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- Prod N

2018 Acura rdx in traffic.

Smooth driving, especially on the highway at normal speeds. However, when stuck in traffic the car can sometimes “hitch” between certain gears and it feels almost like it could stall. There is no smooth transition between 15-30 mph and the car either speeds up too quickly or breaks too aggressively. Also, at times the car feels like a “marshmallow” when trying to manipulate it in city traffic situations. Otherwise, the car is wonderful. Very comfortable, reliable and safe.

- Des V

2018 Acura rdx is fun to drive at an attractive price.

I have not had any problems with the vehicle after having it for close to a year. I am a little disappointed with the gas mileage, but otherwise I am happy with the car. The engine power is nice and the steering is loose, but the car hugs the road well. As for entertainment, the sound system in the base model is very good and integrates well with my iPhone. The steering wheel controls are very intuitive. I also like the backup camera.

- Walter M

Reliable, spacious SUV for family

Comfort wise I love it. Space is great. Holds baby and all baby stuff well. Has automatic engine shut off when you push on breaks and for me personally I hate that feature. I like the pickup speed better on BMW cars compared to my Acura as well. Had the car 3 months and had no issues so far. Love the heated seats and the Acura tech app on my phone is amazing to be able to start the car for hot or cold days!

- Tiffany P

Road trip vehicle. This car is very comfortable for family of 4 on a road trip.

I have had no problems with this car. It still seems new to me. I love it for road trips. Very comfortable and roomy. I like the fact that it tells you when it time to have the car serviced. I like the seat warmers. One thing I do not like is the way the navigation systems works. Its kit user friendly. Takes too much work to enter a location/address. I use my phone for that.

- Donna H

Ok SUV for a person who never owned a BMW.

It feels too light in weight, has a few blind spots. I would prefer a heavier. Feel to my driving, since I had s BMW before this SUV. I will probably get another BMW in the future since they handle much better. But I did have an Acura integral for 10 years and it had transmission issues that I thought would have been addressed by now.

- Betty B

The best car ever that existed.

It has very comfortable seats. I never have any problems with the vehicle whatsoever. The vehicle has great GPS signal and I love listening to the radio. It has power windows and power locks. The heated seats are one of my favorite things about the vehicle. I love being able to not have to worry about breaking down.

- Niki M

Love our Acura and it is comfort.

This SUV is spacious comfortable and is just large enough to hold anything that we need to carry. We have had very few problems. Once we had a problem with the automatic rear door lifter. Service department fixed it in Brno time at all. It is a pleasure to travel in when going to visit our children.

- Larry B

Why I love my Acura: the story of a man and his rd..

The handling is great. Pickup is quick. Interior is roomy and comfortable. Heated seats are a nice bonus. Storage in the back is a little smaller than i'd like but it is still adequate. Gas mileage is average. The color options available were many but I chose silver. I recommend this car.

- Tim R

It's so spacious! There is plenty of room for grown ups in the front and kids in the back. With all of the things kids require!

I love my Acura! It spacious, has a ton of great features, and gets pretty good gas mileage. I've only had it about 7 months, but so far I don't have any complaints. I find the navigation a bit tricky, but probably because I haven't spent enough time trying to figure it out.


Amazing choice of my life!

I really like the drive, ride, color, and durability. The seats are very comfortable and interior is spacious. I get 28 miles per gallon so I think that is pretty good. With a manual transmission it saves on gas. The exterior is durable against the weather and built to last.

- Marissa R

I love the color of it and the style of it.

The best car ever performance reliability I couldn't have asked for a better car it is the best I love it I love it so much I do not know what I would do without it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it so much.

- Courtney J

The car is spacious and reliable. We have used it for long drives.

Great car never had issues with it. Wife was having a baby and we knew we needed a reliable car. Did our research and this was the type of car we went with. Her previous car was not reliable and unsafe. Very glad we went with an Acura vehicle. So far so good!

- Jay A

A beautiful luxury vehicle that wows!

