hybrid version.

- Bronislaus M

Reliable, kid friendly, luxury.

Drives like a car but has all of the conveniences of an SUV, never any issues, spacious backseat. Large trunk, great for people with babies or children.

- Stephanie M

It's just the right size. Many of the other SUVs I tried felt too big.

This is actually my second Acura RDX. I absolutely love it. It rides nicely, has great pickup when gas is pressed and needs very little maintenance.

- Marianne C

Safety in a Mid Size Vehicle Loved the price of vehicle and included almost all the safety features.

The mid priced model had all the safety features and navigation. I have had little or no problems with the vehicle and love how it drives and looks.

- Kristine L

Wonderful car except for the problem with the brakes

Love the comfort and the ride. Annoyed with the known brake problem - having to take the car in every couple of months to have the brakes replaced

- Nancy N

Acura RDX for Mom of two boys

I love my Acura RDX. I love the look, features and trunk space. however with a growing family I do wish there was more room in the back seat

- Shawn R

Nice handling and smooth drive, comfortable seats .

It rides so smooth for being SUV and I love Acura brand personally. The only thing is it is bit wind noise than sedan which I used to drive.

- Christine P

Very safe, great indicators for vehicle settings and current status.

The navigation system on the vehicle is not the easiest to enter an address but it functions effectively, just slow to enter an address -.

- Sarah N

Very safe and reliable and rides smooth.

Runs great, rides smooth. Love the cameras. Reliable and trustworthy. Able to drive in all weather and great size for my growing family.

- Hector M

It has a high safety rating and seems to be solidly built.

I like that it is safe. I like that it has a smooth ride and good turning radius. I like the roominess of the interior and the comfort.

- Meg S

I have had no problems with it.

I like the look, but sometimes I feel as if the car accelerates too fast, which can be troublesome when driving through neighborhoods.

- Jesus T

It drives so smooth and has good pick up. It is very peppy. Also good in the snow

I love the sleek look and the interior. I love the smooth ride. It has a lot of features that I like. It is very room for a small suv

- Carrie D

high price; but good safety features.

I like the safety measures. I don't like that it is supposed to be a luxury vehicle with high price; but found NON luxury features.

- jeanne A

great family car for distance and space

smooth ride, perfect for a family car, great leather seating inside, great on gas, very spacious and i love the sunroof

- vicky G

The safety features. Child locks and windows. Good gas mileage

The car has great gas mileage. Don't like that the sunroof is only particular. Wish the back leg room was larger.

- B P

Great car, has everything you could ask doesn't have any issues either.

Nothing wrong it feels very great it has all the features I need, also it has a sunroof and a lot of cool things.

- Stephen E

great safety features that improves your experience and make you a better driver

Great ride and lots of amenities. There is good passenger and driver space. The downside is it uses a lot of gas

- Doreen T

It's a great vehicle and what I think is the best SUV in Its class

It's the best vehicle I've owned. It handles great and is fun to drive. Plus it's versatile and meets my needs

- Lee B

Good for families and transporting things on the inside

I like the interior. Not a fan that the vehicle only tows up to 3,500lbs. Really like the design and features.

- Jennifer G

Great Luxury SUV for the Price

Comfortable ride, easy-to-use features, great gas mileage. Only bad thing is that it's a somewhat "loud" ride.

- Lisa S

Affordable, reliable, concordable. Great on gas. Easy to maintain.

it's a nice car. it goes so fast. Sometimes it doesn't go fast in traffic. I like when it goes fast though..

- Jane C

Priced right-good gas mileage --has a lot of features and lots of room.

Small size and it has no pick up. Also it does not have all the safety features that other cars do. I wish.

- Michele R

Dependable and great gas mileage.

Rdx is a great SUV. We love most all features. It is very dependable and rides good. Has great gas mileage.

- Carl L

Camera when backing into parking etc.

After one year I am disappointed that the GPS system has to be updated for about $50. Not happy with that.

- Lan N

It is safety ang trendy. It is good value compact suv

It is powerful. It does not use a lot of gas. It is easy to control. It has enough space for families

- Jinfei J

Acura RDX, perfect size. Having driven everything from a Suburban to a Honda hatchback, the RDX is just right.

My Acura is smooth, easy to drive and gets very good gas mileage. I love the styling and the lights.

- Barb B

design is excellent and drive very well. Safety is primary important.

like everything but the mileages. Good navigation system. Drive good and have excellent acceleration.

- joseph l

the safety features are great - like side cameras and lane assist

I love the ride and comfort. also lots of safety features. Fun to drive and feel very safe in it

- Angie R

It has a super fast acceleration. If you don't like that, don't buy it.

My vehicle is painted in white. It has mainly 4-5 seats. My Acura has a really fast acceleration.

- Charles Y

The Acura RDX is a very reliable car. I've owned 2 of them and have never had any issues.

I like my car. When looking at cars it seemed to provide a great mix of features for the price.

- Paul D

Acura RDX: Stylish Dependability at an Affordable Price

Love the size, handling, navigation and comfort. Hare the wind noise that we cannot stop.

- Lizabeth M

Love the ride. Handles well on road very comfortable and good on gas.

Car is very safe. Handles the road well . Drives great in the snow. Great traction

- Maribeth F

I love this vehicle the ride is wonderful.it gets great gas mileage and a good car for travel.

The car has great style and a comfortable ride great to take on a vacation trip.

- Maria Z

It is a surprisingly capable vehicle that can handle bad weather.

It drives really nice and smooth. It is also luxurious. And it looks great.

- John D

safety is always the most important issue. Gas mileage is next

No complaints, get excellent gas mileage. Rides good and responds well.

- carl c

safe and secure great driving experience good looking

great car with nice features good looking popular easy to maintain

- sia w

It has a great ride and lots of bells and whistles

I like sport suspension, rear view camera, and the cooling seats

- sandy m

Comfortable, stylish and Enjoyable to drive

Size, ride, amenities, mileage, no complaints

- Ken D