The car is absolutely gorgeous. So sleek! It rides very smoothly, and we've had no mechanical issues whatsoever. Our friends are impressed by the styling of the vehicle, as well as the comfort. It is a great buy for a luxury vehicle. We couldn't be happier.

- Ellen G

The roominess and very adorable.

I love my car it is roomy and very comfortable and. Adorable it rides very smooth, you barely feel the bumps in the road. I would advise everyone to purchase an Acura. They will get their money worth. Please go out and buy one you will not be disappointed.

- Rhonda C

The 2018 Acura rdx is a prize vehicle.

Wonderful driving experience, I haven't driven another Acura vehicle with a smoother ride. This thing has awesome rearview mirror, nearly no blind spots whatsoever and a nice stereo system. The window wipers always work even with low fluid, no dragging.

- Tori R

I gave spinning rims which are a black and color and a back up camera.

My vehicle handle great in all weather its black exterior with black interior I have a special feature which includes a backup camera its excellent on gas and I enjoy traveling with my vehicle which is so comfortable all I have special spinning rims.

- Tony A

Quality, performance with good gas mileage.

Love the size, the handling and ride, great for road trips. Very good gas mileage and acceleration. Would like to see more features like gps as standard rather than and option. Would like to see vented seats for air conditioning.

- Lea B

It is very safe and has a well known and well trusted reputation

It makes me feel secure when I am on the road. It has AWD which gives me a feeling of being safe even in bad weather. It is spacious and feels luxurious, yet practical while also being capable of hitting the adventurous route.

- maddy s

I love very much my 2018 Acura rdx.

My 2018 Acura rdx is perfect. It drives very well and it is very nice inside and outside. The audio system is the best. The service and customer services are very good. The only problem is that is a little bit expensive.

- Alex D

It is very secure and also beautiful. I is also very reliable.

It drives perfectly. it looks very nice. It is very secure. The service team is very good. The size is perfect to me, not too big and big enough for what I need. The sound system is the best. In general I love it..!

- Alejandro D

The car is reliable and safe. Never gives me a problem or malfunction.

It's dependable but the technology and 2 screen feature is dated and difficult to work with. I wish I knew they were coming out with a brand new style that has updates on technology. I would have waited to lease.

- Jaime I

It is among the most safe cars on the road today with a top safety rating.

I like how it handles, its quick acceleration, and the comfort features inside. I like that it is not too large but gives me enough space for everything, and I like that it has a top safety rating, and is safe.

- Megan G

One of the best cars to own.

Very comfortable handles great good drivability. The fit and finish is exactly what you should fined in a car in this price range. The dealer was extremely courteous. Would recommend car to any one.

- gary c

A really cool and brand new car.

One of the best cars I have ever seen. I recommend that everyone should own a car like this one. It is perfect for fast drivers and has a lot of space and the speakers are really nice too.

- Mariah A

That it is a nice safe crossover to drive.

It is perfect for the car seat and stroller. It drives smoothly and is safe for my family. It is not too big for me to drive but yet is big enough to fit everything I need in the trunk.

- Karen S

It is a pretty safe car with some of the more comfortable interiors I've ridden in. The car is also very reliable.

The vehicle feels safe in general. It also feels well built and it handles. It also has a decent warranty and gets okay gas mileage for the size of the car and engine in it.

- Jon S

The dealer was very good. This is the third vehicle we have bought from them.

We like the interior space. We like the styling. We like the handling. I have to lean out of the vehicle to grab the handle to close the drivers door and I'm 6 feet tall.

- Mike S

I think people would like to know how reliable the car is and how much safer I feel in it as opposed to my prior vehicle.

I very much enjoy my vehicles aesthetic and design, I also like the amount of space and apartments it holds, as well as the features the car bears such as Nav and others.

- Lin J

Reliability is the most important thing.

I like the appearance and new technologies. It is also reliable. I am disappointed with the GPS, because there's no route selections. There's also no cup holder.

- Josephine H

It is a high tech car with fantastic features that are easy to use no matter if you are tech savvy or not.

I love that it is such a smooth drive and very easy to use. The whole car is comfortable and has a lot of space. Also all of the features are easy to comprehend.

- Jamie C

It has windows and it has doors.

It is like when you and when you and just you want to and just like when he and then he want up and the car is pretty cool I do not know what else to talk about.

- Austin H

The Acura RVD is a sports SUV

Very comfortable ride. Includes a navigation system an phone system. Contains safety features like auto emergency break, high beams, blind spot indicator, erc

- Linda T

It is a very good car to buy.

It is drives really good, it is very reliable when I am out in town doing things such as going to the store or to see a movie. It is very comfortable to.

- Andrew A

An underrated gem! Do not pass this car by. Act now!

My car is perfect. I have not had any problems in the year that I have owned it. I love everything about it. The color. Silver, barely shows dirt.

- Michelle D

It is a great family car.

I love the comfort and feel of the car. It is easy to get the kids in and out of their car seats. But it could be a little better on gas mileage.

- Maura W

It is comfortable and the gas mileage isn't bad either.

Most everything seems to be quickly available. I like the navigation. I like the rear view camera. I dislike the way the phone is treated.

- Peter P

The most important thing is that it's a brand new vehicle.

I love my suv because of the color, the style and the way that it's made. I don't have all of the options on it that I wish that I had.

- Dee B

Considering the engine size the car is fuel efficient

Fuel efficient and reliable. Seats are comfortable and luxurious. The only issue is that the rear view camera screen is way too small.

- Seung R

Comfortable and easy to get in and out of.

The car look and feel is fantastic. Has just enough get up and go and is super comfortable. Easy to get in and out of as well.

- Lindsey S

This car is sleek and reliable.

My car has been extremely reliable, comfortable, and safe for my family. I have not experienced any issues with this vehicle.

- Kayla V

It is worth the cost for all the luxury the vehicle provides.

I find my vehicle very comfortable to drive. The smoothness of drive is very enjoyable. Acura is a company I totally trust.

- Susn T

Car for sale very good on gas.

I really don't have any problems with car performance is great reliability is great comfort is great features are good.

- Robert S

Things I love about my rdx.

No problems yet as it is a new car. I love the performance and love the features such as Bluetooth and leather seats.

- John F

It has seat warmers and cup holders.

I like the exterior and interior of it. I like the color. I do not like how short it is, I prefer it to be taller.

- Jenna T

It is the best vehicle we have ever owned.

I really enjoy driving our Acura RDX. The steering is very smooth. The performance of this vehicle is wonderful.

- Alice H

Car comes with blind side sensors as well as a backup camera.

Great gas mileage. You can easily get 25 mpg on city. Very smooth driving and great acceleration transitions.

- William V

Love my Acura rd. - its great!

Very comfortable. Easy to see the road. Able to raise my seat high. Lots of safety features. Love the camera.

- Christina D

That the car is reliable and affordable, performs well

Car is extremely reliable, performs well, handles well, sounds well, runs well, great interior, 100% worth

- Carlos V

It has a very smooth ride. It comes with HD radio.

Pick up from a stop could be better. Some controls like heated seat buttons are no located in a good spot.

- cory k

This is the perfect car for me.

Like the way it looks. Like the way it drives and handles. Like the cargo space and comfort

- Amy H

comfort and reliability and roomy interior that gives me all the space I need

good car with great gas mileage and comfortable ride. Not very luxurious

- Jun K

I love the way my vehicle handles on the road. It's a smooth drive with great safety features like lane assist. I also love the tech features that come in the car like my nav, satellite radio, etc.

It sucks up a lot of gas. Be ready to pay big bucks to keep it fueled.

- Nicole S

It drives nicely, fast and safe automobile for 2018

Like: Safety, reliability. Dislike: MPG. Dislike seats and low tech.

- Jennifer A

A well-built fun to drive SUV

It is a well-built vehicle and I love driving it.

- Gus D